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Sunday, September 23, 2007


On Friday September 21, 2007 @10:50pm I called KFC Delivery at (416)244-4444 and ordered the following:
2 piece chicken combo with gravy also includes fries, salad and a soft drink.
3 piece chicken combo with gravy also includes fries, salad and a soft drink.
Classic Chicken sandwich.

11:45pm order not yet received, so I called KFC Delivery call centre and heard the automated recording saying they are closed.

11:46pm I called the store that is supposed to deliver my order to me which is:
KFC (905) 279-3131
965 Dundas St E
Mississauga, ON L4T 1A1
Store# 1303

And spoke to a lady who refused to give me her name but later when I spoke to Elham “Store manager” she informed me her name is Nagin, I asked Nagin to check on my order because I haven’t yet received it, she asked me to hold and in the background I heard her asking Elham or Judy on the status of my order.
Nagin then informed me that my credit card was declined and that they already called KFC call centre and advised them so KFC call centre would then advise me.

I advised Nagin that it’s impossible for my card to be declined and requested to speak to a manager, she then asked me to hold and in the background I heard her talking to either Elham or Judy and heard either Elham or Judy advising Nagin to advise me that there is no one there at the present time and there are no managers and that the store is closed.

I advised Nagin that this is very unfair and that I heard a women talking in the background but Nagin denied it and said no there is nobody here and she then said “ok I have to go, bye” then she hung up.

I called the store back and there was no answer.

I had taken a medication and was supposed to eat at a certain time by the order of my doctor, and because of what has happened I was not able to eat at that time, therefore I had to make special arrangements for someone to go out and bring food for me from McDonalds.

On Saturday September 22, 2007 I called my visa credit card company and asked them to look into my account to see if there was an attempt of a transaction that was done on Friday September 21, 2007 which was declined? And they said no.

On Saturday September 22, 2007 I called KFC Delivery call center and spoke to Mathew from customer service, and I advised him of this situation, and asked him to look into my last order of September 21, 2007 and check if my credit card was declined or not, and he said no there was not even an attempt to charge your card, he said “the KFC store did not even try to charge the credit card”, I then asked him about the KFC store that received my order that is mentioned above if they had contacted KFC call center yesterday or today to report that my credit card is declined and he said no.

On Sunday September 23, 2007 @5:15pm I called and spoke to Elham and advised her about this whole issue and she apologized and advised me that what happened on Friday night should never have happened, she advised me that:
No one tried to attempt to charge my credit card and they should not have lied to me.
If my credit card was declined they should not have called KFC call center to ask them to call me because KFC call center closes at 11:00pm, instead the store should have contacted me directly to advise me that the card was declined and if I want the order delivered so I can pay by cash instead.
Nagin was not supposed to hang up the phone on me, which was rude.

I come to the conclusion that the store received my order, the store DID NOT even try to charge my credit card, they lied to me and blamed it on my credit card saying it’s declined which is untrue, they blamed that the call center should have called me to inform me but they did not which is untrue because they did not even inform the call center.

Maybe what happened is that the driver had already left early for the day and they created a false story as an excuse, I am not sure.

I asked Elham to provide me with the contact information of the District Manager and she provided it to me, I am currently awaiting for the call from Ali who is the District Manager, I think KFC should provide me a compensation for what happened to me.


*** On Monday September 24, 2007 I called and spoke to Ali, informed him of this complaint and he said he will review it and then get back to me.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 haven't heard back from Ali yet.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 I called KFC Headoffice, spoke to Manojie and asked her who would the next person be that I can speak to above Ali? she advised me it would be director of operations, then vice president then president, she said she will pass my message to Ali again.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 @11:08am Ali called me back, he asked me for my credit card number that I used to place the order with and I provided it to him, he said that they had the correct card number but the problem was the expiry they had was wrong, I advised him that even if the expiry date was wrong then it would show up in my credit card company records that they tried to charge the card but declined because of expiry date is invalid but my credit card company does NOT have any records of preauthorization or charge at all on the day that I placed my order on, advised him that I don't think this is true and when I gave my expiry date to the call center I am 100% sure that I gave the correct expiry date, and the store should have called me to inform me that my card got declined so I can provide them with the credit card info again or I would inform them to send the order so I can pay by cash but the store did NOT make any attempts to contact me and I never received the order they left me hanging, advised him that I would like to esculate this matter to the director of operations and so he provided me with the contact info of Aly who is the director of operations.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 @11:21am called and left a message for Aly.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Looking for VOIP Service in Toronto - Don't Go With Atlas Voice!

