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Monday, May 09, 2022

Kitchen Floor Install

What is a Kitchen Floor and What Are the Benefits of Installing One?


A kitchen floor is a type of flooring that is installed in kitchens and other areas of the home. It can be hard or soft and it provides a clean, safe, and easy way to keep the area underfoot. The benefits of installing a kitchen floor include: - Cleanliness - The kitchen floor helps with cleaning up spills or messes that happen in the kitchen. - Safety - The food prep surface is made from non-slip materials which help prevent slips and falls. -Attractiveness - A kitchen floor can add a certain look to a room.The main materials used for a kitchen floor is usually wood and concrete. These are the two most common options because they are both durable, safe, and easy to maintain. Wood floors tend to be easier on the eyes than concrete floors because they have more natural colors and textures which

Kitchen Floor Installation

What is Kitchen Floor installation


What is a Concise Groove Decking and Its Uses?

The Concise Groove Decking is a deck that has been designed to help speakers present their ideas and concepts in a concise manner. It is designed to be used in one-minute presentations.

The Concise Groove Decking was created by David Gray and it is mainly used for educational purposes. It helps the students understand important concepts in an efficient way and also provides them with a tool for presenting their ideas effectively.

The Concise Groove Decking has been used in different fields like marketing, entrepreneurship, management, finance, and law as well as other fields that require presentations or speeches.


Kitchen Floor Installers

can easily be scratched or stained and it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher . The top layer of this flooring is usually made from authentic wood. Vinyl flooring is more durable than ceramic tile and it can last for a very long time because it is resistant to damage from water, chemicals, dirt and other elements. It does not have an appealing texture that allows it to easily absorb water and clean like ceramic tile.This type of kitchen flooring is not a good choice if you want a quick cleaning job. You need to spend time scrubbing the floor and wiping it dry. It also gets scratched really easily and cannot be repaired easily.


How Do I Find and Hire a Good New Kitchen Floor Installer?


keywords: finding the right installer for your area, how do you know an installer will provide good service and not rip you off)


There are many factors to consider when hiring a new kitchen floor installer. One of the most important considerations is finding someone who does quality work.


The first step in finding a good installer for your project is to do some research about the company and their services. You can find reviews online or ask friends and family if they have had any work done with them before. The second step is to find an installer that does quality work and has a good reputation in your area.


The last step would be to interview potential installers and make sure that they have all the necessary skillsets for your project and are willing to provide you with references.


What is the Best Type of Floors in A Kitchen?


keywords: best type of flooring for your home or business, what types of materials are popular today in homes or businesses)


Floors in kitchens are usually the most overlooked part of a design. However, with the many options available, it can be hard to decide which type of flooring is best for your home or business.


Choosing the right type of flooring for your kitchen is key to a successful design. It should be durable, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. There are many types of materials that are popular today in kitchens including wood and tile flooring.


Kitchen Flooring Installers

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Flooring Installers & How They are Disrupting Interior Design


Introduction: What is a Kitchen Flooring Installer?


keywords: kitchen floor installations, kitchen tile installer, do it yourself installation, interior design company


How a Kitchen Floor Installation Helps with 5 Amazing Use Cases (keyword: kitchen floor tiles installation, do it yourself installation idea, internal office design)


How an Installing Kit Can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases (keyword: installing kit, install your own kitchen floor tiles at home)


What are the Best DIY Kits and Tools to Install Your Own Kitchen in the Market


keywords: best home installer kit, how to install a kitchen yourself at home, best installing kits


How to Choose Which DIY or Installing Kit Fits Your Needs? (keyword: best home installation kits for kitchens)


Conclusion: Start Installing Your Own DIY or Installing


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Are children capable of philosophical thinking?

Are children capable of philosophical thinking?


