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Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Chocolate Secret: Cockroaches, Deceptive Labeling, and the Eat-More Chocolate Bar Unveiled

The Chocolate Secret: Cockroaches, Deceptive Labeling, and the Eat-More Chocolate Bar Unveiled


The world of chocolate is not as sweet as it seems. Recently, a consumer purchased a Hershey Canada product called Eat-More, a chocolate bar advertised as a "dark toffee peanut chew." However, the package did not explicitly mention that it contained chocolate, which led to disappointment and frustration for the consumer. This experience brings attention to the issue of deceptive advertising in the food industry and the surprising fact that chocolate contains cockroach parts, a little-known reality that many people are unaware of.

Deceptive Advertising in the Food Industry

The case of the Hershey Canada Eat-More bar highlights the issue of misleading packaging and marketing in the food industry. Consumers rely on accurate and clear labeling to make informed decisions about their purchases. In this instance, the chocolate bar's packaging only emphasized the "dark toffee peanut chew" aspect, leaving the consumer to discover the chocolate content by reading the ingredients list. Such deceptive advertising can be misleading and frustrating for consumers who have specific dietary preferences or restrictions.

Seeking a Refund: A Disappointing Resolution

After discovering the undisclosed chocolate content in the Eat-More bar, the consumer contacted Hershey Canada to request a refund. However, the company's customer service offered only a coupon worth $3 or $6 as compensation. This unsatisfactory resolution further highlights the need for companies to be more transparent and accountable in their labeling and marketing practices.

The Hidden Truth: Chocolate and Cockroach Parts

A shocking fact that many chocolate lovers may be unaware of is that chocolate products can contain cockroach parts. This information is based on numerous Google and YouTube search results, as well as government websites, making it a well-documented fact. The presence of cockroach parts in chocolate is due to the presence of insects in the cocoa beans during the production process. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States allows a certain amount of insect parts in food products, as it is nearly impossible to eliminate them entirely from the manufacturing process.

Why Does the Government Allow It?

The presence of insect parts in chocolate may sound alarming, but it is essential to understand that the FDA permits this because complete elimination of insects from food production is not feasible. The FDA sets specific limits on the number of insect parts allowed in food products to ensure that they do not pose a health risk to consumers. These guidelines are based on scientific research and are designed to ensure the safety of food products while also taking into account the practical limitations of food production.


The Hershey Canada Eat-More chocolate bar incident highlights the importance of transparent and accurate labeling in the food industry. Consumers should be aware of the ingredients in their food and take the time to research and understand the production process. It is also essential for companies to ensure that their packaging and marketing accurately represent their products to avoid misleading consumers and to provide satisfactory resolutions when problems arise. Lastly, while the presence of cockroach parts in chocolate may be surprising, it is important to remember that the FDA has set guidelines in place to ensure the safety of food products for consumers.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Impression Roofing Ltd: Door-to-Door Tactics or Harassment? Reviews

In today's fast-paced world, we rely on non-intrusive marketing techniques to learn about the services and products we need. We have all become accustomed to receiving promotional material in our mailboxes or seeing advertisements online, and most of us appreciate when businesses respect our privacy. However, it seems that not all companies follow the same set of principles.

Recently, a local homeowner reported an unsettling experience with a roofing company, Impression Roofing Ltd. According to the homeowner, a representative from the company rang their doorbell, left a flyer on their door, and quickly departed. This has raised concerns about the company's marketing tactics and whether they cross the line into harassment.

The homeowner mentioned that the flyer contained two phone numbers: 647-408-8327 and 647-867-7088. Though it's not unusual for businesses to provide contact information on promotional material, the homeowner found the doorbell ringing to be intrusive and unnecessary. They consider this approach to be a form of harassment, as it disrupts their day and invades their privacy.

In light of these concerns, we conducted a Google search to find more information about Impression Roofing Ltd. We discovered that their email address is, and they have two listed addresses:

1. Bing Wang
4002 Sheppard Ave E
Scarborough, ON M1S 4R5

2. Bing Wang
50 Michaelman Rd
Ajax ON L1S 0C9

Companies must find a balance between promoting their services and respecting the boundaries of potential customers. Ringing a doorbell and leaving immediately not only creates an uncomfortable situation for the homeowner, but it also casts a negative light on the business itself. Homeowners are left feeling uneasy and less likely to consider using the company's services in the future.

Impression Roofing Ltd's tactics beg the question: where should businesses draw the line? Is ringing someone's doorbell to leave promotional material acceptable, or does it push the boundaries of respectful marketing? As homeowners, we should be able to decide whether or not to engage with a company and its services without feeling pressured or invaded.

It is essential for businesses like Impression Roofing Ltd to reassess their marketing strategies and ensure they align with the values of respecting privacy and promoting trust. In doing so, they will not only foster a positive reputation but also ensure that potential customers feel comfortable reaching out to them for their services.

