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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Disappointing Experience at Costco Markham Location - Need Better Service!

Hello Fellow Shoppers,

I feel compelled to share a rather distressing experience I recently had at Costco, particularly the Markham location (1 Yorktech Dr, Markham ON L6G 1A6, Canada). As a long-standing Costco customer, it was disheartening to see the standard of service I've come to expect from this reputable company not being met.

The main issue began with the soda machine. It was not dispensing soda, just plain water. When I brought this to the attention of the kitchen staff, they assured me they'd rectify the situation. After a 10-minute wait, I was told the machine was fixed. Much to my disappointment, however, the problem persisted.

What made this situation more unfortunate was the kitchen staff's response. Not only were they unable to resolve the issue, but their approach was unprofessional and somewhat dismissive, which, in my opinion, falls below the standards of good customer service.

To add to this, I discovered that placing an ice cream order via the store's computerized ordering displays was not possible. Despite the ice cream machine seemingly functioning well, I was given the excuse that the ice cream was 'too watery' to serve. It struck me as a misleading pretext, and it seemed that it has become a norm at this location to close ice cream orders on their computerized system an hour before the actual closing time.

These instances depict a less-than-satisfactory customer service and a lack of proper maintenance of the foodservice machines - both critical aspects to ensure a positive shopping experience at Costco. It is my hope that by highlighting these issues here, we can prompt the necessary improvements to the service at the Markham Costco.

Monday, May 15, 2023 Reviews and Scam

If you wish to avoid Hell then avoid signing up with ClientVPS, Don't trust positive reviews you find online about them, most of them are FAKE positive reviews, IS A SCAM.

ClientVPS servers go down often.

ClientVPS takes payment from customers, provides non-working servers that go offline often, refuses to accept responsibility and they always NEVER admit if there is an issue with their servers but instead they blame it on the customer website files instead or Cpanel which is a total LIE.

Stay AWAY from and choose another better hosting company instead, don't trust other reviews you find online as most of them are FAKE positive reviews who were posted by ClientVPS themselves., and are ALL the same company but they go by different names to scam their customers because of their bad reputation, avoid them at all times.

Their phone number is +1 830-282-7437

If you have any complaints or reviews about clientvps you may post them in the comments section below.

Custom Cabinets and Custom Built Furniture

If you are looking for custom cabinets and custom built furniture look no further, North Royal Cabinets can offer you quality work and they have great customer service and we highly recommend them.

Their website is

ClientVPS Scam Reviews and Complaints

ClientVPS Scam Reviews and Complaints

+1 830-282-7437

Alexander Miszoler
ClientVPS, LLC
+1 830-282-7437
Address: 4 orica val, bld.1. Moscow, Russia 105064

ClientVPS ! a Website built looking so professional which deceives others making them think their services are legit.

My name is Ashley, and I got scammed by ClientVPS Webhosting Company, and I advice you to STAY AWAY from them.

I messaged ClientVPS support prior to ordering, asked which payment methods they accept and they said ONLY BitCoin by, Perfect Money, Payeer (Qiwi, YandexMoney, VISA/Master, Advcash), and WebMoney - WMZ - Which was a very red flag and I regret it.

I asked if they accept PayPal or Credit Card and they said no, and the reason they don't accept that is if you get scammed you can contact PayPal or your Credit Card company and file a dispute chargeback against them which will get your money refunded easily, however not if you paid with the payment methods they accept such as BitCoin, Payeer, and the rest, which is almost the same as a Cash payment.

The best thing to do if you got scammed by this company is:

1. Send a report to Payeer and all merchant account providers ClientVPS uses, and explain to them what happened, and demand that they terminate their merchant account as they are destroying the reputation of that merchant account provider, it also looks like they keep getting kicked out by their merchant providers and creating new accounts, so my suggestion is to constantly place fake orders with ClientVPS then choose all payment options to find out which account they are currently using then report the URL in the address bar to the merchant account provider.

2. Post MANY complaints about them online, most people now adays go to google and search for reviews, they use the following search terms as an example:
ClientVPS Review
ClientVPS Reviews
ClientVPS Scam
ClientVPS Complaints

In order for your complaint story to be seen by many people searching the above search keywords, you would need to write by mentioning the same in your story, here is a really good example, but don't copy the same, it would be better to write your own because Google can detect copied content and won't treat it as a priority in the rankings:

I was searching online for clientvps reviews and I found this helpful review, I am writing this review because I have many complaints about clientvps, I paid clientvps and right after they started ignoring me and failed to provide me the service I paid for. ClientVPS scam is very obvious, stay away from clientvps.