Is Philosophy for Kids? (keywords: philosophy for kids, does kids have philosophical thinking, questions for children)


What are the Roots of Philosophy? (keywords: philosophy roots, what is philosophy about)


What should be taught in school to help young minds develop their philosophical thinking skills?


keywords: philosophical thinking skills schools must teach, what should be taught in schools to help young minds develop their philosophical skills


How do People with Different Philosophies Think and Feel Differently?


keywords: different philosophies people think, different philosophers feel


How do Schools Teach Philosophy to Children and Young Adults?


keywords: how do schools teach philosophy to children and young adults


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The Complete Guide to AI Writing Assistants and How They are Disrupting Copywriting & Content Creation


Introduction: What is an AI Writing Assistant and How Does it Actually Work?


keywords: ai writing assistant, content generation software, ai copywriting tool, ai writer, content generator


How AI Writing Tools can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases


keywords: ai writing tool, ai writer use cases, can ai write a blog, blog generator, story generator, auto write emails, auto content generator


AI Writing Assistant for Better Conversations & Content Generation at Scale


keywords: best writing assistant software free online app to create great content iphone app free online copywriting assistant iphone app free online content creator iphone app free online automation tool


How Should Your Business Leverage AI Writer?


keywords: which is better an automated writing tool or human writer?



Do Children Really Have the Capacity to Think Philosophically? - The History of Philosophy and the Answer


Introduction: What is Philosophy and Where Do Philosophical Thinking Begin?


keywords: philosophy, thinking philosophically, philosophical thinking


Kid's Intelligence & Philosophy - What's Going on Here?


keywords: intelligence, intelligence for kids, intellectual capacity


Are Children Really Capable of Thinking Philosophically?


keywords: capacity for children to think philosophically, what is it like for a child to think philosophically


Are Children Capable of thinking Logically? - The answer


keywords: logical reasoning capabilities, thoughts about logic in children


The History of Philosophy and the Answer to the Question "Are Children Capable of Thinking Philosophically?"


keywords: history philosophy, philosophy timeline, logico-philosophy development timeline

Markham Kitchen Floor Installers

The Best Ways to Install a Kitchen Floor


How are Kitchen Floors Installed?


keywords: kitchen floor installation


Best Materials for Kitchen Floors & How to Install them with Tricks of the Trade


keywords: the best materials for kitchen floors, the secrets of installing kitchen floors


Install Kitchen Floor in a Day Without Breaking Your Back With This Simple Trick


keywords: installing a kitchen floor without breaking your back, how to install a kitchen floor without breaking your back


Extra Tips on How to Install Wooden Overlay and Maintain it Properly (keyword: wooden overlay installation)


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Blog topic:


blog outline:


Markham Kitchen Floor Installers; How to Install a Kitchen Floor from Markham


Why Choose a Markham Kitchen Floor Installer for Your New Kitchens?


Types of Floors That Can be Installed by Markham Kitchen Floor Installers


Conclusion: Start Selecting a Markham kitchen installer today!


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Markham Kitchen Floor Installers

Markham Kitchen Floor Installers


Introduction: What is a Kitchen Floor and Why You Should Hire Professionals to Install It


keywords: kitchen floor, hardwood, kitchen installation


A kitchen floor is a type of flooring installed in the kitchen area. It is a hardwood floor that can be installed in various ways to suit the needs of the homeowner.


The most common way to install a kitchen floor is with glue and nails. However, there are other ways to install it such as floating and floating-in-place. This method has been used for decades and it has proven to be quite effective because it will not leave any marks on the walls or cabinets.


Hiring professionals to install your kitchen floor may be costly, but it's worth every penny if you want your home to look beautiful and stay away from any damages caused by installation mishaps.


