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Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Petro Canada 24 hours
5 Red Maple Rd
Richmond Hill ON L4B 4M6
+1 (905) 731-2580

The manager Ritzie and the employees that work at this Petro Canada gas station in Richmond Hill are extremely rude, their gas is contaminated at this gas station and my car was damaged because of this.

I did some further research on them and also found that they scam their customers, pay attention at the price listed on the pump, calculate the amount of liters you put in and the price amount to make sure they add up correctly.

Be careful and avoid this gas station at all times.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Benny Pang Realtor SPAMER

Benny Pang
+1 (416) 723-7305

Used the number +1 (647) 496-2804 to send the SPAM SMS Text

Received a text message from the spam number above saying "Hi Gytytytrc - I see you've been showing interest in a few properties on our home search site. Is there any you'd like to go see? We have time available tomorrow. - Benny", I replied back asking which site? And no one responded.

This is definitely unsolicited as I never requested any information.

Then I received a missed call from +1 (416) 723-7305 that's Benny's mobile cell number.

Benny is going against RECO and OREA policies by sending a large bulk of SMS messages.

Let's see if RECO and OREA will allow this to happen.

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Magic Noodles Reviews Complaints

Magic Noodles
D-1383 16th Ave
Richmond Hill ON L4B 0E2
+1 (905) 889-9886

Ordered from Uber Eats, Bak Choy has lots of dead ants inside it as they don't wash it properly.

I ordered just about 30 min ago and I asked that they replace the Bak Choy with Califlower, a guy called me back and refused to give me his name he said they don't give out their names, he said he can NOT change the Bak Choy to Califlower but he can just remove the Bak Choy, he said if I want Califlower I have to pay extra.

They are extremely cheap! And Dirty, I will report them to the ministry of health for having dead ants in their Bak Choy.

Next time you order something with Bak Choy from them, take the Bak Choy and open up the leafs and look carefully inside in between the leafs, if you see small black dots look closely at it and hope it's not sand or ants! :)
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