If you have experienced a similar situation with Impression Roofing Ltd or any other company, we encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences. Your feedback can help businesses understand the importance of maintaining a respectful relationship with potential customers, and it can also help other homeowners make informed decisions about who they choose to work with.

Friday, April 21, 2023

+1 (786) 361-8631 is a SCAM!

If you receive a call or text message from +1 (786) 361-8631 you can block it as it's a scam.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Elobara Exfoliating Treatment Foot Peel Mask Review: A Cautionary Tale of Painful Burns


In our quest for soft and smooth feet, we often turn to products that promise to deliver amazing results. One such product is the Elobara Exfoliating Treatment Foot Peel Mask. But is it as effective as it claims to be? In this review, we will explore my personal experience with the Elobara Foot Peel Mask, which I purchased on Amazon, and discuss the unfortunate consequences I faced after using it.

The Elobara Foot Peel Mask Experience:
I decided to purchase the Elobara Exfoliating Treatment Foot Peel Mask from Amazon after hearing about its potential benefits. The product description promised to remove dead skin cells, leaving my feet smooth and rejuvenated. However, after using the foot peel mask, I realized that the product did not live up to its promises. Instead, I was left with painful burns on my feet.

The Painful Aftermath:
As I type this review, my feet are still burning from the effects of the Elobara Exfoliating Treatment Foot Peel Mask. The pain is unbearable, and I deeply regret purchasing this product. It's essential to share this information in this Elobara Foot Peel Mask review to warn others about the potential risks associated with using this foot peel mask.

The Importance of Checking Reviews:
In hindsight, I wish I had sorted through the reviews on Amazon before purchasing the Elobara Exfoliating Treatment Foot Peel Mask. I focused on the 5-star reviews and overlooked the many 1-star reviews that were warning potential buyers about the product's adverse effects. Had I paid more attention to these negative reviews, I might have avoided the painful burns I experienced after using the Elobara Foot Peel Mask.

My experience with the Elobara Exfoliating Treatment Foot Peel Mask serves as a cautionary tale for those considering purchasing this product. It is crucial to read through multiple reviews and sort them by the most recent before making a purchase, as this can help you make a more informed decision. This Elobara Foot Peel Mask review is an honest account of my experience with the product, and I hope it helps potential buyers avoid the same painful fate that I encountered.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Sunich Juice Review - A Personal Experience with MVR Cash and Carry's Sun ich Juices

Avoid buying Sunich Juice

In today's fast-paced world, finding a refreshing and delicious juice can be a challenge. That's why, in this Sunich juice review, I will share my personal experience with Sun ich juices purchased from MVR Cash and Carry. The goal of this review is to provide an honest account of the taste and quality of these juices, so you can make an informed decision before spending your hard-earned money.

Sunich Juice Review: The First Encounter

While shopping at MVR Cash and Carry, I came across Sun ich juices, which are also known as Sunich. The packaging was attractive, and the variety of flavors seemed promising. Intrigued by the selection, I decided to give these juices a try. Unfortunately, my experience turned out to be less than satisfactory.

Sunich Juice Review: The Sour Taste

Upon trying the Sun ich juices, I was immediately taken aback by the sour taste. Although some may argue that a sour taste is subjective, I found it overpowering and unpalatable. As a lover of fruit juices, I have tasted various brands and flavors over the years. However, the sourness of the Sunich juice was something I had never encountered before.

Sunich Juice Review: The Unnatural Flavor

In addition to the sour taste, I also found the Sun ich juices to lack a natural fruit taste. As someone who prioritizes natural ingredients and authentic flavors, this was a significant disappointment. It's essential for a juice to have a genuine fruit taste, as it can make or break the overall enjoyment of the product. Unfortunately, Sunich juices fell short in this regard.

Sunich Juice Review: The Importance of Authenticity

When I embarked on this Sunich juice review, I had high hopes for a delicious and satisfying product. Regrettably, the sour taste and unnatural flavor of Sun ich juices from MVR Cash and Carry led to a disappointing experience. It's crucial for a juice brand to deliver on its promise of authentic taste and quality, but Sunich failed to meet these expectations.

Sunich Juice Review: The MVR Cash and Carry Connection

As a frequent shopper at MVR Cash and Carry, I have come to trust the quality and selection of products available. However, my experience with Sun ich juices has left me questioning this trust. While this Sunich juice review focuses on my personal experience, it's essential to consider how the product might reflect on MVR Cash and Carry's overall offerings.

Sunich Juice Review: Alternatives to Consider

After my experience with Sunich juice, I sought out alternatives that would provide a more enjoyable and authentic fruit taste. Many other juice brands on the market offer a better balance of natural flavors and refreshing taste. As you navigate through the vast array of options, remember to prioritize quality and authenticity when selecting a juice.

