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Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sina Lite Printing Reviews

Sina Lite Printing Reviews

335 Steelcase Rd E
Markham, ON
L3R 1G3

I believe the following:

most reviews posted are fake paid positive reviews.

I ordered Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Cards, a Mug, and a Hoodie.

Letterheads - Came out nice.

Envelopes - Came out looking crap, the colours weren't the same as the letterhead even though I used the same design as the letterhead, the colours came out lighter, and then I asked them if they used Offset or an Inkjet printer when they printed the envelopes because it looked like it was done by Inkjet and I was right! They used Inkjet they said.

Business Cards - I haven't received yet, I'll update the review once I pick up the cards tomorrow hopefully.

The Mug - Came out nice.

Hoodie - Same quality like the Envelopes, light colors! And after washing it, the colors even became lighter, then I washed it again and it got even lighter! and now it looks like CRAP and cheap.

I left a message for Ian to call me back, waiting for a call back.

I hope they come up with a fair resolution, otherwise I'll have no other choice but to file a complaint report on the better Business Bureau website.

If you still see this complaint present it means they have NOT solved the issue yet.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, reviews about Sina Lite printing please post them in the comments section below.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Google news Google Gmail and YouTube is down !

Wow ! Google is down! Many people are saying that to googles Services was hacked.

Google Mail, is down and so is YouTube!

If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Ceramic Pro 9H VS Kenzo IGL Ceramic Reviews

I am writing to give my own personal opinion on those two products, Ceramic Pro 9H VS Kenzo IGL Coatings.

Upon a detailed search, I found many sites which states that Kenzo IGL Coatings gives a better gloss than the Ceramic Pro 9H, and many reviews and articles said Kenzo IGL Coatings is better, however I COMPLETELY disagree with this, read the full story below to find out why!

There are many reviews online, and the problem now a-days is it's really hard to know which reviews are real and which are fake, because there are businesses that pay for a service called search engine optimization service, which can include enhancing the business reviews by posting fake positive reviews and articles, and then bringing these articles on top of the google search results, which is all a part of the search engine optimization service which is often referred to as "SEO".

And there are many websites that review those two products, when in-fact they haven't even tried the two!

How can you comment or review on something that you haven't even tried?!?!?

Plus, people who do Ceramic Coating for their car, usually stick with what they have on their vehicle because they are promised it's going to be on their vehicle for life!

Therefore they've only tried one type so how can they comment on the other Ceramic Coating type just by assumption when they haven't even tested it!

That's EXACTLY my point.

I however have tried both, and why did I get the chance try both? because later, I noticed there was no hydrophobic effect when water goes on my car paint, which tells me the coating has came off, then I had to bring my car to the ceramic shop to re-apply the coating, but this time I didn't go to the same shop! I went to another! :)

My first Ceramic Coating was Kenzo IGL Coatings which was done at AutoBahn Salon in Concord, Ontario couple of years ago when my car was brand new.

After AutoBahn applied the Kenzo IGL Coatings ceramic coating, I paid, and right after I paid, Frank who is the owner of the shop said that I would have to go back to his shop every year in order to maintain the coating, I asked him what he meant? Because I was confused!

He then said I don't have to go back to reapply it, but it is recommended, especially because I go through a lot of Touch-less Car Washes, the Ceramic Coating might come off over time due to the acids contained in their car wash chemicals used for car washes, I had also checked and confirmed with Petro Canada that the chemicals they use for car wash does NOT contain any acids.

I was shocked, and I wish he told me that before I brought my car to them or at least before I paid, but he mentioned that just a few minutes after I paid which was aprox $2000 Canadian.

And of-course I would rather go through Touch-less car washes at Petro Canada then bringing the car to them every time, for the following reasons:

a. Leaves no scratches.
b. It's more convenient and much closer to me.
c. Faster.
d. Much cheaper.

Plus it's touch-less wash and dry! Unlike hand washing, where they still have to use a cloth to dry it which can cause swirl marks/scratches and yes even if the microfiber cloth was used it can still cause that! It's common sense.

So the second time I decided to bring my car to Ceramic Pro Vaughan, before anything I asked them if the Ceramic Pro coating would come off if I go through touch-less car washes, they said no it doesn't come out so easily like that.

Then I asked, what if the car wash I go to uses chemicals that have acids? They still said the same, and added that the Ceramic Pro 9H coating is very strong, and can only come off if the vehicle was sanded, right away I felt very comfortable with what they said.

I went ahead, brought my vehicle to them, I chose the Gold Package which is the lifetime Ceramic Pro 9H option, I also asked them to do a full interior shampoo detailing.

When the car was ready, I paid the bill, and I was handed a folder that has a few brochures inside which talks about the Ceramic Pro 9H, I was NEVER told what Kenzo IGL Coatings said to me before, in fact Ceramic Pro 9H provided me with the envelope and brochures which talks about their product in detail that I never received from AutoBahn which talks about Kenzo IGL Coatings.