Why do you need a professional for your Kitchen Floors?


keywords: time-saving tricks of the trade, cost-effective service, best value


Kitchen Floors are not just a part of the kitchen, they are an integral part of the home. They add character and style to the room. They give it that personal touch. But what if you have no idea how to do your own kitchen floor? What if you need help but don't know who to call? We all know how important it is to take care of our home and invest in quality materials for our kitchens. But what about those times when we don't want to spend hours on our backs scrubbing and sanding? Or when we want a professional service at a reasonable price point? The answer is simple - hire professionals! It's cheaper and more efficient than doing it yourself.Some of the professionals who can help with your kitchen flooring needs include:- Contractors- Carpet Installers- Tile Installers - Wood Floor Installers- Floor Sanding Contractors- Carpet Cleaning Contractors-Tile and Grout Cleaning Contractors - Tile and Grout Repair Contractors- Kitchen Floor Sanding Contractors- Floor Patio InstallersCleaning - Tile, grout, and carpets can be cleaned professionally with the use of a special steam cleaner. A vacuum cleaner (with the hose detached) will not do an adequate job in cleaning tile and grout.Sanding - Professional sand


Best Tips from Markham's Professional Kitchens


keywords: best tips from professionals in the industry


The best tips from professionals in the industry are a great way to learn what works and what doesn't. There are many different industries that have their own set of best practices for success. Kitchens are no exception. When it comes to kitchens, there's a lot of competition and it's important to keep up with trends if you want to stay on top of your game. While kitchens might be the last place you want to focus on when you're trying to make your business successful, they do have a lot of potential for growth and success. Here are some tips from the pros in the industry that will help you get ahead: 1. Renovate your entire kitchenWhen a company wants to get ahead, it's important to have a brand new and improved kitchen. Replacing the oven with a more fashionable one that doesn't require gas is just one of many ways to increase clientele and reputation. If you're looking for something that will work well with your business model, make sure to choose appliances that don't require a lot of electricity, like a wine cooler. 2. Change your menu In today's world, people are used to receiving the same old dishes at restaurants and cafes all the time. People want something a little different and innovative when it comes to food options. With this in mind, consider changing up some dishes on your menu. If you're having a problem with your kitchen, consider turning this into an opportunity to take notes on what customers are interested in. 3. Open up your menu for takeout When the weather gets colder and you're looking for some good marketing opportunities, consider opening up your menu for services that don't require customers to be seated at one of your tables or booths. Make it hard


What are the most important things to consider when hiring a Kitchen Floor installer?


keywords: hiring advice & insider secrets


When it comes to hiring a Kitchen Floor installer, there are many things to consider. First, you should know what type of flooring you want installed. With this information, you can narrow down your search for the perfect fit. Next, you should think about how long the project will take and whether or not the contractor has experience installing that type of flooring. The most important thing to consider when hiring a Kitchen Floor installer is finding someone who has experience in installing that type of flooring. That way they can help make sure the installation goes smoothly and efficiently. When thinking about which type of flooring you would like installed, consider the different types of installations that are offered. There are tile, laminate and engineered wood options. Some people choose to install all three on their own, but it is more likely that only one type will work for your home. If you are looking for professional Kitchen Floor installer services, it is important to find someone who has experience installing the type of flooring you want. That way they can guarantee that the installation goes smoothly and efficiently.


Who should you hire if you're looking for an affordable and reliable kitchen installer in Markham? (Keyword: cheapest kitchen installation companies in markham, cheapest and reliable installation companies, who is installing your floors?)


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Afaq Fake Scam Reviews

I just finished this content writing project for Afaq. I found his company through a link on the site, contacted them and completed the project quickly. The post was delivered timely and seemed to be exactly what they were looking for. I would hire them again in the future.

I would like to commend Afaq for their ability to write effortlessly and skilfully, as well as deliver ahead of schedule. I personally have been working with them on this content writing project and they have exceeded my expectations.