Looking for VOIP Service in Toronto - Don't Go With Atlas Voice!'s VoIP service doesn't provide much service, VOIP, technical or otherwise. Long term and frequent outages, unable to make outgoing calls, incoming calls are frequently dropped, constant voice quality problems. Tech support unresponsive, sullen or hostile. They simply do not reply to the majority of support submissions. The public support forum is currently down and has few postings and you can't post to it either. So what exactly are customers paying for?

But here is a company that I found much better than this, it gives you unlimited calling to all US and Canada for only $19 a month! they also offer unlimited international calling as well! and the best part is I never EVER experienced any problems with their service or any outages and I've been with them for over 2 years so far.
Click the banner below to signup:

Monday, June 25, 2007

ATTENTION: Rogers Wireless Customers

Rogers has the worst customer service

Now you can transfer to another provider such as Telus or whatever and still keep the same number you have!

And because of this Rogers is loosing a lot of customers because of their poor customer service and high rates.

If you are looking to transfer all you have to do is contact the provider you want to transfer your cellular account to and inform them and they will transfer it from Rogers to them for you.

If you don't want to transfer then ill teach you how to get the best deal from rogers! :) all you have to do is call 1-800-268-7347 and ask them to transfer you to customer relations dept. Because you want to cancel, and when you speak to that dept tell them you want to cancel and they will offer you a big variety of great plans or big discounts!

They might offer you a great plan or what's better is, they might offer you to keep your current plan and credit you an X amount of dollars ex. $20 every month recurring.

Do you have any ques? Leave them for me here in the comments and I'll answer them all for you!


Friday, June 22, 2007

Rogers Wireless SUX

Today I cancelled 20 of our company lines that were with Rogers because of a rep. That works at Rogers which made a mistake and cancelled something on our account with no authorization.

Her name is Lynn and her operator id is:

I don't like Rogers, I think it sux, they have the worst customer service.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Graham Bruce Edward


Friday, June 01, 2007

Iberostar Varadero - Signature Vacations

Iberostar Varadero By Signiture Vacations

I personally will never go back to this hotel resort again nor I will book a vacation with Signature Vacations next time.

I would rather book with Sunwing and choose Melia Varadero.

Here is my review on Iberostar Varadero, I am NOT exadurating at all, everything that I have said is 100% accurate, trust me! If you go to Melia Varadero or Sol Palmeras that are 4 star and less expensive and much better than Iberostar Varadero and compare it to Iberostar Varadero 5 star hotel more expensive then you will know what I mean, don't say I didn't warn you! I am doing this voluntary on my own; I saw this hotel was #1 on out of all 208 hotels in Cuba so that's why I decided to go to it! But the truth is you will be surprised that the staffs that work at this hotel are the ones who posted all these FAKE posts!

Or maybe is getting paid to only have positive complaints listed on this hotel and to delete any negative complaints! Who knows!?! Every hotel listed has a complaint but if you look at this hotel reviews on you'll notice that they are all 100% positive! Isn't that fishy? Something must be going on!!

Don't say I did not warn you! This is real.

The hotel rooms are far from the main building where they have all the restaurants, lobby, reception, bars and everything else.

It is very very annoying to not have everything like guest rooms, restaurants, and reception in the same building, imagine if it was raining how annoying it is to walk all these big distances and in Cuba Varadero it does rain a lot! Out of 7 days I was there, 4 days was raining.
And there are no elevators in this hotel; you have to go up and down the stairs!

Melia Varadero is one building that contains everything and it has 2 or more elevators.

Food is not good in Iberostar Varadero; I had to always go out to buy food from restaurants in Varadero even though I had paid for all inclusive! :( I found pizza nova in Plaza Las Americas and it was ok, don't eat their pasta's tried it, had no taste! Only pizza's, I found a Chinese restaurant in downtown Varadero called Lai Lai which was amazing! Their food is great, I had canton fried rice which was the best, tried the fried shrimps which was ok and also tried chicken and pork sweet and sour sauce which was ok too and their prices were reasonable! About 4 CUC a meal.

