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Friday, November 26, 2010

Cell Solution The Telephone Store

Below you will find the business reviews and complaints about a store called Cell Solution The Telephone Store, Cell Solution is located in Pacific Mall.

Cell Solution The Telephone Store
Pacific Mall
4300 Steeles Ave. E.
Unit B56B
Markham, ON.
L3R 0Y5

I purchased an item from Cell Solutions, its called external powerpack for iphone 4G, when I bought it, 2 days later it stopped working, then I went back to the store and spoke to the same person who I purchased it from and he said he doesn't remember me.

The owner or employee of Cell Solution said that there they have a no refund, and not even an exchange policy !

I spent so much money for this item, and 2 days later it stopped working !!!


DO NOT BUY anything from Cell Solution the phone store at Pacific Mall.

They should have at least exchanged my item, their whole business is cash only, and that's a huge mistake I did paying by cash, you should NEVER ever pay them by cash, or better to avoid Cell Solution store completely.

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  1. I bought a screen protector from them, but its pealing and bubbling up.
    Cell Solution products are very poor quality. Its frustrating because the screen protector is only 3 days old. It's a cash business, no reciept provided! One of the worst customer service skills.
    Think twice before buying! An unacceptable quality and service! I agree with the post above, too bad te experience was bad also.

    Cell Solution Pacific Mall
    Unit B56b


  2. I agree, overpriced fake things of horrible quality. The store clerk is rude and seems not to care about customer service at all. Will not return again, EVER. Highly NOT recommended.

  3. Shit quality!!! We bought a case for blackberry bold and a screen protector but it broke already and the screen protector(was put on by the store) is already bubbling up!
    I tried to go back 2 hours after and the guy "doesn't" remember us!

  4. Be aware of the business scams in Pacific Mall. I purchased a cell phone from there and they even gave a warranty card for 1 year to cover any none physical and water damage. After couple of days the phone stopped working. I went back to the store and they said it's covered by the warranty but they had to send it to Hong Kong to be repared. After 3 months the phone came back from Hong Kong and the sales person told me to pay $120 first and then I can have my phone back. Because I had used my phone "improperly" and there is no warranty! So I left my phone there and that is it! Do not purchase any electronics from there and their low price means paying for shitty items and shitty customer service.

  5. Stay away from this company musicians:

    The CD Poster Shop in OR. They manufacture cd-r's and have no respect for return customer satisfaction.

    I used them a few times and later found that I had defective product. When I first began using them they had a telephone you could call and speak to someone. Later as they grew into a more corporate environment you could no longer call only email. A nice way to subvert their lack of focus to their customers. They later ruined an order and where really nasty to me via email.

    I imagine they use email as a subversive way to avoid dealing with their screw-ups.One of the owners emailed me rude and basically said f"off take your business elsewhere. Why because you people where negligent!

    STAY WAY!! A warning from a very hard working American!

  6. Very bad service the guy talking to me like he is doing me a fiver! fuck you i pay you to work ass hole!

  7. I've had the same scamming problem. Considering devising a class action lawsuit against them. Working on finding out the name of the owner. Any information would be appreciated.

    1. HI Simon,
      Did you have any luck finding the owner of these stores?
      I've just had our $700 phone that was in for repair go missing...and after weeks of lies, it seems the other stores have all closed down!