Sunich Juice Review: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this Sunich juice review serves as a cautionary tale for those considering purchasing Sun ich juices from MVR Cash and Carry. While the packaging and variety of flavors may be enticing, the sour taste and unnatural fruit flavors proved to be a significant disappointment. As a consumer, it's essential to invest in products that deliver on their promises and provide an enjoyable experience.

By sharing my Sunich juice review, I hope to prevent others from wasting their money and experiencing the same disappointment. Remember, there are many alternative juice brands on the market that offer a more satisfying and authentic fruit taste. Keep this Sunich juice review in mind as you make your next juice purchase and prioritize quality and authenticity in your selections.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Keg Richmond Hill Review

The Keg Richmond Hill Review 

162 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, 

ON L4B 3J6 Canada 

(905) 882-0500 reviews


Received the following review article from our client:

On March 28th, 2023 around 9:00 PM, my family and I went to The Keg restaurant located at 162 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3J6, Canada, hoping for a pleasant dining experience. Unfortunately, our experience was far from pleasant, and we feel it necessary to share our review of The Keg.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by our waitress, Xenia. We ordered two virgin pina coladas for my wife and son, and one Pepsi for myself, along with calamari for starters. We also ordered our main course food at the same time, which consisted of New York striploin steak with the lobster tail and a side of baked potatoes for my wife and me, and chicken strips from the kid's menu for our son.

Our waitress brought one pina colada for my wife and one Pepsi for me, but she forgot the son's pina colada. After reminding her, she eventually brought it. The calamari were good, and we were looking forward to our main course.

However, things started to go downhill from there. Our waitress brought the food for my wife and I, but forgot the son's chicken strips, and when we reminded her, she said she thought we would just share our meal with him. We asked her to put a rush on the order she said it would take 10 minutes, but it still took over 10 minutes to arrive.

In the meantime, my wife and I started eating so that our food wouldn't get cold. When the main course finally arrived, our steak and lobster were cold, not juicy at all, and almost rock hard. We suspect that the food was prepared but our waitress forgot to take it on time from the kitchen and deliver it to us, causing it to arrive cold. 

Unfortunately, by the time our son's chicken strips arrived, he was already asleep. We tried to wake him up to give him some food, but he didn't want to eat and went back to sleep hungry.

To add insult to injury, our waitress seemed to spend a lot of her time and attention on the table behind us, consisting of three men, talking and smiling a lot with them while forgetting about her other customers.

Throughout our meal, we were looking for our waitress several times, but she was always busy talking to the table behind us. I raised my hand to get her attention and even said HELLO in a loud voice but still she didn't look and just ignored us.

When we finally caught her attention we asked for a Pepsi refill, she brought it back in a glass that had an unpleasant smell. We suspect that the glass was wiped with a rag that had a bad odor. Bad odor of the rag can be because of this explanation:

"If a rag is left wet for an extended period of time, it may develop a musty or moldy smell. This smell is often described as damp, stale, or mildewy. The damp conditions of a wet rag can provide an ideal environment for mold and bacteria to grow, which can lead to the development of unpleasant odors. In some cases, the smell of a wet rag can also be described as sour or rancid if it has been left in contact with organic matter or other substances that can spoil over time."

We tried to find our waitress again to let her know, but it was difficult to locate her, finally she passed by and told her about the bad smell on the glass caused by the rag, she apologized and offered to bring a new glass of drink, but I refused because we've been there for a long time and we just wanted to leave.

We were very disappointed by the poor service, lack of attention to our needs, and the overall experience at The Keg. We wanted to speak with their manager to address our concerns, but we didn't want to wait any longer or argue at the time, so we left and I decided to write this review article to warn everyone about the poor service that they might experience when they dine in at The Keg Restaurant.

In conclusion, we do not recommend The Keg Restaurant in Richmond Hill. Our total bill was over $200, and it was a waste of money, bad experience, and ruined our night. We advise anyone who plans to dine at The Keg to think twice before doing so, especially if you have kids, as they don't seem to be a priority there. The Keg restaurant used to be good in the past, but not anymore. The Keg SUX!


The Keg Restaurant Richmond Hill Complaints

I conducted some research on YorkSafe public health in York Region, discovered that The Keg had failed a sanitation inspection. This information sheds light on the unpleasant odor detected on the glass, as mentioned previously. For those interested in viewing the details of the inspection, it can be found on the YorkSafe Inspection Program website:


Fill in the the Keyword Box with: The Keg

In the Municipality Box: Richmond Hill

Then click on Search in List



It will give you this result:

Keg (The)

Food Establishment

162 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3J6




When you click on this result you will find the following non-surprising reports:


8/10/2022 Compliance Inspection


Action taken: Food Handler Education On Site




Equipment and food contact surfaces properly maintained designed, constructed, installed, located

Corrected During Inspection

Fail to ensure equipment surface cleaned/sanitized as necessary




11/4/2022 Compliance Inspection


Action taken: Food Handler Education On Site




Mechanical dishwashing: wash, rinse, sanitize and water temperature

Corrected During Inspection

Fail to maintain hot water sanitizer at 82°C or greater and/or for at least 10 seconds