In Iberostar Varadero there is no 24hrs. Restaurant! The restaurant that's open late starts from 11pm to 4am, and they are always late they always start at 11:40pm instead of 11:00pm. And they don't have a variety of food, only 2 dishes to choose from.

Unlike Melia Varadero which has a 24hr. restaurant, and a menu with a lot of choices to choose from, this hotel isn't like that.

Also, their food for lunch and dinner is mostly Cuban food and I, my friends and a lot of other people did not like it.

They have a restaurant called El Bohio, their buffet food is uncovered and birds always comes and eat from it, then a minute later you'll see a tourist that comes and eats from the same food! That didn't realize what just happened :)

This hotel is rated 5 stars, it should not be rated more than 3.0 stars.

Melia Varadero and Sol Palmeras are much better than this, these two hotels are rated 4 star, guest rooms are all located within all the same building, main buffet restaurant is downstairs, their food in all restaurants are great and a huge variety!
Their main buffet restaurant is 3 times bigger and 3 times more variety food than the buffet restaurant called Ambrosia located in Iberostar Varadero.

I heard from a few people that Barcelo Solymar is a good hotel but I haven't tried it yet, I also heard to stay away from Sol Sorinas, I think that on my next trip to Varadero I will choose to stay at Melia Varadero or Sol Palmeras.

One day I was in the room watching TV and all of the sudden one of the room service people knocked on the door and a second later right after she opened the door and walked in on me! While I was walking towards the door, there is no privacy at all there.

Be aware of the Cuba Rent a Car guy that works inside this hotel, he rips people off big time and also rips the Cuban government off!, he asked for $80 CUC for 12hr. rental of the Hyundai Accent and in the contract he wrote that he received $60 CUC and when I asked him why he noted $60 instead of $80 he said "ohh the $20 CUC is for the insurance and other B.S." he is obviously lying and he thought he can fool me, he wrote $60 CUC to make it look like he gave me a deal on the rental and the $20 CUC he put in his pocket for himself!
Another thing, the car he gave me is a standard car I only found out after he took payment from me, I told him I don't know how to drive standard and he said he will not refund my money and that I should've asked for auto!
He is so dump; all cars should be auto unless you specifically ask for standard and if he going to give me a standard then it's his responsibility to inform me or write it in the contract in which he did not.
If his company Cuba Rent a Car finds out what this guy does they will fire him for sure, so be aware from him!

I don't know his name but he looks like James Bond!

I was almost going to complain about him to the head office of Rent a Car and to my Signature Vacations rep. at the hotel.

I think I deserve some kind of a credit or refund, this wasn't worth it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Deal Hosting

Good Deal Hosting

This is the worst web hosting company ever! Do not use them

Their server goes down once every 3 days!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Watch out from this spammer!

He is crazy, he puts people email addresses in websites to receive newsletters and porn spam, maybe we should do the same to him ! Put his email everywhere ! :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pho Hung Vietnamese Restaurant

350 Spadina Ave. (North of Dundas St. W.)

I went there with 2 other friends, and I will never come back there again, their service is very poor, and slow.

And they brought the food for me and my friend and my other friend had to wait 20 mins. for her food to come!

And the drinks that we had ordered didn't come right away, they came at last.

In a normal restaurant, the food for all comes at the same time and especially the drinks should come at first.

The other thing that I hate is they only accept Cash! They don't accept any other form of payment except Cash, I believe they do this so they don't have to pay taxes to the government! Why do they get away from taxes??? We all have to pay taxes except people like this!

This is very unfair! And BS.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

XM Radio

Don't get XM Radio! Its shit
And their customer service which is located in the Caribbean in St. Lucia is worse! And they are so stupid

I guess XM Radio is so cheap that can not afford to hire people in the U.S. so they decided to hire people from countries like St. Lucia to save a lot of money

I had tons of problems with XM Radio and my advise is that no one should signup with them, and if you with them you should cancel your service right away and if you are unhappy with it request a refund or contact your credit card company and request for a chargeback done on their charge

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Big Joy Noodles & Congee Shop

Big Joy Noodle & Congee Shop
(905) 731-1208
328 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1A6, Canada

I went there yesterday, ordered Beef Balls noodle soup and there was a small worm I'm serious an actual worm, I will never go there again.

