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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Azita Sayan Embrace Growth SCAM NEWS WARNING

Azita Sayan Rip-off Reviews Issues

Embrace Growth, Azita Sayan
18455 Burbank Blvd Suite # 500 Tarzana, CA, U.S.A..
PHONE NUMBER: +1 310-460-2600.
Internet site:

Have you read about the Embrace Growth rip-off? These two scam artist are possibly accountable for robbing thousands and thousands of individuals out of their money
Azita Sayan is the proprietors of Embrace Development, a firm that declares to be able to assist you achieve your desire relaxed life. They've been running this scam for many years, making people think they will conquer their clinical depression, relatonship problems, addictions as well as various other kinds of abuse with their special "Charming and Charming" course. Actually, these two fraudsters have only made a fortune using the numerous dollars that they have actually gained via their frauds
The founder of EMBRACE DEVELOPMENT, Azita Sayan, has actually been accused of scamming their clients. Clients allege she took their cash and never ever supplied the solutions they supplied. She makes believe to be a doctor but she is not, she is functioning as counselor with a degree in psychology yet completely an incorrect insurance claim
Embrace Growth by Azita Sayan Complaints
Azita Sayan creator of a firm called Embrace Development, lately obtained grievances concerning the scamming people with their phony solutions of therapy. They provide to provide a simple method for individuals to obtain help and also guidance with virtually whatever in their lives. the reality is you will not obtain any advantage from their services
Accept Growth by Azita Sayan Reviews
There are a great deal of adverse testimonials online from previous customers of Embrace development for being scammed by Azita Sayan. Azita Sayan is the owner of Embrace Development, a firm that assures to assist people make a relaxed living. There are a whole lot of unfavorable responses from previous consumers who assert that they have actually been scammed by the business
Several of their unfavorable reviews online:
""' Confidential Jun 28, 2021
Charming as well as lovable (L&A) training course is a large joke as well as a RIP-OFF. She charged me US$ 5300 (Non-refundable which was such a rip-off) as well as I obtained only the tension as well as stress and anxiety from this course and nothing else. I desire you to please conserve me and also various other individuals.
Embrace Development/ Azita Sayan is a fraud. They bill money as well as don't provide solution. Please call your neighborhood police to report scams in situation you shed money.

Accept Growth by Azita Sayan Rip-off
In 2001, Embrace Growth was started as an unique company offering personal advancement solutions to the people in Toronto. Embrace Development has been implicated of being a fraud for years now.

Welcome Growth by Azita Sayan is located in 18455 Burbank Blvd Collection # 500, Tarzana, CA 91356, U.S.A. phone number +1 310-460-2600
18455 Burbank Blvd Suite # 500, Tarzana, CA 91356, U.S.A. Reviews
" Be cautious!! She does not have a PhD and genuinely preys on individuals who are looking for help. The workshop is just a waste of Cash and TIME. She is in company of making money as well as feeding her vanity.