Anthony who works at Ceramic Pro Vaughan is extremely professional and ethical, so is the owner Jeff.

I love the outcome, the quality of Ceramic Pro Vaughan's work is Excellent.

Over all, my final review on which is better, Ceramic Pro 9H Or Kenzo IGL Coatings ? I would definitely go with Ceramic Pro 9H.

If you don't believe me, ask Kenzo IGL Coatings to provide you with a written guarantee that their product won't come off with car wash, chemicals Or acid like how Ceramic Pro Guarantees! Let's see if they will!

I don't think they have such thing.

Actions speaks louder than words.

At the end I felt like I was scammed with the Kenzo IGL Coatings Ceramic Coating that felt like a temporary coating which lasted a very short time meanwhile costed a fortune, Ceramic Pro 9H costed less and the best part is:

a. Forever lasting.
b. They guarantee their product, it's on paper too that I received from them! Where Kenzo IGL Coatings did NOT provide me with any brochures or guarantees.

I highly recommend Ceramic Pro Vaughan, their contact details are as follows:

Ceramic Pro Vaughan

139 Woodstream Blvd. Unit #10
Woodbridge, ON L4L 7Y4

Contact phone number: 647.818.2776

If you have any comments, questions, complaints, scam, reviews about Kenzo IGL Coatings Ceramic Coating Or Ceramic Pro 9H kindly post them in the comments section below.

Monday, December 07, 2020

Best Real Estate Agent Best Real Estate Realtor Reviews

416-889-2666 is a Realtor that specializes in Real Estate properties in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Toronto GTA, Ontario and surrounding areas.

Best Real Estate Agent Richmond Hill

Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Oakridges, Newmarket, King City, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, Oakville and Milton.

Buy a home
Sell a home
Buy a cottage
Sell a cottage
Waterfront cottages for sale
Buy a cottage
Sell a cottage

All these services are offered by BasilHadad.

Buy home Richmond Hill
Sell Home Richmond Hill
Waterfront cottages in Ontario for sale
+ more!

Doing a search for best realtor reviews shows Basil Fatouhi (Hadad) is the best TOP RealEstate agent that you choose to sell or buy your property.

We evaluated Basil Hadad's services, after a careful review we found him to be a highly reputable business, their positive reviews on Google and other sites speaks for itself, we found 0 negative reviews listed about them.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews about, or about any real estate realtor services please post them in the comments section below.

Friday, December 04, 2020

Al Monasaba Restaurant Scam Reviews Complaints

Al Monasaba Restaurant Scam Reviews Complaints

UNIT 2, 9222 KEELE ST.,
L4K 5A3
+1 (289) 553-5000

I believe, Positive Reviews found on Google could be FAKE PAID positive reviews, it's very obvious, look at the accounts which left the positive reviews, most of them only have 1 or 2 Reviews posted.

Ordered through Uber Eats, restaurant called me to tell me they are out of an item, I taught them how to modify the order on Uber eats so that I can get a refund for that item and advised them they have to do this before they complete the order, the lady said Ok.

10 minutes later she called me back to tell me that the restaurant already completed the order and they can't do it anymore and asked me to call Uber so they can refund me, I said to her I refuse to call Uber as it's not my responsibility, the restaurant made the error and it's their responsibility that I get the refund, I also advised her that I already taught her before what to do exactly to process the refund on the item not available and that should have been done before they marked the order as ready.

Later I got a call from the restaurant supervisor, I asked him why when the Uber driver went there he waited for a while as the restaurant advised him the food wasn't ready, he said the food was ready, then I said to him that's not what the Uber driver said, Supervisor then said they had the food ready but they were on the phone with Uber trying to resolve the refund issue and that's why it took a while and the Uber driver had to wait, I told him that this is another issue, and now when I receive the food it will be cold.

1. When an item is sold out or not available, the restaurant SHOULD mark it as NOT AVAIL on their Uber App.

2. Uber driver arrived at the restaurant, and messaged me saying the order is not ready yet, I told him what happened and told him that they lady confirmed to me on the phone that the order was ready, he said they lied to me, it's not a surprise that Monasaba lied, they lied about many things it's very obvious.

3. Why do they have to hold the driver and having my food get cold while they're calling to process the refund? They could have simply gave the driver my food and then called after.

I believe restaurant Al Monasaba is a SCAM, at the end I wasn't refunded, I had to go on the Uber app myself and request a refund for the missing item.

It's illegal to charge a customer for an item which they do not receive.

Would I order from them again? Probably Not.

If you have any questions, comments, complaints, scam, or reviews about Al-Monasaba Restaurant, post them in the comments section below.

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Avoid Dealing with Raja_Naveed on Fiverr SCAM REVIEWS

Avoid dealing with raja_naveed from Pakistan on Fiverr, he is a scammer and he tends to leave an unfair negative feedback for everyone.

If you have any comments, reviews, complaints, scam reviews about raja_naveed on Fiverr please post them in the comments section below.
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