Kitchen Floor Installers

The Complete Guide to Kitchen Floors and How They are Disrupting Home Renovations


Introduction: What is a Kitchen Floor?


keywords: kitchen floors, home flooring


How a Kitchen Floor Can Change the Look of Your Home and Increase Its Value


keywords: kitchen flooring sales 2019, kitchen flooring materials)


Who Has the Best Materials for Kitchen Floors? (keyword: best materials for kitchen floors, material for kitchen floors)


What The Pro's Know About Finding the Right Flooring (Keywords : what the pros know about finding right kitchen floor, expert advice on finding right type of floor)


Why You Should Consider INSTALLING a New Kitchen Floor (keyword: install new kitchen floor, installing new type of floor)


What Materials are Available in Canada? (keyword : what materials are available in canada?, best wood types for kitchen floors)


Conclusion :


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Kitchen Floor Installers

The Complete Guide to Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers and How They are Disrupting Home Renovations


Introduction: What is a Barrie Kitchen Floor Installer and How Does it Actually Work?


keywords: barrie kitchen floor installers, kitchen floor installer, home renovation contractors


barrie kitchen floor installer is a type of home renovation contractor who specializes in installing and repairing kitchen floors. These contractors can be hired by homeowners to install new tile, wood, or laminate flooring on a kitchen. A barriekitchen floor installer can also be hired by homeowners to repair or replace their existing tile, wood, or laminate flooring on a kitchen. They are experts in installing and repairing the different types of materials that are used for these floors. A barrie kitchen floor installer will start the installation process by measuring the dimensions of the room and marking it out on the ground with chalk lines. They will then prepare an area for the sub-floor with wooden boards before they lay down their materials and start to install them. .A barrie kitchen floor installer will use a trowel to spread the adhesive for the tiles, laminate, or wood across the sub-floor. They will then use a pneumatic nailer to install the tile with their hands. They can also install laminate and wood floors using a power screwdriver.The final step in installation includes finishing off the floor and sealing it so that the floor will not be damaged by spills.


How Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers can Help with 5 Amazing Use Cases


keywords: barrie kitchen floor installer, barrie kitchen floor installer use cases, fix my kitchen flooring, get new tile for my kitchen, barrie tile installation company


Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers are a company that provides professional kitchen flooring installation services. In this article, we will explore 5 amazing use cases of how Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers can help fix your kitchen flooring. Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers have been helping with home renovation projects for many years now. They have helped people with a variety of different projects including: - Fix my kitchen flooring - Get new tile for my kitchen - Replace old tile in my kitchen - Replace old linoleum in my kitchen - Replace old vinyl plank flooring in my basement - Replace old vinyl plank flooring in my living room- Replace old vinyl plank flooring in my bedroomFix my kitchen flooring:Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers can help with a variety of problems related to the kitchen, from the ground up. They provide over 30 years of expertise, which means that they should be able to identify and fix most problems you may have. They can make sure you are getting the best service possible and that your custom kitchen is working as intended. Get new tile for my kitchen:Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers will remove the old tile, replace it with a brand new one, and get everything back together for you to love. It is an affordable way to give your kitchen a facel


Barrie Kitchen Floor Installer is a Professional's Best Friend to Save Time & Money


Barrie Kitchen Floor Installer is a professional service that can save time and money. It offers a wide array of services like kitchen floor installation, bathroom floor installation, etc. The company offers these services in the UK and Ireland.


Professional's Best Friend to Save Time & Money


Barrie Kitchen Floor Installer is a professional service that can save time and money. It offers a wide array of services like kitchen floor installation, bathroom floor installation, etc. The company offers these services in the UK and Ireland.




Barrie Kitchen Floor Installer is the go-to company for installing kitchen floor tiles. They offer a wide range of services for homeowners, including installation, removal, and maintenance.


What are the Best Barrie Kitchen Floor


The best Barrie kitchen floor is a tough question to answer. It depends on the buyer's budget and personal preference.


The most common type of flooring for kitchens is the tiles. Tiles are easy to clean, can be installed on most surfaces, and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They are also extremely durable, so they will last for many years with proper care and maintenance.


