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Friday, April 03, 2009

Peerless Mason

I keep getting faxes from these people, I've asked them to stop several times and they failed to comply.

They are really annoying me, we should all complain to CRTC .

Any suggestions what to do? Anyone having the same problem?

The phone number listed on their fax ad is 416-253-8043

Attached you will find a copy of their ad.



  1. I had left them a message to call me back so I can find out more information about them, and I did:


    So I guess they used the number 416-253-8043 to receive the voicemail msgs from people that are interested and also from people who are calling to bit** and complain, but when someone leaves a message saying they're interested then they give out their real number which is 416-259-4922

  2. I among the masses have been getting faxes from this moron Wayne at Peerless for over a year. I have lodged complaints with the right people but nothing is ever done.

    I am still trying to figure out how to stop this guy.

    I was reading many complaints by people who had work done in their home. Peerless is a complete con. One man claimed that Wayne of Peerless took a deposit and never returned to complete the work. Someone else said that they made their home even worse with the shoddy workmanship.
    I would not suggest them to anyone. And I hope to see this guy out of business soon.



    Every major rainfall brought water into our cellar, so we contacted Wayne Gould's Peerless Construction Group upon referral by a friend.

    We signed a contract with Peerless for installation of weeping tile and membrane on our exterior wall, and made an appointment for work to start on a Friday.

    Wayne sent his crew on Thursday instead, claiming it was going to rain the next day and wanted to start right away. Despite the inconvenience to ourselves and our neighbours (whom we share a driveway with), we were unfailingly polite and accommodating of the surprise timing.

    That was a minor annoyance, but the worse was yet to come.

    The crew began excavation and found that our wall had no footing (common in 80+ year old houses in Toronto). Although they claim to have "over 50 years of experience," Wayne called me to say he was pulling out of the job because they have "never seen anything like this before," and that his crew would be "out of there." We accepted his explanation that he couldn't do the work without a footing, but made it clear that he had to fill in the hole, which we would pay $500 for his crew to do.

    When we got home from work that evening, the 3-foot deep hole was still there, a huge pile of dirt was sitting in the middle of our driveway, and asphalt was everywhere. Peerless just packed up and left. Worse yet, there was heavy rainfall and now we had a huge cavity full of rainwater against our foundation. What had begun as a small leak in the basement became a flood because of Peerless' recklessness and disregard for their work and customers.

    We called Wayne immediately to ask his crew to come out and fill the hole as soon as possible. Instead of apologizing or offering an explanation, he became belligerent, insulting and sarcastic.

    In the end, we filled the hole ourselves, and are now working with another company to waterproof our basement.

    But don't take my word for it. Check out how Peerless and Wayne Gould does business:

  4. I am so sorry to hear that a homeowner would be treated with such disrespect and poor work ethics. I would like to see this guy Wayne go out of business.

    If we get enough signatures and approach the right people who serve to protect homeowners from people like Wayne maybe something can be done.

    At least posting on boards such as this can be a good thing.

    Any feedback? I would be open to that.


  5. East Yorker so sorry to hear about your experience. Wayne gives a really bad name to all contractor's/home repair.

    Personally I would like to see this guy out of business. He should not be getting away with what he does. It is so important to always thoroughly check all contractor's out. That's why I always check boards like this one out first.

    How about videotaping the damages done to a property by people like Wayne and then uploading it to YouTube as they get alot of eyeballs.

    Just an idea.

  6. Surely there is someone that can help- hmmm maybe its time to contact mass media

  7. WOW!

    I am taking this scum bag to court. My court date is the end of August in small claims court. If anyone has had work done by him, I would really like to hear from you. We are going all out to get this guy. Please let me know and I will provide you with my e-mail address.

  8. I have sent their faxes to the National Do Not Call complaint line and NOTHING has happened in 8 months. What another huge waste of taxpayer money creating a program that does nothing.

    I keep getting these faxes 3-4 times per month. Wayne you are a freakin' moron

  9. Hello everyone, I too have had many problems with Wayne Goulds work. I am very interested in talking to those who have had bad experiences. Has anyone tried to sue him? Plse advise......Queenie

  10. Would love to talk ..... may be of some help

  11. They have been fined by the CRTC! Hurray!

  12. Wayne Gould AKA Peerless Mason was fined by the CRTC for $20,000 today! Read all about it in the news. That is $10,000 for Wet Basement and $10,000 for Roofing.