Below you will find The Keg contact information:

The Keg Corporate Office (Guest Relations)

10100 Shellbridge Way Richmond, B.C. V6X 2W7

Tel: 604-276-0242


The Keg Eastern Office (HR, Marketing, Food Services)

560 King St. West, 2nd Floor Toronto, ON M5V 0L5

Tel: 416-695-2400


I intend to take action regarding the poor experience my family and I had at The Keg restaurant. This includes filing a report with the Better Business Bureau on BBB.ORG, posting on other review sites, and contacting York Region York Safe public health inspectors via email at Specifically, I will report the bacteria odor on the rag that I mentioned previously. I encourage others to do the same and speak out about any issues they have had at The Keg. If you wish to file a complaint, you can reach out to and provide the following details: 

The Keg Restaurant 162 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3J6, the date and time of the incident, and your contact information so the inspector can follow up with you.

Furthermore, if anyone who has consumed food at The Keg feels ill, I recommend seeking medical attention and informing York Region public health of your symptoms. The concerns will be forwarded to the inspector for further investigation.

For those who wish to contact York Region public health, their contact information is provided below:

The Regional Municipality of York 

17150 Yonge Street, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6Z1 

T: 1-800-361-5653 x 4 

F: 905-898-8277



The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Richmond Hill Negative Reviews found online


"I would not even give them one star if possible. Worst meal I have had in a long time.

I had a good experience at the Keg in North York and wanted to try the one closer to our house.

We ordered a few drinks, Oyster Rockefeller, Tuna Tartare, Steak & Shrimp and the Ling Cod.
After my husband got the bill, I went to the washroom to throw up the Oyster Rockefeller. Flavours were masked by the cheese. The oysters were not fresh and full of shell shards.
The tuna tartare was the saddest one I have had to date. It had NO SEASONING OR ACIDITY. so I pay $17 for the dish to season and add acidity by myself. Come on.
The steak we ordered medium rare was overcooked to medium well. We were to hungry to send it back. The jus was so watery it felt like you were pouring heated up coke on top of the steak. Can you please thicken it up with a roux or something?
I ate two bites of the Ling Cod and left it. It was just as sad as the cousin Tuna Tartare. The vegetables were overcooked and lifeless. The dish was made for cremation.
The server did not quality check us on the mains. They did not ask if there was something wrong with it. The worst part is that on the bar, there were employee eating staff meal etc. The servers were only talking to their coworkers and it felt stupid. No service, the chef is a joke and it was just a nightmare. It like overpriced retirement home food.
I'm not asking for free stuff like many 1star reviewers. I make my money, I will pay my dues. I have owned my own restaurants and I know it's not easy. But can you tell me what the heck you are doing at this restaurant?" – KT



"I'm giving this review one star because of the unprofessional and rude hostess. I dined at Keg Richmond Hill location this Monday April 15 around 3:30pm. After a soulless greeting, the first thing the hostess said was "just seat anywhere in the lounge area because the dining area is not opened yet." Really?? Is that what a host in a restaurant says to customers? She did not even take us to our table. After seated "anywhere", we had to wait for our server for a while, so I told the hostess that no one is helping us. She replied back with a cold response saying just wait. I used to go to Keg in North York location and never had this kind of issue ever. In other keg locations, a host takes customers to their tables and provides them menus. A host is the first-person guests see when coming into the restaurant. This was definitely not so good impression. The hostess in Keg Richmond Hill should care about her ability to smile at customers and do her job properly." - Lyanna L.



"The worst experience I've ever witnessed. The manager of the restaurant was harassing a family with two kids and two seniors. Her name is Neda and she spoke rudely to that poor family because it was raining outside and they just wanted to change the table inside. When the client asked her why she was rude to them, she started yelling at them without caring that they were other clients in the restaurant. She kept saying she'd call the cops without any reason. She was so disrespectful that other customers were upset too. I never thought a good restaurant like the Keg would hire the unprofessional personnel like her." - Parisa Rezaei



"Very disrespectful manager. Truly disappointed that a family had came to eat and was kicked out for the poorly management. For a nice restaurant like this… im ashamed for the disgusting behaviour. The manager had threatened the family to call the cops because they had asked to be moved inside due to the rain. Not a suggested restaurant." - Tiana Amirziai



"Disappointed. It's not my first time in this location but my first bad experience.
My business is near this location, so once in a while, I've taken some lunch here.
On this visit, I have to wait for my servers to come for around 20 min, and I've started looking for him.
I'm asking for water with lemon; he brings me water without lemon and puts my lemon on sangria without fruits. What?? Rose sangria with lemon and no fruits. When he noticed and asked me about it, he didn't offer me the new one. He just smiled and said oh.
My steak will be overcooked. And more after that. I've asked for separate bills and got one... You know...
That's not all. But I think you realize how disappointed I'm." - Hanna Nituta


If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or reviews about The Keg Restaurant in Richmond Hill or other locations, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. If you have filed a report with York Region YorkSafe public health, please also share your experience in the comments section. Hopefully, York Region YorkSafe public health will take complaints seriously and take appropriate actions.

