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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scotia Bank complaint

Location: Yonge & Hillcrest
5075 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON.
M6N 6C6

These people are very hard to deal with, they are not easy at all, they are very difficult people, I got a certified draft from them yesterday and I took it to TD bank to have it deposited and when my bank tried to verify it with them it took forever, I was waiting at my bank for 2 hours! YES two full hours, don't waiste your time and don't go with Scotia Bank.

I was at TD bank at 11:30am today and I asked them to deposit the draft for me into my account and they had to get an approval from Scotia Bank, so they faxed the draft along with the authorization form to Scotia Bank then TD called scotia bank to let them know its faxed so they can work on it.

The employee at Scotia bank said that they can NOT verify it, it needs to be verified with the Scotia bank employee who made the draft and that she is currently on lunch and will be back in 30 minutes.

So I left the branch and came back at 12:00pm, and still there is no fax from Scotia bank, so the reps at TD called Scotia to find out the status and Scotia said they are very busy and that they need to wait!!

So we kept on waiting.

At 12:30pm still no fax from Scotia, so TD called Scotia again and scotia said the fax was already sent when it wasn't actually sent! The Scotia employee lied.
So TD advised Scotia that they did not receive the fax and asked Scotia to fax it again.

At 1:00 still no fax from Scotia so I called this time and I spoke to Yan which claimed to be the customer service supervisor and he said the fax was already sent at 12:00pm, while still talking with Yan on the phone at aprox 1:15pm fax received from Scotia finally.

Thanks so much to Vishal and Sabrina at TD Canada Trust 8889 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON. L4C 6Z1, they helped me a lot and they were very very patient.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal should be called UNreliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal Services
5659 McAdam Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1N9
Owner's name: Terence Wong
Telephone: (905) 712-8887
FAX: (905) 712-2161
After hours emergency: (416) 618-7628

Services they provide:
mortgage financing
power of sales
capital gains
employee relocations
estate settlement
assest divisions
assessment reviews
pre-purchase and pre-sale

1. These people make so many mistakes it is unbelievable!!! When the bank looks at their appraisal report most likely they will decline your mortgage application because of the mistakes this company makes, they make too many mistakes its hard for me to explain and list them all, they misspell a lot of things and make mistakes in your property address and lots of other things, people that work in such business should be 100% perfect in their appraisal reports but these people are not.

2. Also, another thing, they appraise your property much lower than the value of it, so when the bank looks at their appraisal report, they might base your mortgage lending amount based on the appraisal instead of the actual property sold amount, that is if they approve you! As I've said they make way too many mistakes and it is very unprofessional.

3. When you the buyer or seller pays Reliable Appraisal to appraise your property, reliable appraisal will NOT send the appraisal report to you or give you a copy of it, they tell you that they can only send it to your bank! This does NOT make any sense!! If you the seller or buyer the one who paid for this why can't you have it?? It's not like the bank is the one who paid for it!?!?

I would consider this company very unprofessional, I do not recommend this to anyone at all, and you will just waste your money at the end with them, they have a very funny business name called Reliable Appraisal because they are the total opposite, their name should be Unreliable Appraisal.

If you have any questions about this company or any comments please feel free to post them in the comments section.

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