Tile floors can be made from ceramic or porcelain materials. Ceramic tiles are harder than porcelain tiles, which means they'll need more care during installation to prevent chipping or cracking during installation. Porcelain tile floors require less maintenance but can have a higher risk of scratching or breaking if not installed properly.


Cost of Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers


Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers is a leading kitchen floor installer in Ontario. They have been providing quality service to their customers since 1982. The cost of Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers is based on the size and complexity of the project. It can range from $1,500 to $10,000 or more for a single kitchen floor installation. Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers offers free estimates for kitchen floor installation services with no obligation. .In 1982, Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers was founded by Frank Bard. They have been providing quality service to their customers since then.Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers has a team of experienced and highly-trained staff members that work to provide you with the best kitchen floor installation services in Ontario. The cost of Barrie Kitchen Floor Installers is based

Afaq Fake Scam Reviews

I hired Afaq for a content writing project and he delivered flawlessly. As promised, he delivered about 50% of the work before the due date and the rest on time. He added in diversified language and easy to read content that helped me find my audience more easily.

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I worked with Afaq on a project and he was great to work with. He has a lot of knowledge about the industry and is very professional. He delivered his work on time and didn't miss a beat. Definitely recommend this content writing service.

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Chipotle Restaurant Vaughan Reviews and Complaints

Chipotle Restaurant Reviews

2901 Major Mackenzie Dr

Vaughan ON L6A 3N9


(905) 303-3365

Chipotle Messed up Mother's Day Celebration

I tried to place a build your own catering order online yesterday and today and it gave me an error on their website "SORRY, SOMETHING'S NOT RIGHT" see screenshot attached.

I called the restaurant in Vaughan and was transferred to the manager he said his name is Guy, he said he can do it for me but it has to be for a minimum of 15 people, I did not find such policy stated on the company website.

I called another Chipotle location and was advised that the minimum order for build your own catering order is 10 people, I went back and forth, waisted about 2 hours dealing with this on Mother's Day.

I filed a complaint with Chipotle Headoffice online, and now in the process of posting reviews on Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and other platforms, and I advise you to do the same if you experience such service from Chipotle.

Don't depend on Chipotle for your catering orders as they could mess up your celebration plans like they did.


You may add your comments in the section below.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Azita Sayan Embrace Growth SCAM NEWS WARNING

Azita Sayan Rip-off Reviews Issues

Embrace Growth, Azita Sayan
18455 Burbank Blvd Suite # 500 Tarzana, CA, U.S.A..
PHONE NUMBER: +1 310-460-2600.
Internet site:

Have you read about the Embrace Growth rip-off? These two scam artist are possibly accountable for robbing thousands and thousands of individuals out of their money
Azita Sayan is the proprietors of Embrace Development, a firm that declares to be able to assist you achieve your desire relaxed life. They've been running this scam for many years, making people think they will conquer their clinical depression, relatonship problems, addictions as well as various other kinds of abuse with their special "Charming and Charming" course. Actually, these two fraudsters have only made a fortune using the numerous dollars that they have actually gained via their frauds
The founder of EMBRACE DEVELOPMENT, Azita Sayan, has actually been accused of scamming their clients. Clients allege she took their cash and never ever supplied the solutions they supplied. She makes believe to be a doctor but she is not, she is functioning as counselor with a degree in psychology yet completely an incorrect insurance claim
Embrace Growth by Azita Sayan Complaints
Azita Sayan creator of a firm called Embrace Development, lately obtained grievances concerning the scamming people with their phony solutions of therapy. They provide to provide a simple method for individuals to obtain help and also guidance with virtually whatever in their lives. the reality is you will not obtain any advantage from their services
Accept Growth by Azita Sayan Reviews
There are a great deal of adverse testimonials online from previous customers of Embrace development for being scammed by Azita Sayan. Azita Sayan is the owner of Embrace Development, a firm that assures to assist people make a relaxed living. There are a whole lot of unfavorable responses from previous consumers who assert that they have actually been scammed by the business
Several of their unfavorable reviews online:
""' Confidential Jun 28, 2021
Charming as well as lovable (L&A) training course is a large joke as well as a RIP-OFF. She charged me US$ 5300 (Non-refundable which was such a rip-off) as well as I obtained only the tension as well as stress and anxiety from this course and nothing else. I desire you to please conserve me and also various other individuals.
Embrace Development/ Azita Sayan is a fraud. They bill money as well as don't provide solution. Please call your neighborhood police to report scams in situation you shed money.