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

SENuke Reviews: Is it a Scam or Legit?

SENuke Reviews: Is it a Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for a tool to help you with your search engine optimization (SEO), you may have come across SENuke. However, before you invest your money in this software, it is essential to understand its credibility and reliability. In this article, we will explore SENuke reviews and determine whether it is a scam or a legitimate tool.

My Personal Experience with SENuke

I purchased SENuke and was disappointed to find that it did not work. Upon further research, I discovered that many other users had experienced similar problems with the software. Many have claimed that it is a scam, and I have to agree with them.

Negative Reviews of SENuke: A Common Trend

After reading other online reviews of SENuke, I found that many users have reported negative experiences with the software. Complaints include poor customer service, ineffective results, and a lack of communication from the company.

It is concerning that many users have reported similar issues with SENuke, suggesting that it may be a scam. It is crucial to take these reviews into account before investing your time and money into any product.

Who Owns SENuke and What Do We Know About Them?

SENuke was founded by Areeb Bajwa, who lives in Mississauga Ontario, and the current owner is Joe Russell, who lives in New Brunswick Canada. Areeb also owns another business called AutoOptimize and has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Biology from the University of Toronto. Joe has another company called KPIRY Growth Marketing and IATC Marketing & Development.

While the company and its owners may appear legitimate, my personal experience and other users' negative reviews suggest otherwise. I would not trust doing business with SENuke or any of its associated companies.

What to Do If You Have Been Scammed by SENuke?

If you have been scammed by SENuke, there are several steps you can take. First, you can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at Additionally, you can contact the offices of the attorney general and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at

If you paid for SENuke's services with a credit card, you can file a chargeback dispute with your credit card company. If you used PayPal, you can file a dispute and send an email to and to report the scam. This will help PayPal take appropriate action against SENuke and possibly terminate their merchant accounts.

In conclusion, my personal experience and the negative reviews of SENuke suggest that it may be a scam. It is essential to exercise caution and do your research before investing your money in any product or service. If you have been scammed by SENuke, there are several steps you can take to report the scam and protect yourself from further losses.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

SCAM ALERT - Deal Generation - Jagmeet Gill

Be Cautious of Deal Generation: A Review of Their Fraudulent Practices

In today's world, it's important to be vigilant when dealing with businesses, especially those with questionable practices. One such company is Deal Generation, run by Jagmeet Gill, with a website address of and a phone number of +1 (204) 807-2733.

Recently, a client signed a contract with Deal Generation, expecting to receive mortgage leads as promised. However, after a month, no leads were received. The client requested a full refund, as per the terms and conditions stated in the contract, but the company failed to comply with their request.

Despite repeated attempts to obtain a refund, Deal Generation has failed to fulfill their promises. The client has requested a refund in line with the Consumer Protection Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 95, but to no avail. This failure to deliver promised services and refund their clients is unacceptable and warrants caution when dealing with the company.

It's essential to exercise caution when dealing with businesses, and in this case, it's crucial to review Deal Generation's practices before doing business with them. Several online reviews attest to the company's unethical behavior, with several clients stating that the company has not delivered on their promises, despite their high fees.

Therefore, it's crucial to be wary of Deal Generation's fraudulent practices and to take precautionary measures when dealing with them.

In conclusion, Deal Generation's practices have raised concerns among several clients, and it's crucial to be cautious when dealing with them.

If you have any questions, concerns, or information about this company, including reviews, please feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Silverfish: How to Get Rid of Them

Silverfish: How to Get Rid of Them

Silverfish are a common household pest that can be quite persistent. They are nocturnal insects that like to hide in cracks and crevices, making it difficult to detect the extent of an infestation. If you see one silverfish in your home, there are probably hundreds more hiding that you don't see. In this article, we will explore some effective ways to get rid of silverfish and prevent future infestations.

Humidity and Mold: Fix the Root Cause

Silverfish love humidity and moisture, which is why they are often found in bathrooms and basements. If you have a problem with silverfish, it's important to fix any issues with moisture in your home. Check for leaks and fix them promptly. Use a dehumidifier or ventilation fan to reduce humidity in damp areas. If you have a problem with mold, get it cleaned up by a professional.

Clothes and Cedar Wood

Silverfish also love to eat clothes, so you might notice your clothes have been damaged with holes in them. One effective way to repel silverfish is to use cedar wood. Silverfish hate the smell of cedar wood, so you can place cedar wood hangers in your closet to repel them. While cedar wood products can be expensive, they are effective and will last a long time.


