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Friday, November 26, 2010

Cell Solution The Telephone Store

Below you will find the business reviews and complaints about a store called Cell Solution The Telephone Store, Cell Solution is located in Pacific Mall.

Cell Solution The Telephone Store
Pacific Mall
4300 Steeles Ave. E.
Unit B56B
Markham, ON.
L3R 0Y5

I purchased an item from Cell Solutions, its called external powerpack for iphone 4G, when I bought it, 2 days later it stopped working, then I went back to the store and spoke to the same person who I purchased it from and he said he doesn't remember me.

The owner or employee of Cell Solution said that there they have a no refund, and not even an exchange policy !

I spent so much money for this item, and 2 days later it stopped working !!!


DO NOT BUY anything from Cell Solution the phone store at Pacific Mall.

They should have at least exchanged my item, their whole business is cash only, and that's a huge mistake I did paying by cash, you should NEVER ever pay them by cash, or better to avoid Cell Solution store completely.

Any comments, questions, complaint, review about this store ? Please comment below.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miami Telecom

Miami Telecom
Pacific Mall

Don't buy anything from Miami Telecom at Pacific mall, everything they sell is fake, their phones, car chargers are fake and will damage your phone, so yes you will save money buying from them but at the end it will cost you more to fix or replace your device !!

Plus, the idiot guy that's working there is very rude !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

OnStar and Air Canada COMPLAINTS WARNING ! ! ! DO NOT SIGN UP with OnStar or Air Canada
Onstar Subscriber Services
PO Box 1027
Warren, MI

BEAWARE of ONSTAR and AIR CANADA ! Things you need to know before you decide to signup with ONSTAR or AIR CANADA !

I had a HUGE problem today with OnStar and Air Canada, below you will find the complete review and complaint on Onstar and Air Canada.

I will remove this post ONLY if I get compensated for my time that I spent writing this article, the headache and stress I went through, gas I wasted driving to the wrong directions that Onstar provided me with, phone calls I made from my cell phone trying to deal with this issue, and few other things, if you are a rep from Onstar or Air Canada who is willing to resolve this and compensate me you may post your contact info in the comments section below and I will contact you, if this post is still here it means no one cared to contact me to resolve this.

Below you will find the details of this complaint:

On Nov 10, 2010, I rented a Vehicle from Budget car rental located at Edmonton International airport, the vehicle was equiped with Onstar, I used OnStar to get help on how to get to destinations since the vehicle did not come with a GPS.

The way Onstar works is by pressing the Onstar button located right under the rear view mirror, then you are connected with the customer service of onstar where you can talk to them live via your vehicle speakers and built in Onstar microphone, then you advise the Onstar representative of which location you want to go to and they will download this information right to your vehicle, once the information is sent to your vehicle, your vehicle will guide you through its speakers on how to get to your destination that you had requested by providing turn by turn directions.

Today Sunday November 14,2010 is my last day in Edmonton, Alberta so I got into the rental car and pressed the Onstar button, a female representative answered and I asked her to send me directions on how to get to Edmonton International Airport, the directions took me to the wrong airport ! They sent me to a small airport of Cessna aircrafts which is the Edmonton Municipal Airport !!! I was very upset and angry when I found out they sent me to the wrong location after I waisted one hour of driving for nothing, so then I pressed the Onstar button and a male representative answered and I advised the representative that they sent me to the wrong airport when I clearly asked to be directed to Edmonton Intl Airport, I asked the representative to send me directions to the new airport ASAP. and also requested him to contact Edmonton International Airport and speak to Air Canada and advise them that I and my friend who is traveling with me will be late for our flight because of the wrong directions I was given by Onstar, I also advised the Onstar repressive that if I miss my flight I will be taking this to a step higher and take a legal action against Onstar, the representative advised me that he can not call the airport for me because he doesn't have their phone number, I asked him to go to google and find it from there and he said he doesn't have access to google !!! Can you believe this ??? Onstar does NOT have access to google or internet ??? WOW.

So I said to him ok fine, just send me the information to my vehicle on how to get to Edmonton International Airport ASAP.

Guess what! After 30 minutes of driving and following the directions he sent me, I find myself in the middle of nowhere and there is no airport around me !!!

So I press the Onstar button for the third time and I speak to another representative who was very nice enough to send me the right directions to the right airport and I advised him of what I've been through and that I won't be able to make it on time to the airport, and asked him if he can call Edmonton International Airport for me to advise them that I will be late because of what Onstar did to me and he told me that its not a problem at all, he asked me of which airline I am traveling with and I told him Air Canada and he said he will call them to inform them I will be late.

So I called Air Canada myself as well and told them I will be late, the Air Canada representative said that its fine and that there is another flight I can go to which is at 12am, I advised him that my ticket is business class, and asked if I will be put in business class as well, he said yes and assured me there are lots of business class and also economy seats available and that its impossible that they will be sold out, so I told him that I'll think about what I will do and call back.

I spoke to my friend and we decided to go back to my friends house in Edmonton then we will call Air Canada to change the flight.

I called Air Canada when I got home and spoke to Denise and now she tells me that they can NOT change the flight for me, because it was booked through Aeroplan and I would have to speak to Aeroplan in order to change the flight! And not only that but the Air Canada representative Denise told me the flight at 12am is fully booked!!! WOW!! What a great evening, first its Onstar, then now Air Canada! Why at first the Air Canada representative told me there are a lot of seats in that flight then later I hear a completely different story ?!?!? Saying the flight is completely booked and even if I wanted to change the flight I won't be able to do it with them, and that I have to go through aeroplan instead, why are the customer service of both Onstar and Air Canada so stupid and Uneducated people ???

If you or know anyone who had a problem, complaints, reviews, about Air Canada or Onstar then please post your story in the comments section below.

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