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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Comfortsteps Stair Mats Business Complaint

I rarely complain about customer service and always try to give people and companies the benefit of the doubt, but this experience with Comforsteps stair mats company has me so upset and riled-up about their level of customer service, that I had to write to warn other consumers.

This company does NOT stand by their product and do NOT ensure customer satisfaction.

I originally ordered 2 sets of stairmats (30 mats).  They emailed me and said that they could not fulfill my order because they did not have the sets of stairmats available (then WHY do they have it on their website??).  They instead offered to either send me a set of mats that had only 12 mats OR another set that had 20 mats, but was a different colour than the original set that I had ordered.  I was very clear in my response that the colour of the other set they offered was NOT a great match for our home.  I also asked for some recourse for my inconvenience and compromise either with a discount on the set that did not match my stairs OR a full refund of the money I had already paid them.

In response, the only option that was offered to me was that I purchase the set of stair mats that did not match my home as is, and a full refund of my original purchase was not offered.  Therefore, I was given no choice but to purchase the set that didn't match my house, since I didn't want to lose all the money I had already paid them, even though I was not totally satisfied with the colour of the mats.  When I got the product, the colour was totally different and looked terrible with my decor.  When I asked for how to process a return, I was told that ALL SALES are FINAL.

I went back to their website, and it took a long search to find where they indicate that sales are final.  Nowhere in their FAQ or home page do they outline your terms and conditions (in fact, they are quite vague about this), and one needs to scroll all the way down the entire product page to read the fine print.  They do state in their FAQ that they do not provide any samples nor describe colours to customers, which means customers are essentially making a semi-blind purchase, since colours in pictures online will be viewed differently on different computers.

Now I am now stuck with a set of stair mats that will not be used and will have to be discarded, and feel totally ripped-off and scammed that Comfortsteps did not consider customer service and satisfaction a value of their company.

PLEASE BEWARE of making any purchases on OR  You canNOT be sure of what you are purchasing, and they do NOT stand by their product or value customer satisfaction!!!  Don't get stuck with a terrible product like I did!!


  1. I can not say anything about their customer service. But the stair mats that I bought from Comfort steps are simply amazing. Few years ago I bought squared rugs which were just cuts from the carpet runner. They were cheap and I always regretted that I got them especially when I vacuumed them because they slipped off. I have rounded edge on my steps and my family still slipped of on that edge because the squared rugs covered only top of the step. I was looking long for something different and found recommendation for Comfort steps on home forum ( It looked like something I wanted. I bought them and was really amazed with these stair mats. I am soo happy with them, they do not slip, excellent quality, well made, easy to install and simply beautiful.

  2. Just refinished our stairway, fresh stain and poly coats. The finishing touch was adding the comfortsteps and runner at the bottom. The safety they add as well as the fantastic looks put the icing on the cake for us. I would recommend them to anyone, thinking of this easy DIY project. Comfortstep stair mats install quickly and securely to each tread. The finished look is first class and looks expertly done.

  3. People, do not listen to the wining of those who shop irresponsibly and who try to blame it on the company instead of admitting their own mistakes. I myself run business and no matter how hard I work, there are always people who are simply never happy and always complain. I have a home renovation company and I regularly buy stair mats from Comfort Steps. They are fast on shipping and answer any question I have quickly and professionally. Their stair mats are absolutely unique and beautiful. The Internet is a big junkyard and people say whatever they want with no responsibility for it. Read and shop smart. They are a great company and have great mats.

  4. Happy with product.Exactly what I wanted.Will be back again.I RECOMMEND.Thanks

  5. I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk ordering a product online but wanted to make my beautiful hardwood stairs safer without covering them up. I have not seen a similar product anywhere in my city. After my first enquery and this company's prompt response & patience with my lack of computer expertise, gave me hope that this product would also be all the ads promised. Now I have these stair mats on my hardwood stairs, already I'm receiving compliments on the 1st day. My stairs still are absolutely beautiful, & safe for me and my dogs. Thank you!

  6. One of the worst customer experiences I have ever had has been with Comfortsteps. As someone else mentioned, they do not stand behind their product and their customer service is non-existent. They hide behind their "Final Sale" mantra and now I know why. I purchased the "highest end" mat they carry and paid over $400.00. The mats themselves look nice but they are reinforced with a plastic frame where it curves over the stair tread. These plastic guides make incredibly loud noise when you walk on them and there is no way to alleviate it, unless you remove it, which then makes the stair mat limp. They do not mention this on their website and when I complained repeatedly they simply said "sorry, final sale" rather than trying to address the concern. I filed a complaint with PayPal but was turned down because they stated the seller had "described the merchandise", which unfortunately was not the case, even though I submitted screenshots showing otherwise. I will re-sell these mats as they cannot be used as sold and I would strongly urge anyone considering a purchase with this company to avoid doing so because of what I consider to be their nefarious business practices. I really should I purchased from Amazon because their customer service is exceptional. Buyer beware.

  7. Have had these for years and love them.

  8. As I wanted to equip my porch, I chose pine as one of the cheapestoption. Surprisingly, I liked it! Pine wood steps

  9. Beware of Comfortsteps Stair Mats Company, as they do not stand by their products or ensure customer satisfaction.


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