Accept Growth by Azita Sayan Rip-off
In 2001, Embrace Growth was started as an unique company offering personal advancement solutions to the people in Toronto. Embrace Development has been implicated of being a fraud for years now.

Welcome Growth by Azita Sayan is located in 18455 Burbank Blvd Collection # 500, Tarzana, CA 91356, U.S.A. phone number +1 310-460-2600
18455 Burbank Blvd Suite # 500, Tarzana, CA 91356, U.S.A. Reviews
" Be cautious!! She does not have a PhD and genuinely preys on individuals who are looking for help. The workshop is just a waste of Cash and TIME. She is in company of making money as well as feeding her vanity.

+1 310-460-2600 Evaluations
We located some unfavorable evaluations for this telephone number, which belongs to Accept Development by Azita Sayan
""" Be cautious Azita Sayan is NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL, she only has a masters degree in MFT. You can inspect her qualifications on Board if Behavioral Science. However, she promotes herself FALSELY as a physician which is ILLEGAL.I had a terrible experience where Azita told me regarding one more clients secret information and also throughout our session she constantly howled at me and informed me to call her a medical professional and not by her very first name.She is a scam artist, a phony and a fake as well as only wants generating income without really assisting."""
"""' Azita Sayan does work only for money and never care your issues. She believes just to her very own advantages. She is big-headed and self-seeking and also believes every body has to pay her. She run her workshops with some silly words. The workshops that costs too expensive and also are meaningless. She simply copies some methods from other workshops. After the each workshop, she will certainly compel you with all techniques to register to the next workshop. She is a big burrow. Some of her workers are below and also pretend that have participated to the workshops were good. It is a huge lie as well as they try to put others in difficulty. The trouble is throwing away money as well as you will certainly be brainwashed to assume that Azita Sayan is the very best individual on the planet and will fix every one of your problems !!!! Never pay to Azita Sayan. Never."'"'
""" Entirely disappointing. Do not lose your time with a uneducated individual with unethical as well as less than professional group. I am so sorry for that offered them this level as well as license. I went to the meeting which name was fisrt fulfill to being in love she chatted regarding every little thing except this subject she came there to flaunt mainly her property as opposed to teaching.Unprofessional mean that when I consume water they quit me and also asked me to do refrain that. She even did not prepare a powerpoint to speak as well as reveal people. They just desire to make money for whatever. completely squander money and also time"""
""" I desired I had red her testimonials on the web before mosting likely to her seminar.Unfortunately, in her "seminars" Ms. Sayan likes to bash on males in a horrible way which is really amusing, due to the fact that as a "psycho therapist" she ought to be supporting the opposite.I am uncertain, but I presume her resentment originates from bad previous partnership( s) and her lack of empathy was so noticeable that even her partner came on stage later on as well as sorta tried to clean up her mess by stating that "well, she does not actually dislike males ... etc etc". lolShe additionally comes off rude and really aggressive when attempting to manage the target market by shouting and asking for "regard" (which by the method upset great deals of females in the target market) ... A note for her: "Regard requires to be made, not requested for" ... I likewise saw in other online evaluations that she also makes use of salacious words in the direction of the audience ... what a shame!!! Last note: she attempts really tough ahead off as the female variation of Dr. Holakouhee, but in my view she lacks the experience, empathy, and taste and also perhaps lots of recovery prior to going on stage. Ms. Sayan, please relinquish doing what you do. You are not in any shape or type qualified to conduct such seminars if you simply moving your own hate and darkness within you to individuals that involved you for aid. It is unjust to the Iranian neighborhood to pay for someone that makes them feel worse.I wish you locate peace inside."""
""" All individuals that understand the reality demand to report to the google that reviews created here require to be identified as conflict of passion. At least 3 people who have actually composed reviews below are this lady's employee's as well as a matter of fact on work visa due to it. Simply this example demonstrates how much of lies as well as deceit and also abuse lags this female and also her technique. Customers beware! there is a great deal of enlightened and experienced specialists out there.Go obtain aid from someone that is sincere, not abusive and trusted. This woman is ONLY AFTER YOUR MONEY """
What kind of transgression was devoted?
This entrance has to do with the misconduct of scamming individuals. A fraud is an attempt to defraud someone. The easiest meaning would certainly be when a person attempts to persuade you that they have something valuable and after that take your money or personal details in exchange for it
Just how was the rip-off carried out?
ACCEPT development offers services for personal development but it finishes up they were just attempting to accumulate money from their consumers. The scam was carried out by Azita Sayan.
What were the targets' losses in this instance?
The sufferers in this instance shed great deals of cash and stress and also anxiousness. This is due to the fact that they were incapable to benefit a long period of time because of the stress and anxiety and also tension, which placed them in monetary debt.