  8. The following Chinese controlled cellphone stores in Pacific Mall are all crooks ! Namely Communications Store, Mobile Phone Store, Cellphone Store. They all have the blue store name on their entrance. I bought a phone from The Cellphone Store and my battery would not fully charge even overnight. I brought it back to them. The lady named Kelly who sold me the phone at the Cellphone store refused to change the battery. She said it was a software problem without even checking my unit which I doubted since it was just newly purchased and nothing was wrong with the unit. She then brought my phone to another store. I followed her because I got suspicious but she refused to let me know where she was bringing my phone. I said it is my right to know what they are doing to my phone. I followed her anyway and found out she went into the Communication Store. Inside stood this arrogant Chinese *** who yelled at me the minute I went in the store. His name is "SAM". I said why are you yelling at me? I said I have the right to know what is happening to my phone. He said I was not allowed in the store and also said "didnt the girl tell you not to follow her?" Well isnt that proof enough that these crooks are up to no good? SAM said too that it was a software problem. If it was what was there to hide from me? It was very obvious. I then said forget it and I took my phone back. I got another battery from a store away from Pacific Mall and my battery got fully charged after a couple of hours. That's how I found out I was given a defective battery. Another thing about these stores is they do not issue invoices even if customers demand for it. They also said that the warranty was with Nokia Canada and to just bring it to them for warranty repairs. I called Nokia Canada to check the phone warranty and I learned that the phone is not even registered with Nokia Canada. This concludes that the phone was brought in from Hongkong illegally. I know how these people operate because they are from Hongkong. In Hongkong, thousands of people get fooled by these people who do business this way. They shouldnt be allowed into Canada at all. Not issuing invoices is a form of stealing taxes from the Canadian Government. SAM should be given a lesson on "manners" by his proud parents. These stores should be closed down.

  9. I just took my daughters brand new HTC Sensation into their store (was recommended at another mall)b/c she broke the charging port & they could probably fix for under $100. Guess what? They closed down (Communications Store) within 2 weeks...when we questioned the other stores they said ohh, they're renovating, don't worry. It's now been 6 weeks, I've contacted all the other stores in the area that were supposed to help me get my $700 phone back and when I threatened to bring in the police and notify the media they have now closed their doors.
    The management at the mall was NO help, told me to call the BBB.
    What can we do to find out the owner of these stores? I was told by one employee that one guy owns a bunch of these stores.
    How does the Pacific Mall allow these ppl to scam customers?
    I constantly talked to a guy named Kalvin who said he was the manager/ technician.
    Any help would be appreciated!!

  10. I went to a cell phone store Unit C22, its name is c-starepair computer & mobile since the home button on my iphone

    stopped working. when I asked a girl the price for repairing, she said $50. I was hesitant. a guy said that it is probably

    that the button needs to be replaced. for replacement of the button, the price is $30. I agreed if the replacement of the

    button is able to fix the phone, I will pay $30. but after he removed the screen of the cell phone, he found that nothing

    is wrong, just the phone screen poped up bit from its seat. I think that it was caused by the phone

    dropping to the floor couple of days ago. then the guy wanted to charge me $20.actually nothing is wrong with iPhone and

    he just used the couple of minutes to open the screen and inserted it back. I think that they charged too much. I told them that I can pay for him but I need to see the price list. they can not show me the price list. I found that they name any prices they want. no any regulations there. after the argument, I paid them what they wanted. I asked a receipt, but they didn't

    provide the printed receipt. a middle aged guy ( he is probably the owner but he said that he is not) wrote manually a

    line on a business card to prove that I paid $20. I have to say that please be very carful when you go to Unit C22 super C-STAREPAIR Computer&Mobile.

    NO Regulation in shopping mall!!! they don't have the price list and they don't offer the normal receipt. be careful if

    you want to buy or fix your smart phone in this store or any other stores in this shopping mall. It does need

    regulations!! why has business bureau not come to check it?! are they bribed by those cheating store owners?

  11. 0 STAR. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Brother bought a hoverboard...within a couple hours it malfunctioned. They didn't want to return the money. They said you're not allowed to ride it "indoors" (saying that's "common sense") because it's an OUTDOOR'S ONLY PRODUCT because the floor is hot inside and it needs circulation. But clearly, they tested it indoors before giving it to us... Then he went on saying that you have to get the new rubber dirty (outside) before riding it inside (when he just said that it was an outdoor product...) and came up with all these excuses saying how you have to charge it a specific way (flipping the board vertically while it's charging).
    Pacific Mall Unit B37

  12. Thanks for the post and great tips: even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting success. Fixxit Vancouver Canada

  13. I recommended to pay with other methods and to be cautious when purchasing from Cell Solution The Telephone Store.


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