Another effective way to repel silverfish is to use mothballs. Mothballs contain naphthalene or alam and emit a strong odor that silverfish can't stand. Place mothballs in different areas of your house where silverfish are likely to hide, such as closets, bathrooms, and basements.


Vacuuming is a simple and effective way to get rid of silverfish and their eggs. Since silverfish lay hundreds or thousands of eggs, it's important to vacuum everywhere to help get rid of them and prevent future infestations. You can use a regular vacuum or invest in a robot vacuum to make the task easier.

Additionally, investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner can be very effective in getting rid of silverfish. I personally got myself the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Vacuum and I set it to vacuum automatically almost every day, which helps to get rid of silverfish and their eggs. I have noticed a huge improvement and I don't see them anymore. Although this vacuum cleaner is expensive, the money was well spent. It's undoubtedly one of the best vacuum cleaners available in the market today, and its advanced features make it a worthwhile investment for keeping your home clean and pest-free.

In conclusion, if you have a problem with silverfish, there are several effective ways to get rid of them. Fix any issues with humidity and moisture, use cedar wood products, place mothballs in different areas of your house, and vacuum regularly. By taking these steps, you can effectively get rid of silverfish and prevent future infestations.

Thursday, March 09, 2023

LiquidWeb Reviews and Complaints

Below is a chat conversation someone had earlier with LiquidWeb, just so you're aware of their high monthly pricing and the refund risks involved!

Also, we believe that most 5 star positive reviews posted on TrustPilot and other sites are fake positive reviews posted by the employees of LiquidWeb.

Conclusion: We recommend that you stay away from LiquidWeb.

Spencer (2023-03-09, 1:49:07 PM): May I ask which of our VPS plans were you considering?
Roger (2023-03-09, 1:52:40 PM): The VPS that has 8GB Ram, but I just noticed the price of $45 monthly is only if I pay for the whole year! I dont want to pay for the whole year.. and if I pay monthly it will be $139 monthly which is very expensive !
Spencer (2023-03-09, 1:54:16 PM): That is correct we would have monthly, yearly, and bi-yearly options. As all of the solutions would be fully managed we would be taking care of the main stack as well as any core updates or patches. The solution would have a 99.9999% server uptime and you would have support available via phone, tickets, and chats 24/7 to lend you a hand if needed.
Spencer (2023-03-09, 1:55:02 PM): Every VPS includes a Dedicated IP Address, Cloudflare CDN, Server Secure Advanced Security, Integrated Firewall, Local Backups, and DDos Attack Protection.
Roger (2023-03-09, 1:55:55 PM): Hi, you mentioned it includes CloudFlare, but I can signup for a free CloudFlare account myself, whats the difference I dont understand?
Spencer (2023-03-09, 1:58:50 PM): Cloudflare would come pre-enabled with the solution allowing you to focus your efforts on the project as we would be taking care of the hosting part of things. Also, we provide migration services completely free of charge for all of our new clients meaning you would only have to acquire a fitting hosting plan, and once it gets provisioned request a migration via the client portal. Once requested a migration specialists team member would reach out to provide you with a step to step of the process as well as acquire the needed access to perform the migration itself.
Spencer (2023-03-09, 1:59:47 PM): And also with our 12 & 24-month billed upfront introductory offers, you would get 100GB of Acronis Off-Server Cyber Backups included completely free of charge!
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:01:48 PM): Ok thanks for the info, can you give me the details exactly what's the difference between the free CloudFlare account that I can signup with and the CloudFlare option you provide?
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:02:02 PM): Is it the same or whats the difference?
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:02:40 PM): And is Cpanel included with that VPS or I have to pay extra for it?
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:04:31 PM): It would be the same in both instances, we do include it pre-enabled within our VPS plans but it wouldn't have any charges related to it.
cPanel/WHM would indeed be included with our 12 & 24-month introductory offers whereas it would have a slight upcharge on our monthly payment plans as per the license price.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:05:35 PM): ok and If I pay the 24 months term, and later decide to cancel, would you provide a refund of the months remaining?
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:07:42 PM): All of our VPS plans would come with a 30-day money-back guarantee meaning you would have 30 days to check the service out and see if you would need anything exchanged and be eligible for a refund during that period.
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:09:52 PM): But as our VPS solutions are highly scalable you would always have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan as per your project's requirements and once your project outgrows our VPS solutions we would always be able to create a custom dedicated solution just for your project so it would be able to grow and prosper in time.
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:10:52 PM): If you'd like I can provide you with a cart link to the aforementioned 8GB RAM VPS and stay in chat for the duration of the checkout process to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:13:16 PM): This doesn't answer the question I asked which makes me feel you are trying to avoid my question :)
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:14:41 PM): I apologize if I wasn't clear, any refunds would be available and provided in full during the first 30 days of the money-back guarantee.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:14:43 PM): I will ask again, If I pay the 24 months term, and for ANY Reason later if I decide to cancel, would you provide a refund of the months remaining?
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:15:17 PM): After the 30 days would you provide a refund of the months remaining?
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:17:01 PM): A refund would only be possible during the first 30 days so sadly in case you would decide to cancel the account let's say in the 18th month with our 24-month plan you wouldn't be eligible for a refund for the remaining 6 months.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:23:10 PM): So, lets say I signup for the 24 months plan, then after 12 months I decide I want to cancel and get a refund, you are saying you wont be able to provide a refund, but then what happens to my money? I paid for a service and I should be able to get the money for the service which I am not using!
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:26:29 PM): The law clearly stipulates that it is illegal to accept payment for services that have not been rendered.
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:27:30 PM): I apologize for the inconvenience but enabling refunds with our bi-yearly introductory offers would make the monthly and yearly plans obsolete as people would just pick the 24-month plans and cancel their accounts 12 months in, In that case, they would be requesting a refund based on pricing for a 24-month period even though they would clearly be on a 12-month one which has its monthly equivalent price of $85/mo whereas the 24-month plans monthly equivalent would be just $45. The discounted price is based solely considering the term provided and the services would be available to use during the 24-month term.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:27:30 PM): This principle is generally covered by contract law and consumer protection laws, such as the Federal Trade Commission Act (FTC Act) and various state consumer protection laws.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:28:35 PM): I understand what you said however, still, The law clearly stipulates that it is illegal to accept payment for services that have not been rendered.
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:31:17 PM): I do apologize but the services would indeed be rendered and put in operation for a contracted term of 24 months in which it would be fully managed and hosted by our end, but if a project is expected to have a shorter life cycle I would most definitely recommend looking at our yearly or monthly plans instead as the 24-month plan is meant to be used for a 24-month term.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:33:07 PM): ok, what happens if lets say LiquidWeb says the customer had violated the terms of LiquidWeb and LiquidWeb decides to terminate the account earlier than the 24 months, would a refund be given then or? "Even if the customer did nothing wrong but liquidweb still disagrees"
Spencer (2023-03-09, 2:43:44 PM): For services to be terminated there would need to be a clear violation of our T&C be it by fraudulent activity, malicious intent, or otherwise illegal wrongdoing.
As the customer would be in breach of contract if they would indeed violate the T&C that would thereby make them not eligible for a refund.
But as mentioned with the 12 & 24-month introductory offers any refunds would only be available during the initial 30-day money-back guarantee period.
Roger (2023-03-09, 2:45:25 PM): That explains it, thanks for your time.