As you see in the review above, the name clientvps was mentioned several times, along with the keywords clientvps, review, reviews, scam, complaints mentioned several times, doing so will help bump your complaint to the top of Google search results, and this is exactly how you found this post I bet as it is listed at the top of Google's search results ;-)

How do you find websites where to post your complaint to? Very Simple! search Google for any of the following, best to search all!
ClientVPS Review
ClientVPS Reviews
ClientVPS Scam
ClientVPS Complaints

Then go to all sites you find in the search results and post your complaint, post as many as you can! the more you post the more they will hate it in order to really get their attention, and hopefully either provide you with the service you paid for or a refund.

3. I know this is unethical and its not something that I would advice on doing and it's very damaging! however someone had a similar issue, started sending bulk mass email spam to millions of emails and had set the from email address to be, doing so will cause several different issues for them, first issue is they might get shut down by their Upstream provider by getting accused of spam, second issue is there will be thousands of users which received such email spam complaining about it online by posting several spam or scam complaints about ClientVPS, which would affect the reputation of the company big time on hundreds or even thousands of Google's search results.

4. Another technique which was used by someone using automated review posting software such as ScrapeBox or XRumer to post thousands of scam reviews about ClientVPS.

5. If you have any suggestions you may add it to the comments section below so we may list it here :-)

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, clientvps review or clientvps reviews, you may post it in the comments section below.

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Beware the Tofutti Sour Supreme Scam: A Disappointing Experience at Longos Richmond Hill Review

Tofutti is a dairy-free alternative to many traditional dairy products, and it has gained some popularity in recent years. With the rising interest in plant-based and vegan diets, many consumers are searching for substitutes that taste just as good as the real thing. The Tofutti brand claims to have the answer with its "Tofutti Sour Supreme better than sour cream" product. But does it live up to the hype? A recent experience at Longos Richmond Hill suggests that it falls disappointingly short.

A customer, excited to try the dairy-free alternative, purchased Tofutti Sour Supreme from Longos Richmond Hill through Uber Eats. Expecting a creamy, delicious substitute for sour cream, they were instead met with a product that tasted nothing like the real thing. The customer was dismayed not only by the taste but also by the deceptive advertising that led them to believe the product would be a satisfying alternative.

The Tofutti brand has built its reputation on providing consumers with dairy-free products that are supposed to taste just as good, if not better, than their dairy counterparts. However, this customer's experience paints a different picture. The Tofutti Sour Supreme failed to meet the expectations set by its advertising and left the customer feeling cheated and disappointed.

Furthermore, the customer was disappointed in Longos Richmond Hill for not offering any other sour cream options. The lack of alternatives may have contributed to the customer's decision to try the Tofutti Sour Supreme in the first place.

This incident serves as a cautionary tale for consumers who are searching for dairy-free alternatives. It's essential to be aware that not all products will live up to their claims or satisfy everyone's taste buds. In this case, the Tofutti Sour Supreme fell short of expectations and left the customer feeling deceived by the advertising and frustrated by the lack of alternative options.

So, what can consumers do to avoid similar disappointments? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Research products before purchasing: Read reviews and testimonials from other consumers who have tried the product. This can provide valuable insight into whether the product will meet your expectations.
  2. Experiment with different brands: If one brand doesn't meet your expectations, don't be discouraged. There are many dairy-free alternatives on the market, so keep trying until you find one that suits your taste buds.
  3. Make your own dairy-free alternatives: Sometimes, the best way to find a satisfactory alternative is to make it yourself. There are many recipes available online for making dairy-free sour cream and other dairy substitutes.
  4. Communicate with retailers: If a store doesn't carry the product you want, don't hesitate to request it. Retailers are more likely to stock items if they know there is a demand for them.

In conclusion, consumers should be cautious when trying new products and not be swayed by deceptive advertising. The Tofutti Sour Supreme experience at Longos Richmond Hill serves as a reminder to do thorough research before purchasing and not to rely solely on a product's claims.

By following the suggestions above, consumers can hopefully avoid similar disappointments and find a dairy-free alternative that truly satisfies their taste buds.

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