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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Vontage is a Scam

Vontage is one big scam
I am not sure why I still receiving emails for Vontage. I have had a
problem with your company from day one.
1) Devices came to me smashed
2) I returned it at my cost, no offer to reimburse
3) Second device received is refurbish equipment
4) Once set up, it was not what your sales person promised.
5) Called to cancel (Took 2day to get through, shame on you... Your
Support offices in India answered much quicker and were more responsive
then US based idiot I spoke with to try and cancel), agent who answered
was rude and claimed to be also a manager, (I hope for your case this is
not true) very unprofessional. Wanted to charge me $300 for canceling
something that never was used or provide.
6) I will be contacting BBB, as well as local and federal commission to
report your business practice installed.
7) I will not pay for something that did not deliver what it promised
and never used and sends used parts to new customer.

You should be ashamed of your sleazy practice. I will be sending an
email to all my clients, friends and family to alert them of Vontage.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Trillium Health Centre Mississauga Site

Trillium Health Center - Mississauga Site

Trillium Health Centre - Mississauga Site
(905) 848-7100
100 Queensway West
Mississauga, ON.
L5B 1B8

Health Information and Wellness Centre:
Human Resources:
Patient Relations:
Public Relations:
Volunteer Resources:

This incident occured at the Mississauga Site.

A friend of mine was scheduled for surgery at this hospital site today, me and my friend were previously advised by the doctor that my friend is allowed to have one visitor to stay overnight with him on the day of the surgery, and it even states that in his surgery package that he got way before the surgery.

At the day of the surgery, between 8-9pm they announced on the speaker that visitors time had expired and no visitors are allowed in the building, so I asked a nurse if I am allowed to stay and she said "yes as long as you don't go wonder around room to room and bother other patients, I don't see why you can't stay".

At 11:15pm I had to goto the washroom which is located outside of the patient rooms beside the elevator and there was a door locked which is between my friend "the patient" room and the elevator, so I asked the same nurse if she can open it so I can goto the washroom, she opened it and said "when you come back come and knock on the other door that is on the other
side and I'll let you in".

When I came back and knocked the door, another nurse saw me and started speaking with there nurses, then opened the door and advised me that I can not stay and would have to leave due to their policy, I advised her that I was just inside and how I was told its ok to stay, I also advised her that my friend's surgeon said its ok for me to stay and on the surgery package,
it clearly shows that one visitor is allowed to stay overnight. I overheard another nurse saying "Dr. Wilson never says its ok to stay and if he doesn't leave then just call security and have them escort him out" then I came forward and said "you don't need to call security, threaten me and treat me like this, if you want me to leave I will, I never said I will not leave, I
am simply trying to solve this matter with you"

I even spoke to the head nurse and advised her that the doctor had advised the patient that I can stay and so we requested the patient chart and surgery package so I and my friend can show her that it states one visitor is allowed overnight, but she refused to show me and the patient the chart, she asked me to leave so I left.

From this awful experience I come to learn that never to stay in Trillium Health Centre - Mississauga Site, the response that I overheard from the other nurse threatening to call security on me for no valid reason shows how unprofessional and bi**h**** she is, I couldn't believe that Trillium Health Center will allow such nurses to work with them!

True, the hospital was clean. However, the nurses on the department where my friend was, the nurse I spoke to was VERY rude. This was a very unprofessional and the nurse should've dealt with the problem and let me see the surgery pack or the chart since I was responsible for my friend's health and safety. His immediate family was not available and that no one in
his family drives.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Long time Client of a Charted Bank refused to access his/hers funds!

I had two certificates of deposit @ a bank. when need came to withdraw funds because of hardship I was lied to, ignored, promised but never delivered and sent on numerous trips to the bank for no apparent reason. What should have taken 3 weeks took 5.1/2 months with disasterous consquances both financialy and personally. Tried for more than 2 years to recover some funds or even an apology. What they offered me was a mere $1,000.00 which I declined.
Please pass it on to everyone who got used and abused like me and let the bank know how they treat long time clients.

Thank you,

Pizza Pizza Store# 33

Pizza Pizza
2241 Bloor St. W.
Toronto, ON.
Store# 33

This store is across from Laura Secord, the nearest intersection is Bloor & Runnymede.

This location has given me headache and I haven't complained about any of
their mistakes like my burnt pizza, missing change, and wrong orders.
However, It is now time for me to speak up. There was a promotion on their
flyer for a free month of DVD Rental on This promotion occurs when
one orders $9.99 or more in food orders. I placed my order with Pizza Pizza customer service and my order was $17.00+ including
taxes and I called the call centre in downtown toronto to ask if indeed this
location has the promotion and the coupons that are involved. It was
confirmed that the store indeed had it. I didn't care much however, I was
curious about the whole DVD Rental thing. When I got there they told me they
didn't have it. I am an understanding person and this was no big deal.
However, an asian man was rude to me. He told me that they never had it and
that I can call customer service if I wanted. I was in "control" as he
proclaimed. I thought this was a very rude remark since I had an awesome day
and I just wanted to ask about a dumb coupon. I ignored it and when I went
back to that location, since I was hungry later that night, I ordered a
snack pack. For $6.00+ taxes I got three strips of chicken and 4 measly
onion rings with my order. It sucked big time. I was so bugged and I think
this was a way for the guy to get back at me. I didn't mean any harm when I
asked about the coupon. He couldn't stop talking the second time I came in.
His eyes were blodshot red like he was smoking some dope or m.j. I was
really bugged. This is not customer service. Clearly this man is not able to
work at all. I couldn't understand a word he was saying. This is Canada for
god sakes! You're here to know at least English! I don't have anything
against people who don't speak English but, this is the land of the free and
the least you can do is do the country a favour and learn how to
communicate. I thought Pizza Pizza had awesome customer service. Even I can
do a better job than he can. He was just unfit and was there unwillingly.
Just tired, all that Pizza Pizza can say is, we will put a notation on your
order regarding the coupon. That is all. Some customer service I got.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

T-Mobile HotSpot

T-Mobile HotSpot runs an unethical operation: If you purchase 30 days of internet access from this sleazy outfit, they are set up to keep billing you every month. If you cancel (as I did) they will "conveniently" forget that you canceled and continue to bill your credit card WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION! There should be a law protecting consumers from this crooked practice. For automatic renewal each month, you should have to explicitly request this, not have this be the default. It is far too convenient for them to "make a mistake" and steal your money. And T-Mobile should have to reimburse everyone that has been adversely affected by this unethical scam!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

American Express "Loan Shark" Interest Rates

I closed my account one year ago. Since then I've had three late payments (1 day late because they moved the due date back and forth). Subsequently, they raised my rate to 29.74%  I called and asked how long it would remain like that, and they stated that since the account is closed, they can't "adjust" the interest rate. It seems to me they were able to "adjust" the interest rate UP just fine. Other credit companies will lower your rate back down after 6 months of on-time payments. Not American Express.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Asheville Realtors "Beverly Hanks" The Butts Holes of Asheville

I feel they did a bad job for me, I asked to meet with the owners and they refused....

I had used them two times before but this last sale was bad....
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