Monday, February 06, 2023

Roborock Reviews: A Deep Dive into Customer Complaints about Warranty Policy

Roborock has made a name for itself in the vacuum cleaner industry, offering cutting-edge and high-performing products. However, recent Roborock reviews and customer experiences have shed light on a concerning issue with the company's warranty policy.
One of our clients, an owner of a Roborock vacuum cleaner, encountered a problem with the water container lid breaking during regular use, but was not covered under the warranty.

This situation, along with numerous other Roborock reviews and complaints, has raised questions about the fairness of the company's warranty policy. Many customers feel that even normal wear and tear and accidental damage should be covered under the warranty, especially for a product that is meant to be used frequently. The lack of coverage for these issues has left many customers feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with the company.

In light of these Roborock reviews and complaints, it's important for companies to provide clear and fair warranty policies that protect their customers and ensure customer satisfaction. Customers should not have to bear the cost of repairs or replacements for normal use, and they deserve peace of mind when purchasing products.

We encourage customers who have faced similar issues with their Roborock vacuum cleaners to share their experiences and perspectives through Roborock reviews. Your complaints and feedback can help raise awareness about this issue and drive change towards fairer warranty policies for all customers.

Join the conversation and add your voice to the growing number of Roborock reviews and complaints. Together, we can make a positive impact and bring about change for all Roborock customers.

Roborock Vacuum Cleaner: A Warranty Gone Wrong

Our client, an owner of a Roborock vacuum cleaner, recently faced a frustrating situation when the water container lid broke during regular use. Despite reaching out to the company for assistance, the customer service team declared that the issue was not covered under the warranty and offered no solution other than purchasing a replacement part.

This experience has left many customers, including our client, feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with Roborock's warranty policy. It seems that even normal wear and tear, as well as accidental damage, is not covered under the warranty, leaving customers to bear the cost of repairs or replacements.

In an effort to voice their concerns and bring attention to this issue, customers like our client are sharing their experiences online and raising questions about the fairness of Roborock's warranty policy. Some argue that a warranty should cover accidental damage and normal wear and tear, especially for a product that is meant to be used frequently.

It's important for companies to provide clear and fair warranty policies that protect their customers and ensure customer satisfaction. Customers deserve to have peace of mind when purchasing products and should not have to bear the cost of repairs or replacements for normal use.