    And just think of the legal fees he owes on top the $20,000 - which MUST be paid to the Government by September 25, by the way.

    Yeeee. Haw!

  13. I just came from small claim court where i won a judgement against this dick. I am not giving up until he pays or is arrested.

  14. MAILING LIST IDEA: For all of you who have had problems with this company, email me at with the subject line: 'PEERLESS'. I will put the email addresses together in a single email and 'reply all' so that we can all learn about each other's experiences. I have won a judgement against this guy and the next step is putting liens on his property... or having him arrested. I hope to hear from as many people as possible. This moron is a REAL PIECE OF WORK. LETS GET JUSTICE!!!! Thanks.


    Do-not-call list violators identified

    Last Updated: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | 9:37

    One person and two companies are the first telemarketers to be fined by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission for violating its do-not-call list.

    In a news release issued Wednesday, the CRTC said it has fined weight-loss coach Rob Sugar $4,000 and issued $10,000 fines to Roofing by Peerless Mason Ltd. and Waterproofing by Peerless Mason Inc.

    In its decision, the CRTC noted that Wayne Gould is registered as the sole director of both of the Peerless Mason companies.

    All three telemarketers are based in Toronto.

    "The telemarketers were given opportunities to come into compliance … but failed to change their business practices," the release states.

    The CRTC's do-not-call list took effect in September 2008. Companies that call persons registered on the list face fines of up to $15,000 per call while individuals can be charged $1,500 per call.

    Under the rules of the list, telemarketers are identified only if they either refuse to pay the fine or contest the violation.

    Sugar has refused to pay while Peerless Mason contested the violation, said John Traversy, executive director of telecommunications for the commission.

    CRTC has said in the past that telemarketers are not named beforehand in order to encourage them to pay the fines rather than contest the charge. The commission has said as many as 700 telemarketing companies are under investigation.

    All three telemarketers now have 30 days to pay their fines. If they fail to meet the deadline, interest will begin accruing and the CRTC will register the debt with the Federal Court.

  16. Best way to hurt these guys is to call and book an appointment. Make up phony address. If half the people who hot faxes from them did that they'd spend all day driving around and wouldn't have time to rip people off. They'd soon go broke spending money on gas and they'd go away.

    I've sent them on 3 wild goose chases so far.

  17. another way to get back at them is to call the number many many times. It will fill up their mail boxes so no one else can be suckered in. Again if they can't make money doing this they'll go away.

  18. here is a great and simple idea. use one of the those fax programs available for your computer...and you can program it to send out a 100 page fax to the guy's actual phone number. Because he will be picking up the phone, the fax will not go through, it will only make that annoying fax noise in his phone, and once he hangs up, the fax program will continue on dialing that number. This will go on forever, and he will not be able to receive any calls. If he lets it go to his voice mail, then the voice mail will be filled with the annoying fax noise until its full, but will still keep calling the number. Really annoying.

  19. They also have another number that you can call:

  20. Well - it has started again - gone from rec'ving faxes everyday to none and now I have gotten 3 in the past 4 wks and expect that to slowly increase.
    Is there anyone else out there who has begun recing again?

  21. The CRTC in September 2009 fined Roofing by Peerless Mason Ltd. and sister company Waterproofing by Peerless Mason Inc., $10,000 each. Both orders to pay have been ignored.




  23. Just got another fax from them today after they had allegedly removed my number a year ago. I called 416-259-4922 and spoke with someone. I asked if I had reached Peerless Mason. He refused to say what company I had reached, and he immediately got surly and said "What is it - you got a fax?" I said yes, can you please take me off your list - you had done this a year ago but I still got a fax now. He asked me for my number (which I provided) and said they'll take me off the list - we'll see if that really happens. I asked him for his name, and he said "Frank" - not sure if that is true or not.

  24. I filed a complaint with the CRTC.. They requested that I file at least 3 different complaients for each time I received a fax, on the CRTC's official web site. I was given a complaint number.. I even faxed each faxed received with the complaint number and time and day received to the CRTC. They intend to pursue this matter. for now the faxes have stopped. For anyone who has this problem, complain with the CRTC.. It will give them more help to go after this scum of a company. I took these measures only after I tried to remove our number from their fax list.. How it got their is news to me considering we are on the DO NOT CALL LIST FOR SOLICITORS.