I can not believe that Canada Ministry of Health don't do anything about this!! I am very disapointed.

There are tons of dirty restaurants like this and they still operate, this is BS man, if the Canadian Ministry of Health won't do anything about it then who will???

Please make your comments and advise me.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Direct Group Insurance


For immediate Press Release:

This company is a full scam insurance company, they take your money and when you need to claim something they always make it look like its your fault and they don't cover it.

My car got into an accident a while back because someone rear ended me and they said it was my fault, my home was broken into recently and they did not cover it either, when I talked to them they said this is all listed within their terms and conditions which is full of BS.

Do not go with Direct Group Insurance or its affiliates The Co-Operators

Direct Group is a Scam ! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Don't wait for this to happen to you, act now! Don't make the same mistake yourself, learn from mine!

I had already posted this on Youtube, and to a lot of news organizations.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave your comments!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Humber College

Humber College
Toronto - Etobicoke

I hate Humber College, students just like picking on other students and the students that are being picked on started skipping classes cus they're upset which is not surprising, who should be blamed for this crap? The teachers, vice principal and principal for not doing anything about it or caring.

I have already forwarded a copy of this review to news and media organizations.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

TD Business Visa Credit Card

The worst company to have a VISA credit card with is TD Canada Trust, soon we will explain to you why!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dow's Noodle & Hot Pot Restaurant

Dow's Noodles & Hot Pot Restaurant
Unit 108 Time Square
550 Hwy 7
Richmond Hill, ON

I came here to eat and noticed a dead cocaroge in the luttice that I had ordered.

I immediatly reported this to the news/media companies.

I had also done some research and found out that other people had similar problems with finding insects in their food.

I will no way eat there again at this dirty restaurant.

I also noticed that when things like forks fall on the floor, the people who work at this restaurant will pick it up and serve it to the customer without washing it.

The service at this restaurant is very slow also.

Friday, September 01, 2006 be called

I was on the internet and came across this free match making
site. Decided to check it out cause I like the word free. For about a
month everything was good. Then in may I noticed that went into
my personal acct and debited money for this so call free service. I made a
phone call and spoke to one of their reps and told the young lady that I
wanted to cancel my profile/subscription whatever. She stated that she
would take care of it. I didn't bother with it after that. Time went on
and I hardly checked my emails from that acct because I have one that I use
daily, and I noticed that I had 140 new messages. Never checked them just
deleted it. Now that I'm looking at my bank statements I notice that was still taking money out my acct for a this service that I had
called and canceled. Now when I call them they tell me that they see in
their computer that I canceled my subscription and they won't return my
money that they stole. I want my back......

Monday, August 28, 2006

Wendy's Restaurant at Dundas and Kipling

This complaint is about the Wendy's Restaurant that is joint together with Tim Hortons in front of Kipling Subway Staion in Toronto, ON. Canada.

Following is more information about this Wendy's Restaurant:
Wendy's Restaurants Of Canada
(416) 234-8666
5250 Dundas Street West
Etobicoke, ON M9B 1A9, Canada

At aprox. 1:30am on August 28th,2006 I arrived at the above specified Wendy's location at the drive-throu and ordered the classic combo with my choice of fries and coke with a side order of a large chilli and a baked potato stuffed in chesse and bacon with sour cream and chives on the side and a bacon club classic burger.

As I was ordering the girl who was taking the order named Medhia, she was laghing and yaking to her co-workers, when I finished ordering and drove ahead to the first window I asked how much is the difference in price between the sandwitch and the combo and she said "ofcourse there is a difference" I then asked "What is the difference though?" And then she provided me with the answer, my order came out to aprox. $15 and after I paid for it by my visa credit card she gave me the card back and said "here" in a very rude tone, then I drove ahead to the second window and received my order through a man which appears to be the manager.

As I was driving, I noticed that my order is missing the credit card receipt, I had paid by my visa credit card as I had mentioned earlier and I need the receipt but Medhia had forgotten to provide it to me and I wasn't surprised of this because she was yaking to her co-workers and not taking her job seriosuly while she was taking my order, I then called the above location and advised the manager of my complaint.

