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Monday, June 25, 2007

ATTENTION: Rogers Wireless Customers

Rogers has the worst customer service

Now you can transfer to another provider such as Telus or whatever and still keep the same number you have!

And because of this Rogers is loosing a lot of customers because of their poor customer service and high rates.

If you are looking to transfer all you have to do is contact the provider you want to transfer your cellular account to and inform them and they will transfer it from Rogers to them for you.

If you don't want to transfer then ill teach you how to get the best deal from rogers! :) all you have to do is call 1-800-268-7347 and ask them to transfer you to customer relations dept. Because you want to cancel, and when you speak to that dept tell them you want to cancel and they will offer you a big variety of great plans or big discounts!

They might offer you a great plan or what's better is, they might offer you to keep your current plan and credit you an X amount of dollars ex. $20 every month recurring.

Do you have any ques? Leave them for me here in the comments and I'll answer them all for you!



  1. thanks for the tip, but seriously rogers is the worst. im paying nearly $40 for a plan that has only incoming calls free and 100 mins with no added features like caller id or anything! and when i asked why im paying so much for so little and my friends are paying so little for more than what i have on telus or bell, they say cause they have a company deal, which is total BS cause they DONT! gonna switch to another provider for sure when contracts over.

  2. Are telemarketing calls from Rogers Cellular driving you crazy? Have you asked them to stop calling yet the calls continue? Have these calls been eating away at your airtime? Are you ready to send a message to Rogers that you’ve had enough? If so, send me your name, cell number and story. We are collecting and forwarding this information to the CRTC and if enough people respond there may be a possibility of a class action lawsuit and / or credits from Rogers to compensate for the abuse of your phone number and wasting your time

    Thank You


  3. We have rogers cell phones that we just purchased in April of this year on a 3 year plan. Is there any way to get out of the plan. We were promised coverage in our area and we don't have it. My husband works in the bush and can't even use his cellphone. Every bill we have received since April has had overcharges on it. Sometimes more than $50 dollars/bill. I want out of the plan but was told if I sent the phones back then they would put me in the credit bureau. Is there any way to get out of this?

    1. call the tech dept, let them confirm no coverage in your area and under those circumstances, they will allow you to cancel and or port out your number to another provider and waive all early cancellation fees

  4. What can I do? Seriously this makes me feel so used...
    I have been a Rogers’s customer for nearly 6 years. I have put up with a lot of bad customer service from them, because as far as I know, they are the only company that I can get a signal with (I live near Stratford Ontario). I had gotten used to calling them once a month to get them to take the extra charges off almost every time I got a bill from them. I had even gotten used to speaking to a rep and having them tell me that they acknowledge that I was over charged, but they can only offer me up to $150 rebate. (They admit they messed up, but they still try to get out of reimbursing me the full amount of what they owe me. Seriously this happens all of the time). The final draw came the other week however, there is a plan that Rogers now offers so that when you are at your home, your cell phone signal goes through your internet. Its $20 a month and you get unlimited calls from your home. Its sounded pretty good, all I needed was a wireless router which Rogers happened to be offering, and a compatible phone. I bought the wireless router from Rogers and asked the rep who told me about this new great plan what phone I needed for it. She said I had a choice of 2 phones, one a Nokia and the other a Blackberry Pearl. I told her I would take the nicer one (since I had been with Rogers for over 3 years and had never gotten a new phone, I was entitled to one of my choice for free). She made the order for the phone and changed my plan to include in home calling option. A few days go by and I get the phone in the mail. It was a Blackberry Pearl as the rep had said. I still had to wait for the router which took almost a month to get to me. As soon as I got the router I tried to set up my home calling zone. OOps guess what... my phone is not compatible for this plan. I called Rogers wondering what was going on. I got this phone for the sole purpose of using it with the home calling zone. The customer care rep told me that since I had used the phone for more than 15 minutes, there was nothing they could do. I would not be given the phone I was supposed to get. What’s worse, I had agreed to a 3 year contract for the home calling zone that according to Rogers I cannot get out of. And to top it off, I’m stuck with a crappy wireless router that I paid $90 for that I cannot return to Rogers. I have left several complaints to Rogers Customer Service regarding this matter. Not once have they gotten back to me in the 24-72 hour period that they claim they will. I have also written several emails to have my written complaints on file with them. Not one of which has been responded what so ever. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? Please this makes me so angry that they can do this to people, and as I had said I have been with them for almost 6 years. Please email me at if you have any advice for me. Thank you for taking the time to read my rant!