  25. He has started faxing AGAIN does anyone know if he actually paid the fines? How would someone find out?

    I have send him free samples from my cat litter box over and over and over and over and over ...hope he enjoys that!!! More to be sent out, I have 2 VERY active cats!

  26. Here's his Address from Canada 411:

    2285 Lake Shore Blvd W
    Etobicoke, ON M8V 3X9

    I got it last year. I hope he still lives there.

    I have no moral dillemas about posting this. If he can invade my home, I can invade his.

  27. Here is everthing I could find on this piece of work.

    I hope it is of some help.

    The company name is 9273660 Ontario Limited, 142 islington Avenue, Suite 223, Toronto, Ontario, M8V 3B6.

    Wayne Gould
    o/a Peerless Mason
    2285 Lakeshore Blvd. West
    Apt. 1503
    Toronto, ON
    M8V 3X9


    Wayne Gould @ 416-259-4922


    Here's his cell number with Fido: 647 898 8258.


    Wayne S. Gould, the principal of 9273660 Ontario Ltd., is also the "President" of "We-Go Agencies". Below is his contact information:

    We Go Agencies
    1503-2285 Lake Shore Blvd W
    Etobicoke, ON
    M8V 1A6
    Tel. (416) 259-4922
    Fax: (416) 259-2964

    Happy Faxing!!

  28. He lives in a condo building called Grand Harbour and it is against their condo rules to have businesses operated from the suites.
    Based on the location and the value of teh suite he is worth suing
    You can also write to the Property Manager at 2289 Lake Shore BLvd M8v 1A6 and advise them he is operating a business or alternatively email and ask that municipal licencing investigate. Enough complaints they will all have to do something.

  29. He rents his condo, he leases his car, so that's not going to get you far.

    He can regularly be found at:

    The Maple Leaf House Grill and Lounge
    2749 Lake Shore Boulevard West
    Toronto, ON
    (416) 255-2558

    Look for a guy smoking really cheap cigars, you can smell them from way off.

  30. You can't keep a good man down.

    Or, conversely, "Heeee's baaaack"

    Or of course, there's always "Coming soon to a fax machine near you".

  31. Here is his latest information on Peerless Mason:

    Wayne Gould declared bankruptcy to avoid paying $40,000 in CTRC fines and started a new company under a new name:
    He now goes by Sterling Gould.

    Sterling Gould, Sales and Customer Support
    a certified installer of:
    Noah’s Basement Waterproofing & Insulation System
    80 Birmingham Street
    Toll-free: (866) 203-0668 (24/7) Coupon Code 911 Extension 5

    Phone: (647) 932-3635
    Fax: (866) 203-0668

    You can do what I am doing - google " Free Mailing Lists" and you will find websites that you can sign up for free newsletters. I enter his e-mail address of and let them spam the hell out of him. His in box will be full of crap e-mails in no time and he won't be able to send/receive anything. In one sitting, you can send over 200 mailings to him. And once he is on them, his e-mail address will be sold over and over and over and over and over.

    Try sex stores and escort services as well!!! And if possible - include his phone numer - (647) 932-3635 or his fax # (866) 203-0668.

  32. Good old Wayne now uses the same tactics - constant faxes, disregarding requests for removal - but he uses a different business name. He now goes by :NOAH'S PREVENTATIVE WATERPROOFING.

    So once again AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

  33. amazing... here we are three or four years later and we're no further ahead than in 2009.

  34. This guy is now operating as 'Noah;s Waterproofing" beware. If you get faxes from them, it is still the theif Peerless amson

  35. Cool, cool.... glad to see that you guys have everything under control. Where do I sign up to be an idiot too?

  36. Noahs Water proofing & Preventation system, this is their phone number 416-259-4922. I called and told him to take his fax machine and shove it up your ass.

  37. These idiots...formerly known as Peerless Msson and Noah Waterproofing (who have been higely fined by the CRTC) are now trying a new scam..........they can clean the air of airborne viruses!!!

    Reported to the CRTC.

  38. I also received unsolicited faxes from Peerless Mason and have asked them to stop multiple times, but they continue to send them. It's frustrating and I agree that we should file a complaint with CRTC to put a stop to their unwanted faxes. Their phone number on the fax ad is 416-253-8043. I support the idea of reporting this to authorities and warn others about this company.


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