The creator of EMBRACE DEVELOPMENT, Azita Sayan, has been accused of scamming their consumers. In 2001, Embrace Development was founded as a special service offering individual growth solutions to the individuals in Toronto. Today, it is thought about to be a fraud by several people online. Welcome Growth has actually been accused of being a rip-off for years currently. Ms. Sayan, please retire from doing what you do.

If you have any reviews, complaints, scam warnings or comments you wish to add about Embrace Growth or Azita Sayan you may post it in the comments section below.

Purified Masters Scam Reviews

Purified Masters Scam Reviews
Ontario Contact: +1 289-901-2140

Ontario Contact : +1 647-498-0111

Quebec Contact: +1 (514) 615-1435

Manitoba: +1 (204) 818-9880

Contact : +1 306-518-3097

Do you ever receive spam unsolicited phone calls that asks you to do duct cleaning for your home? the people who are responsible for those are purified masters, their contact information are listed above and we've contacted them and they said they are no longer in business plus they were very rude on the phone so keep that in mind if you ever decide to do business with them.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews, complaints about purified masters duct cleaning services, post them in the comments section below.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Tim Hortons Scam Complaints Reviews

Tim Hortons Scam Complaints Reviews

9200 Bathurst St

Thornhill ON L4J 8W1


(905) 731-9217

People sometimes wonder how they got COVID or other sicknesses.

If you're looking for a place to get sick with COVID or cross contamination from saliva, Tim Horton's is the place for you. The location at 9200 Bathurst St. in Thornhill, Ontario is especially unsanitary and unprofessional. 

The staff there was observed handling cash without gloves and then placing lids on coffee cups - causing cross contamination between money and other items. When the client complained, they were first hassled and then given a replacement coffee - which had been spit into by the employee. 

In short, if you're looking for an unhealthy and unpleasant experience, Tim Horton's is the place for you.

Issue is in the process of being reported to York Region Public Health, Better Business Bureau, and other agencies.

Let us know what you think by posting in the comments section below.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Apple Health App Sharing Section

We believe that the Apple Health App lacks many features in the health sharing section, including but not limited to:

* Being able to filter/favorite certain results
* Receive a notification when there is a new result (option is enabled but does not work)
* On-Demand test, so we can run a health test on our loved ones

Overall, the design is way too basic currently and should be improved much better.