When I got home later I noticed that the order is also missing sour cream and chives, I then called back and spoke to the same manager and advised him how fraustrated I am because of this second problem and all he said is "come back and I will replace the baked potato and give you the receipt that Medhia forgotten to give to you", I then advised him that I am not happy with this kind of settlement and that I will contact the head office instead and he said "ok" then he hung up on me.

I am very surprised and not impressed that Wendy's tolerates this kind of a behaviour and let's their employees do this.

I welcome anyone including Wendy's employees to respond to this post and make your comments.

If Wendy's is responding, please include your contact name and telephone number.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Casino Rama - The Noodle Bar

Casino Rama – The Noodle Bar

I was at Casino Rama on July 13th, 2006. I and my family were going to a Kenny Rogers concert. We got to in the casino at around 6:45 and we decided to try the Noodle Bar at Casino Rama. I thought it would be something good to try since it is a very popular hotspot. Once we got in, the owner, who I think, is an Asian man told us to have a seat in a rash tone. We just approached him inside and he said that, that tone of his voice made me walk out and leave! However, I did not let this get away from my hunger. Throughout the evening, he was complaining and cussing in another language under his breath that I could hear. Whenever I asked for a refill of my drink, he would look bitchy and ungrateful. Our food was okay except my cousin Ira who had a piece of hair on his soup. That was very unsanitary! My cousin ended up not eating at all! I was very upset with the experience. He was staring at me too and looking very upset at me for some odd reason. The attendants were quiet eager to have us eat for 5 minutes and leave. They stared at everyone and kicked anyone out without notice. This is the most absurd service I have ever had! My gosh! They should be happy that business is booming since hungry losers like me chose to eat at his restaurant! Casino Rama should have this guy replaced by someone better!

Tim Hortons – Trillium Health Centre – Queensway Site

Tim Hortons – Trillium Health Centre – Queensway Site

I was at Tim Hortons today for my Physiotherapy since I had a Microdisectomy and I am still in pain. There was a Tim Hortons at the Queensway site and I was very happy that I know I can order something from there. I first though I could order a Cheese Croissant and an Garlic Herb Bagel. An attendant named Zuzana was a trainee at this location by the note on her card. However, if I was a trainee at this location, I would care about presence and sterility. When I was talking to her, she was so loud. I couldn’t hear her when she told me that there was no Cheese Croissant and people were staring at me like I am some idiot! I was just hungry! Tim Hortons is one of those Canadian Stores I am proud to have in this city. She asked me for my money in order for her to ring up the order of an Herb Garlic Bagel that is regular and it Toasted. She had her gloves on and she touched the money with it!!! That is EXTREMELY unsanitary. She didn’t bother to wash her hands as normal procedure of handling food plus, like I said she was loud when I she responded to the question, “I beg your pardon?” This sucks ass! I didn’t bother to eat the damn bagel since last week, I suffered from food poisoning and trust me, that is not a pretty sight that I want to see happen again! To think that this is a hospital for god sakes! Procedures should be taken more seriously than other stores!!!! Tim Hortons really made me upset and very very very mad.

KFC – Jane and Dundas Location

KFC – Jane and Dundas Location

This incident happened on Wednesday, July 12th, 2006. I ordered a 20 pcs. Bucket of chicken and two snackers to go. I was very hungry and I was on a road trip to Niagara Falls and I needed something to snack on. Once I got to my motel in Niagara, I opened the bucket and a majority of the pieces were drumsticks! Two pieces have very “unique” features. One piece was red inside and the other had a black ant deep inside the skin. This chicken made me want to throw up upon seeing it like this. The other pieces were mostly bones! For $26.00 I got junk! On the way to Niagara, I was also snacking on my Snackers Sandwiches and they were hard as rocks! If I threw them on the pavement, they would make the ground shake! I am not very happy with KFC’s quality. Before I left, I also asked for BBQ sauce and at first, they didn’t want to give it for free. They wanted to charge me .26 for each packette. What a rip! The only thing that was good at KFC was the BBQ Sauce and the fact that they did not charge me for it! I am deeply disappointed. I have been a loyal customer of KFC for ages despite everybody wanting to ban it. I was left with no dinner that night since I spent the last allowance I had with KFC! :(

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