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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ocean Seafood Wholesale

Ocean Seafood Wholesale Scam Complaints Reviews
81 Scottfield Drive, Scarborough, ON M1S 5R4

I called prior to going to confirm if they have the size 12+ they said no they have 10+, I asked if they are sure they have 10+ in stock, they said yes they are sure!

I paid for a size 10+ Crab, they gave me size 8-10 they tried to scam me.

Then when I told them they gave me the wrong size, they said they don't have size 10+ currently! Why did they charge me for 10+ then if they don't have it !! This place is known for deceiving and scamming their customers, MAKE sure you always check what you pay for, check the size and everything to avoid being scammed!

I came here all the way from very far Richmond Hill, wasted my time and money for nothing.

They tell you one thing over the phone just to get you to come in and later when you arrive they give you a smaller size.

I will start looking for a different wholesaler and will update this post with the name of the new better wholesaler I find.

I will post this today on multiple blogs and review sites.

This is an update to my original post, I found the new better seafood wholesaler that I told you I will update you about and it is as follows;

Seacore Seafood inc
81 Aviva Park Drive
Vaughan, ON
Canada L4L 9C1 Phone: 905-856-6222
Toll Free: 1-800-563-6222
Fax: 905-856-9445

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Facebook Account Disabled - Ineligible Scam, Complaints, Reviews, Warning

Account Disabled - Ineligible

Facebook Disabled my account for no reason.

When I logged in to Facebook, I saw the message on top saying Account Disabled - Ineligible.

And it said to fill out the form in order to send the appeal to Facebook which I did.

Upon reading multiple articles, it showed that Facebook usually responds to appeals within 7-10 days.

My appeal was sent over 2 weeks ago and still no replies at all from Facebook and my account remains disabled until now! I will post an update to my story once I receive a response back from Facebook.

Facebook is a place where you have a contact list of all your family, relatives and friends, Facebook is a place where where you share all your wonderful photos and memories, and when your account gets disabled, all your contacts, photos and memories are all gone unless they re-enable your account.

Also, if you are an admin of a business page, you won't be able to manage that page any longer unless they re-enable your account.

So I learned a lesson to never trust Facebook, always keep a copy of my contacts, photos and memories, because if one day your account is disabled, you would loose everything you have there, including the business page(s) that you used to manage!

I also learned that in September 2018 Facebook said 50 million user accounts affected by security breach.

And in December 14,2018 Facebook said a bug affecting up to 6.8 million users exposed photos they hadn't shared.

All this proves that Facebook is not a website you can trust and rely on.

A multi billion dollar company doesn't have a customer service support number posted on their site! and they only has 500 employees working for them I heard that deals with appeals in regards to disabled accounts, What a shame!

My experience so far made me really hate Facebook, I'm really upset at the way they handle their accounts and appeals.

If you have any complaints, reviews, comments, or scam issues with Facebook kindly post them in the comments section below. and Scam Reviews Complaints Scam Complaints Reviews Warning

Ajay Goel | Wordzen Corp

Gmass is a SCAM ! It does NOT work.

When emailed asking for a refund, here is what Ajay replied back with:


You just subscribed to GMass. I'm glad to have you as a subscriber. I would love to refund the payment you just made. Here's the deal...if you write a review of GMass in two key places, then reply to this email to let me know it's done, and I'll issue a refund of the payment you just made.

If you want to do this, here are the two places I need a review:

1. The GMass listing on the Chrome Web Store: Here's the first direct link

2. The GMass listing on the Gmail Add-on Store: Here's the second direct linkYou will have to install the Add-on before you can leave a review. Doing so will make your GMass experience better anyway. It makes it so that key information about a person shows up in your sidebar in Gmail. After you install it, find the "Rate this app" section and leave a rating with a comment.

After you have both reviews posted, just reply to let me know, and I'll issue you that refund.


Ajay Goel
Wordzen - We write your emails for you
GMass - Powerful email marketing inside Gmail

Which clearly shows that most of the positive reviews you see online about Gmass are FAKE positive reviews.

When you try their app and it doesn't work, you would then try to email them to, which they will then reply back to you with the message shown above, threatening you that they will only give you a refund if were to post 2 positive reviews about their App! And that's why you see so many positive reviews about their app, because most of these people tried getting a refund and the company forced them to write these reviews in order to have the refund processed.

I believe this is called Fraud and Extortion.

Posting positive reviews should be at your OWN will, NO one should ever force you to post positive reviews.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews, scam, or complaints about OR please post them in the comments section below, and post your experience with them.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Waterslager Petshop Amman Jordan

Never EVER buy a pet from Amman, Jordan.

I purchased a parrot from Waterslager Pet Shop Amman, Jordan, their address is:

First Circle jabal amman 9th Shaban Street Building No. 31، عمان 11190, Jordan
Phone number: +962 7 9566 2667
Owner name: Mohammed Ziada OR Mohammed Ziadeh

Before I made the purchase I asked the owner if he can provide me the necessary documents that I need in order to take this parrot with me outside of Jordan to Canada and the owner Mohammed Ziada confirmed to me that he will be able to provide me with these documents, when I made the purchase he did not provide me with any papers and he said he will provide it to me later because he has to first obtain it from the seller who sold him the pet, and he never provided me with any receipt or invoice and I asked him why and he said because if he provides me with the receipt he has to pay the government taxes and he doesn't want to pay any taxes to the Jordanian government.

When I took my pet to the vet, the vet advised me that it will be impossible to travel with my pet without a paper called Certificate of Origin in which I have to obtain this from the seller who in this case is Waterslager Pet Shop Amman.

And when I spoke to Mohammed Ziada, he disagreed and he said I can get this paper from another place, I spoke to so many places and everyplace I've spoken to all advised me that the only place I can obtain this paper from is the actual seller which is Waterslager PetShop Amman.

I called the owner again Mohammed Ziada and then advised him of what I had been advised off and he advised me that he told me from the beginning that he will never be able to provide me with this paper, I disagreed and I told him that from the beginning he promised me that he will provide me all documents that I need in order to bring this Pet outside of Jordan to Canada, he said I'm sorry there's nothing I can do.

Mohammed Ziada told me that he is selling a book supposedly he is supposedly the author of it, the name of the book is Book of secrets of the African grey, when I looked into this further I learned that this is a complete lie, all he did was that he took an English Book that talks about the African gray and then he translated the book to Arabic and he started selling the book pretending that he is the actual author which is against copyright laws.

I advise you never EVER to buy ANY pet from Amman, Jordan at all because all of these pet shops are crooks, scammers and liars, they want to sell you a pet just because they want the money so quick, the pets you buy you may never be able to travel with it and the pet could have many illnesses and if you have to buy one never buy it from Waterslager Petshop.

I also advise you NEVER to believe positive comments posted about the shop at all because the owner can post positive comments himself to make his Pet Shop look good.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you don't make the same mistake that I made.

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