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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

MyBusinessScore.NET IS A SCAM

Have you ever received calls from weird numbers such as:

‭(866) 220-6347‬

They call you and tell you that your google business listing needs to be updated, they are a total scam, don't fall for this scam, hung up on them and report them.

The people who call you don't speak english properly and the owners of the business are complete idiots.

If you already paid them then contact your credit card company to dispute the charge by doing a chargeback, this will make them loose their merchant account which will prevent them in doing business.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Canadian Tire Richmond Hill WARNING DON’T GO THERE! – FALSE DECEPTIVE INFORMATION on the product listed – DID NOT try to RESOLVE customer complaint

I found the item "Gracious Living 8-Drawer White Tower" Product #142-2057-6, listed on on sale for 1/2 of its Regular Price: $59.99 – Sale Price is $29.99.

On September 3, 2018, it showed that they have 7 in stock. That same day, knowing that they have it, I went to their store located at:

250 Silver Linden Drive Richmond Hill, ON
L4B 4W7

I went to aisle # 52 as mentioned on their site, and couldn't find the items.

I went to customer service and spoke to Taz, she confirmed that her system also shows they have 7 in stock. When I informed her that there is none, she paged for a sales associate to meet me in aisle# 52, who told me, "Yeah sorry, I know the system is showing we have 7, the manager is aware of this issue, he's been looking for them and can't find them".

I went back to Taz again, I told her what the sales associate said. I requested a rain check, but, she refused to give me one and said this is because the store shows that this item is in stock that's why she can't give me a rain check. I said, "Yes it shows you have stock on both your website listing and your local store system, however, you don't have the physical item available!, therefore you should give me a rain check, I lost time, cost of gas and milage". She said she can't give any rain checks.

I told her that I don't agree with her decision and this is deceptive/false advertising, I came from afar all the way to the store only to find out they have none in stock.

I asked for a store manager, Yonie came, and told him exactly the same thing, he said he can't give me a rain check. They did not even offer to call other stores for me, to check which store has this in stock.

I believe this is one of Canadian Tire's way to bring customers to their store - False Deceptive Advertising. So, when customers come for something, they buy other things at the same time.

I advised Taz and Yonie that I will post this story public and will also contact the head office, they said that's fine and it's my right to do that.



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Sunday, September 09, 2018

Mandarin Restaurant Complaints Reviews

Mandarin Restaurant

Manager Hubert

7660 Woodbine Ave

Markham ON L3R 2N2


+1 (905) 479-6000

I went for Dinner at Mandarin Restaurant at 4:30pm at the location listed above.

I paid finished at around 5:30pm, as I was leaving at the door the waitress stopped me and said "Hi, Hi, you didn't pay yet" I looked at her and said Ofcourse I paid, she then ran to the section that I was sitting in to verify and then came back and reported to Hubert her manager and apologized to me.

I felt very offended and humiliated in front of all the people that heard what she said.

This was extremely rude, the staff at this location should be trained better, and should learn how to respect themselves and others.

I am in the process of looking into filing a civil case against them in courts for falsely accusing and humiliating me in public.

I will never go back to Mandarin anymore.

This complaint has been forwarded to Mandarin Headoffice.

Please post your comments, complaints, and reviews about Mandarin Restaurant in the comments section below.

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