+1 310-460-2600 Evaluations
We located some unfavorable evaluations for this telephone number, which belongs to Accept Development by Azita Sayan
""" Be cautious Azita Sayan is NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, she only has a masters degree in MFT. You can inspect her qualifications on Board if Behavioral Science. However, she promotes herself FALSELY as a physician which is ILLEGAL.I had a terrible experience where Azita told me regarding one more clients secret information and also throughout our session she constantly howled at me and informed me to call her a medical professional and not by her very first name.She is a scam artist, a phony and a fake as well as only wants generating income without really assisting."""
"""' Azita Sayan does work only for money and never care your issues. She believes just to her very own advantages. She is big-headed and self-seeking and also believes every body has to pay her. She run her workshops with some silly words. The workshops that costs too expensive and also are meaningless. She simply copies some methods from other workshops. After the each workshop, she will certainly compel you with all techniques to register to the next workshop. She is a big burrow. Some of her workers are below and also pretend that have participated to the workshops were good. It is a huge lie as well as they try to put others in difficulty. The trouble is throwing away money as well as you will certainly be brainwashed to assume that Azita Sayan is the very best individual on the planet and will fix every one of your problems !!!! Never pay to Azita Sayan. Never."'"'
""" Entirely disappointing. Do not lose your time with a uneducated individual with unethical as well as less than professional group. I am so sorry for that offered them this level as well as license. I went to the meeting which name was fisrt fulfill to being in love she chatted regarding every little thing except this subject she came there to flaunt mainly her property as opposed to teaching.Unprofessional mean that when I consume water they quit me and also asked me to do refrain that. She even did not prepare a powerpoint to speak as well as reveal people. They just desire to make money for whatever. completely squander money and also time"""
""" I desired I had red her testimonials on the web before mosting likely to her seminar.Unfortunately, in her "seminars" Ms. Sayan likes to bash on males in a horrible way which is really amusing, due to the fact that as a "psycho therapist" she ought to be supporting the opposite.I am uncertain, but I presume her resentment originates from bad previous partnership( s) and her lack of empathy was so noticeable that even her partner came on stage later on as well as sorta tried to clean up her mess by stating that "well, she does not actually dislike males ... etc etc". lolShe additionally comes off rude and really aggressive when attempting to manage the target market by shouting and asking for "regard" (which by the method upset great deals of females in the target market) ... A note for her: "Regard requires to be made, not requested for" ... I likewise saw in other online evaluations that she also makes use of salacious words in the direction of the audience ... what a shame!!! Last note: she attempts really tough ahead off as the female variation of Dr. Holakouhee, but in my view she lacks the experience, empathy, and taste and also perhaps lots of recovery prior to going on stage. Ms. Sayan, please relinquish doing what you do. You are not in any shape or type qualified to conduct such seminars if you simply moving your own hate and darkness within you to individuals that involved you for aid. It is unjust to the Iranian neighborhood to pay for someone that makes them feel worse.I wish you locate peace inside."""
""" All individuals that understand the reality demand to report to the google that reviews created here require to be identified as conflict of passion. At least 3 people who have actually composed reviews below are this lady's employee's as well as a matter of fact on work visa due to it. Simply this example demonstrates how much of lies as well as deceit and also abuse lags this female and also her technique. Customers beware! there is a great deal of enlightened and experienced specialists out there.Go obtain aid from someone that is sincere, not abusive and trusted. This woman is ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY """
What kind of transgression was devoted?
This entrance has to do with the misconduct of scamming individuals. A fraud is an attempt to defraud someone. The easiest meaning would certainly be when a person attempts to persuade you that they have something valuable and after that take your money or personal details in exchange for it
Just how was the rip-off carried out?
ACCEPT development offers services for personal development but it finishes up they were just attempting to accumulate money from their consumers. The scam was carried out by Azita Sayan.
What were the targets' losses in this instance?
The sufferers in this instance shed great deals of cash and stress and also anxiousness. This is due to the fact that they were incapable to benefit a long period of time because of the stress and anxiety and also tension, which placed them in monetary debt.

The creator of EMBRACE DEVELOPMENT, Azita Sayan, has been accused of scamming their consumers. In 2001, Embrace Development was founded as a special service offering individual growth solutions to the individuals in Toronto. Today, it is thought about to be a fraud by several people online. Welcome Growth has actually been accused of being a rip-off for years currently. Ms. Sayan, please retire from doing what you do.

If you have any reviews, complaints, scam warnings or comments you wish to add about Embrace Growth or Azita Sayan you may post it in the comments section below.

Purified Masters Scam Reviews

Purified Masters Scam Reviews
Ontario Contact: +1 289-901-2140

Ontario Contact : +1 647-498-0111

Quebec Contact: +1 (514) 615-1435

Manitoba: +1 (204) 818-9880

Contact : +1 306-518-3097

Do you ever receive spam unsolicited phone calls that asks you to do duct cleaning for your home? the people who are responsible for those are purified masters, their contact information are listed above and we've contacted them and they said they are no longer in business plus they were very rude on the phone so keep that in mind if you ever decide to do business with them.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews, complaints about purified masters duct cleaning services, post them in the comments section below.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Tim Hortons Scam Complaints Reviews

Tim Hortons Scam Complaints Reviews

9200 Bathurst St

Thornhill ON L4J 8W1


(905) 731-9217

People sometimes wonder how they got COVID or other sicknesses.

If you're looking for a place to get sick with COVID or cross contamination from saliva, Tim Horton's is the place for you. The location at 9200 Bathurst St. in Thornhill, Ontario is especially unsanitary and unprofessional. 

The staff there was observed handling cash without gloves and then placing lids on coffee cups - causing cross contamination between money and other items. When the client complained, they were first hassled and then given a replacement coffee - which had been spit into by the employee. 

In short, if you're looking for an unhealthy and unpleasant experience, Tim Horton's is the place for you.

Issue is in the process of being reported to York Region Public Health, Better Business Bureau, and other agencies.

Let us know what you think by posting in the comments section below.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Apple Health App Sharing Section

We believe that the Apple Health App lacks many features in the health sharing section, including but not limited to:

* Being able to filter/favorite certain results
* Receive a notification when there is a new result (option is enabled but does not work)
* On-Demand test, so we can run a health test on our loved ones

Overall, the design is way too basic currently and should be improved much better.

Let us know what you think! if you have any comments or suggestions or complaints or reviews about the Apple Health Sharing, you may share them in the comments section below.
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