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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have received a review request about a company called Primerica and would like to hear from people that have had an experience working for Primerica or people who had signed up for any services that Primerica offers such as life insurance, GIC mutual funds, RRSP's, etc.

We are interested to find out if Primerica is a scam or not?

Please leave your comments.

Thank you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Car Company Of Canada COMPLAINTS

2951 Highway #7 West
Concord, Ontario, L4K 1W3

I purchased a very expensive vehicle from Car Company of Canada and had a lot of problems in my car after I bought it! Car Company of Canada said that they will not take responsibility, this was a total loss for me, I regret buying from these crooks.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 4890

I purchased this video card from Canada Computers, Canada Computers only provides a 15 day exchange policy or 60 days warranty where they would send it back to the manufacture for me.

This Sapphire ATI Radeon Video card is now defective and I'm really upset, I should've bought Nvidia or something else instead.

The problem with this ATI Video card is, about every 5 minutes or so I see a line going across the screen going from top to bottom.

I spoke with Canada Computers and they said they can't help me because it passed the warranty time with them, now if I send it back to the manufacture I will be with no video card for probably 60 days! Which means I will NOT be able to use my computer for 60 days!! :(

I regret buying ATI Radeon, ATI should come out with a better warranty, perhaps advance exchange policy where they would send out the video card to you and once you receive it then you send them back your old one.

I emailed Althon asking them what they can do for me and they replied saying:

"Our company, Althon Inc., is the representative of Sapphire for the Canadian territories on RMA (Warranty) services.    For technical issue, you may like to file for a 'Support Ticket' via Sapphire website.   Sapphire technician would come back to you.
For RMA (Warranty) claim against Sapphire, first of all, please check the warranty provided by your dealer.   If it is within their warranty period,
you should get the service from them.
Should the dealer warranty expired, and you like to file a claim against Sapphire, then, there are steps which we have to go through before Sapphire would issued an official RMA number to authorize such return.  Note that, Sapphire is not a Canadian company and their head office is in Asia (Hong Kong).    Sapphire warranty covers free parts/labor only.  Therefore, for any RMA claims against Sapphire, we have to send the card back and fore to Asia, and back to you afterwards, so there will be costs involved (Administration and Freight).    Cost is ranging from CAD$25-CAD$45 depending on your location/province.
Should you decide to go ahead with the claim, please provide the below information :
1   Serial number of the card
2.  Part Number of the card
3.  SKU number of the card
4.  Complete full product description of the card (AGP/PCIE, 256M/512M, Dual DVI / DVI, VO / VIVO.....etc)
5.  Details of your mailing address
6.  Copy of the purchase invoice (Not your sales invoice)
7.  Read the attached RMA Policy and email us back with your confirmation of acceptance to all terms/conditions.
Should you have any queries in regarding the Sapphire warranty policy, you are welcome to visit this reference link:
RMA Dept
Althon Inc."

Now would I buy anything from Canada Computers or ATI ? Ofcourse not!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

ID Theft Protection Company Stealing Money from Consumers

I just wanted to let you know and be aware that this company is taking your information from third party accounts, online loan applications, free offers etc and charging for their services that is never received.  I immediately cancelled once I found out before I was even charged.  I found out I was charged and called again and demanded a refund from them.  They denied my refund and said that I applied for their services.  They left me on hold for an hour to talk to their "supervisor", Letta, who did not have anything useful to help.

I just want everyone to be aware of these people.  I am enclosing their information that I have been able to obtain.  I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, disputed the transaction with my bank and I received a suggestion to contact the Attorney General of Arizona and file a complaint with them which I am looking into.

ITP – Identity Theft Protection Plan
5025 N. Central Ave. #630
1-888-297-3984 (not working)
1-866-886-1277 (this is the number I was left on hold for 1 hour)
I hope this information helps those who have been victimized by this company and keep those who haven't from getting victimized.
Good Luck.  And what goes around comes around, this company will get what's coming to them, and hopefully it's a jail cell!
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