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Thursday, September 02, 2010

How to get your Ex Back

Did you recently breakup with your ex?

I know exactly how it feels to be in your situation, I know the pain you are feeling, I know that you feel very lonely, I know you want your lover back in your life so bad, and here are some of the things you may have already said to your ex lover trying to win him or her back:

* I am sorry please forgive me
* I will do anything for you
* Just give me one more last chance

And here are some of the things you had done or thinking of doing it:

* called your ex many times
* sent flowers
* threatened her or him

Just keep in mind that none of this stuff above work, instead it just makes it a lot worse, if you did it already then the damage is already done and you need to repair it before it gets worse, if you do anything similar like I said above, it will not get you your ex back but instead it will make it harder and harder.
But even if you did that that's fine its never too late! Just relax

You heard before that time heals all wounds right? Well, its true!

The first thing you want to do when your love tells you they wanna breakup is relax and be very calm and say ok, let me think about this.

Then wait an hour or so and then call him or her back and say that you agree with the breakup and that you also believe this is the best thing for both of you, don't make the conversation long, just say that and try to end it as soon as possible, I know its hard but just do it! This is what's best for you.

After you've taken the first step, you want to wait some time like about 30 days at least with no contact at all with your ex, then after 30 days you want to go to step 2 which is explained at , I highly recommend this website as it gives you detail explanation on how relationships and breakups work and teaches you how to win back your ex in no time.

They sell an e-book as a PDF file for only $35 one time payment that teaches you tricks on exactly what to do in order to get back your ex.

Personally I think $35 is worth giving it a try, its a very cheap investment and can bring you back a lot of happiness at the end.

They also offer a money back guarantee incase you are not happy with the product you can request your money back.

I heard many great reviews about this product and that's why I recommend it.

You may be thinking how you can win or get back your ex, how to reunite after a breakup, and what are the things you should do in order to get your ex back, or you may be looking for sample letters, all these things are explained in detail on how to get back your ex in no time.

If you have any comments in regards to this please post your comments below.


  1. I also recommend getting the manual from it helped me a lot and I got back with my ex after I followed the tricks explained there.

  2. I totally recommend :) I used it too and it really works.

  3. I just broke up my ex not too long ago, and I was looking for ways how to get her back and thank god I found this information I was looking for :)

  4. I am so excited about this !! I will go to this site you guys mentioned and follow these advise. :)

  5. I found this other site called they sell their ebook for $40, has a better ebook for only $35.

  6. my ex girlfriend broke up with me, and I've been trying to find ways to win her back, im very sad and heart broken, and all I want is for her to come back into my life, I don't know what to do, I think about her every minute every day, I sent flowers, gifts, and all that did not help, I'm going to try your advise and use the instructions listed at WWW.SAVEABREAKUP.COM


  7. Thanks a lot for your help guys!!
    I finally got back with my ex not too long ago

  8. my ex girlfriend broke up with me last week because I cheated on her, I'm so depressed, all I want is her back info my life, I think I will do anything fir her to come back to my life because I love her so much... I hope things will get better soon and we be back together.

  9. Thanks a lot for your advice guys, I will take your advice and try the ebook from and then will let you know what happens...

  10. Hi, sorry I forgot to say that the ebook actually works, I'm back with my girlfriend, thanks a lot :)

    I feel like this is the happiest time I've ever been.

  11. I think these are the best advice if you have just ended up your relationship with your partners.

    Take time to heal: Give yourself some space and time to process your emotions after a breakup. It's important to focus on self-care and do things that make you happy.

    Reflect on the relationship: Look back on the relationship and try to identify what worked and what didn't work. Think about what you could have done differently, and what your ex could have done differently.

    Communication is key: If you still want to try and get your ex back, open and honest communication is essential. Be clear about how you feel and why you want to give the relationship another chance.


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