If you've had a similar experience with Roborock or have concerns about their warranty policy, reach out to their customer support team and voice your concerns. We believe that together, customers can bring attention to this issue and drive change towards fairer warranty policies.

If you've faced a similar issue with your Roborock vacuum cleaner, we ask that you post your comments below. Your experiences and perspectives can help raise awareness about this issue and bring about positive change.

Wednesday, February 01, 2023


Viral Sardhara Scam Reviews WARNING


It is disheartening to learn about the fraudulent activities of Viral Sardhara Ashokbhai, operating under the phone number +918980383350 and email addresses and, based in Surat, Gujarat, India.

Viral is known to scam clients by offering to design custom websites, but instead, he copies content from other websites, which is a clear violation of copyright law. This not only goes against ethical business practices but also harms the client's website's search engine optimization (SEO) as plagiarized content can lead to penalties and bans from Google.

Furthermore, Viral is also known to provide fake IDs to his clients, which is a red flag for any individual or business seeking professional services. Unfortunately, most clients do not realize the issue with Viral's work until it is too late, and he disappears.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that Viral has a past of running an adult Indian porn website, which is another factor to consider when dealing with him.

We advise all individuals and businesses to exercise caution and thoroughly research before engaging in any transactions with Viral Sardhara Ashokbhai.

Viral stated that he was responsible for the design of the websites for the following clients:

Attached below you will find Viral's photo and relevant identification documents, as provided to clients.

It is imperative to bring to light the unethical and illegal activities of individuals like Viral Sardhara Ashokbhai, who are taking advantage of innocent clients. If you have fallen victim to Viral's scams, we encourage you to leave a comment with your experience and share any information you have on him. This information will be useful for the Indian government authorities, who are currently investigating Viral's activities.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023 WARNING REVIEW - Avoid at all times Reviews is a customer service chat platform that has recently come under fire for their questionable account suspension practices. Many users have reported that their accounts have been suspended without warning or explanation, leaving them without access to their customer communications.

In my own experience, my account was suspended without any prior notice or valid reason provided. I reached out to their customer support team for an explanation, but they were unable to provide me with any satisfactory answers. This left me in a difficult position as I rely on the platform for my business's customer service needs.

It is clear that does not value the needs of its users and is willing to suspend accounts at any time without proper explanation or warning. This is unacceptable and should be a major red flag for anyone considering using their services.

I would not recommend to anyone and suggest looking for alternative customer service chat platforms. The lack of transparency and accountability in their account suspension practices is a major concern and should be taken into consideration before making a decision to use their services.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

NameCheap Review: Beware of Suspensions Without Warning - Risks of using NameCheap

NameCheap, a popular domain registrar, has come under fire for their questionable suspension practices. Customers have reported that their domains are being suspended by NameCheap’s Legal & Abuse team without warning or proper verification as soon as a complaint is received, even if the complaint is found to be false or made by a competitor. This is a serious issue as it not only disrupts the affected business but also puts their online presence at risk.

Furthermore, NameCheap's customer service has been criticized for their lack of transparency and unresponsiveness. When asked for information about the complaint that led to the suspension, NameCheap reportedly refused to provide any details.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable and unprofessional, and it raises questions about NameCheap's commitment to protecting their customers' online assets. Businesses that rely on their online presence should not have to worry about their domain being suspended on a whim, without any prior warning or verification.

Based on these reports, we do not recommend using NameCheap for domain registration or hosting services. We advise transferring your domains and hosting elsewhere to ensure the safety and security of your online presence.

If you have any comments, reviews, or complaints about NameCheap, we encourage you to share them in the comments section below. If you have experienced any issues with NameCheap's suspension practices or customer service, your input is valuable and can help others make informed decisions about using their services. Additionally, if you are interested in joining a legal class action against NameCheap, please leave your contact information (phone number) in the comments section so that we can connect you with legal representation. Together, we can hold NameCheap accountable for their actions and ensure that customers are treated with the respect and transparency they deserve.

Sunday, January 08, 2023

XEvil Reviews

I highly recommend XEvil for captcha solving, Google ReCaptcha, ReCaptcha v2, ReCaptcha v3, hCaptcha, it's simply the best and will save you a lot of money, better than all other captcha services

You can get it from


Monday, December 19, 2022

Condo Board Members Murdered - Alleged Fraud & Corruption

BREAKING NEWS: Francesco Villi murdered 4 out of 5 board members at a condo in Vaughan due to alleged fraud and corruption.


Board of Directors:

Chirag Patel

John Di Nino

Naveed Dada

Rita Camilleri

and Tony Cutrone—wasn't there at the time when the shooting occurred. 


Here is Francesco Villi Facebook Page, where he uploaded videos before the shooting:


The incident happened at Bellaria Residences  YRCC-1139 located at 9235 Jane Street, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada which was built by Jane-Ruth Development Inc. and managed by Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd. Michael Shilensky




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