Let us know what you think! if you have any comments or suggestions or complaints or reviews about the Apple Health Sharing, you may share them in the comments section below.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Milano Food Works Grill Reviews Complaints

Milano Food Works Reviews
Milano Grill Reviews

7181 Woodbine Ave
Markham ON L3R 0T3

+1 (905) 477-0777

I wanted to order through Uber Eats, at first I saw they have a very high rating on Uber Eats, then decided to check Yelp and noticed it's very low, I also thought that I should depend on Uber Eats more than Yelp especially because the ratings on Yelp was very old, but I was wrong!

I ordered the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwitch, and it was a WASTE OF MONEY.

1. Who the hell adds Tzatziki to a Philly cheesesteak sandwich! This is so gross and does not match with it at all, it wasn't brilliant to make that recipe.

2. The beef portion was so little.

It was nothing but a WASTE of money, SAVE your money and go elsewhere, you would be glad you did.

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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Endurance Softwares India Scam Reviews Complaints

Endurance Softwares India Scam Reviews Complaints

Addresses for them:

E253, Cabin 106, Industrial Area, Sector 74, Sahibzada AjitSingh Nagar, Punjab 160071, India

Cabin 106, E253, Phase 8b Industrial area, Mohali – 160071 India

They are located in Kharar, India and also Barnala, India

Their Email:

Fake United States Number +(1) 607 258 2002

Their # in India: +91 98159 05733

Their other # in India : +91 95017-10226

Their website:


Company social media links:



Skype account: live:info_838488


Other Upworkprofile:


























Employees / Scammers:

Kuldeep Singh - Company Manager

Gurpreet Singh - He is the Founder at | Find my Kid - Social Network for families

Hira L. located in Ludhiana, India















They had done work for the following client(s) websites:


Endurance Softwares is a scam company in India claiming to offer iOS and Web Development workers. This is a scam. The company is not registered in the United States nor does it have any employees in the United States. The company uses Upworkas their primary source of hiring freelancers and they have been known to use fake profiles and lie about their experience. They will also try to get personal information such as your passport or driver's license number. Do not work with or for this company.


Endurance Softwares is a scamming company that hires people from all over the world, but are based in India. They have scammed many people out of money and time, by promising them jobs and then disappearing.


The company uses various websites to recruit people, including Upwork and Freelancer. They often create fake profiles on these websites, and lie about their experience in order to seem more credible.


They will also try to get personal information from you, such as your passport or driver's license number. This is so they can steal your identity and use it to apply for credit cards or take out loans in your name.


Do not work with or for this company under any circumstances. If you have already been scammed by them, please report them to the authorities so that they can be brought to justice.


Their Google reviews are all FAKE positive reviews. Please do not be fooled.




Their Upwork agency profile has a success rate of ONLY 76% on Upwork which speaks for itself, there are also numerous complaints listed under their Upwork agency profile as well as negative reviews listed on every employee employees by this business, which includes the employees Kuldeep Singh, Gurpreet Singh, and Hira L.


When doing a simple Google search for "Endurance SoftwaresScam" or "Endurance Softwares Review" there are many blog posts and articles that come up about this business and how they have scammed many people.


Endurance Softwares is NOT a legitimate company, they are a SCAM. Do not work with them or give them any of your personal information.


Please do not work with or give any money to this company, as you will most likely never see it again. If you have already been scammed by them, please report them to the authorities so that they can be brought to justice.


These employees are scammers, they hide behind fake names, fake IDs, and their work quality is very bad, they have many complaints about them on Upwork, employers should avoid them at all times.


Employers should avoid this agency along with all employees employed by them, do not waste your time with them.


Endurance Softwares is a scamming company located in India. The company promises iOS and web development workers to their clients, but delivers very poor quality workmanship instead. Many complaints have been filed against the company on their Upwork profile- including negative reviews from each employee. If you're considering using this company's services, beware- you may not get what you paid for. Save yourself the headache and look elsewhere. There are plenty of other, more reputable companies out there that can provide you with the quality services you deserve.


If you have any comments, complaints, reviews, scam or news about Endurance Softwares please post it in the comments section below.

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