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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Comfortsteps Stair Mats Business Complaint

I rarely complain about customer service and always try to give people and companies the benefit of the doubt, but this experience with Comforsteps stair mats company has me so upset and riled-up about their level of customer service, that I had to write to warn other consumers.

This company does NOT stand by their product and do NOT ensure customer satisfaction.

I originally ordered 2 sets of stairmats (30 mats).  They emailed me and said that they could not fulfill my order because they did not have the sets of stairmats available (then WHY do they have it on their website??).  They instead offered to either send me a set of mats that had only 12 mats OR another set that had 20 mats, but was a different colour than the original set that I had ordered.  I was very clear in my response that the colour of the other set they offered was NOT a great match for our home.  I also asked for some recourse for my inconvenience and compromise either with a discount on the set that did not match my stairs OR a full refund of the money I had already paid them.

In response, the only option that was offered to me was that I purchase the set of stair mats that did not match my home as is, and a full refund of my original purchase was not offered.  Therefore, I was given no choice but to purchase the set that didn't match my house, since I didn't want to lose all the money I had already paid them, even though I was not totally satisfied with the colour of the mats.  When I got the product, the colour was totally different and looked terrible with my decor.  When I asked for how to process a return, I was told that ALL SALES are FINAL.

I went back to their website, and it took a long search to find where they indicate that sales are final.  Nowhere in their FAQ or home page do they outline your terms and conditions (in fact, they are quite vague about this), and one needs to scroll all the way down the entire product page to read the fine print.  They do state in their FAQ that they do not provide any samples nor describe colours to customers, which means customers are essentially making a semi-blind purchase, since colours in pictures online will be viewed differently on different computers.

Now I am now stuck with a set of stair mats that will not be used and will have to be discarded, and feel totally ripped-off and scammed that Comfortsteps did not consider customer service and satisfaction a value of their company.

PLEASE BEWARE of making any purchases on OR  You canNOT be sure of what you are purchasing, and they do NOT stand by their product or value customer satisfaction!!!  Don't get stuck with a terrible product like I did!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

UGG Store -

Warning: is advertising authentic UGGs but shipping cheap counter fit made in China.  As a joke, they include a phony "certificate of authenticity". They are currently under investigation with PayPal. I hope has enough business sense to shut them down to avoid association with illegal activities.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Near Source IT is a SCAM DO NOT DEAL with them !!!

Near Source IT
Allan Jude


Stefan Caunter (Toronto): +1 416 561 4871
Allan Jude (Direct): +1 289 426 5012
Toll-Free: +1 800 224 0192

I dealt with these two people Allan and Stef at Near Source IT, all I can say is I was very unhappy with the service, I paid them money ahead of time as they had requested so they can start the work on my project and I made the biggest mistake, they took the money and failed to provide me what they promised.

And by that time it was already too late for me to file for a chargeback dispute through my credit card company as it was over the 90 days period, but I do know that by writing and posting here it will affect them a lot more than the money they earned.

Don't make the same mistake as me! Do not do any business with nearsourceit !! Near Source IT is a scam !!!

If you have any programming, outsourcing, php, cgi or any requests, its better that you just go to and then go to the india section and post there, not only that it will cost you much cheaper as in india they will charge you only $5 an hour but its more reliable than near source it.

If you have any comments, reviews, complaints, about near source it please click the comment link below and post your story.

Thank you.
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