  5. Mine Tops everything they charged me a $2000 phone bill for calls that weren't even made? Fishy huh then I was getting charged for texting different countries O.o so we made a complaint and we asked for them to stop our service then the "tech" came and cut our phone lines WE COULDN'T EVEN CALL 911 IF ANYTHING occured in that time that could have been an emergency we would have been screwed ROGERS IS THE WORST PHONE COMPANY AROUND

  6. ROGERS ABSOLUTELY SUCK. I've never encountered such appalling customer service. This company was over billing me for 9 months before I finally got my refund of over $300, no apology, no explanation and no interest compensation. We had been customers for four years paying their excessive charges and access fees. What a joke of a company..AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

  7. Rogers are pissing me off. Four times this week I've had Rogers wireless interrupt me with one of their so called courtesy calls. Telling them to not call is useless as they obviously hire telemarketers for their inability to understand simple instructions. I'm supposed to be on a do not call list but that doesn't make any difference to this idiot company. As soon as my pay as you go time runs out, I'm going without paying any more!

  8. Hi Shock of the day .....I changed my credit card details on rogers pre authorized payment. Customer care rep took all my details. but on 25th April Rogers took out two payments from my credit card ( 109.71 CAD & 1200 CAD = total 1309.71 CAD). When I called Rogers and informed about this they are saying we dont know what happened. I am a bigtime rogers customer but no one was there to listen to me. Anyways taking a different route to get my issue resolved but ROGERS... pathetic.

  9. While my story is not unlike these, I think a few items are worth mentioning. Canadians pay THE MOST for cell service IN THE WORLD! Tony Clement's office is the one to bother. I have had poor experiences with ALL Canadian cell phone companies, I strongly urge all reading this to limit if not cancel their cell service. There is a class action lawsuit against all Canadian cell companies ( and here is the link. "People" like Nadir Mohamed of Rogers, George Cope of Telus Mobility and Robert Odendaal of Bell Mobility should, in my opinion be in jail. Just like the Enron criminals. If you write complaints online make sure you use those responsible names. Otherwise the problem or should I say the injustice remains faceless ands will never be solved. Remember, the afore mentioned people are, in my opinion, STEALING from us. View the class action lawsuit and Google the complaints about the cell companies out there, they are staggering!

  10. I am thinking of switching from Telus to Rogers as people in my area (Essex County) say Rogers gets them a better signal. Can anyone comment on the Rogers cellphone signal vs telus? Also, I bought a Rogers internet rocket stick in an attempt to get high speed internet (not available in my area). When I first bought it, it worked great, now the signal sucks and it keeps kicking me in and out. I complained to tech. support and they keep telling me the same thing ... it depends on how many people are picking up the signal as to whether I get a good connection or not. I'm in a 1 yr. contract. I also tried writing to the Office of the President (as suggested by customer support) to try and get a "plan" i.e. phone, rocket stick and cellphone. NOT EVEN THE COURTESY OF A RESPONSE regardless of several reminders since my initial correspondence in March. Bad customer service is right!!! They obviously don't even want the business or they would contact me. If anyone can comment on the rocket stick and the cellphone signals, that would be fantastic. Thanks.

  11. My son lost his phone and I out her account on hold the customer service girl told me she would do me a favor and charge me $15 a month for this, sounds fair. So i than purchase a phone and called in to reactivate the phone, well they gave me my original contract and the phone just to continue, boy was I happy - only 1.5 yrs to go....but i called because suddenly call display was not working and to my suprise I had a new 3 year contract and no additional features, that i thought i put on hold......they claimed i agreed to this on my previous conversation and it was on my account that i signed up for all my feature removed and a 3 year contract. No knowledge of this what so ever, the girl i spoke too was rude and basically was saying to bad you took the phone (i paid for) spoke to another person now #3 and 2 hours later, I ended paying rediculous price for the phone and got my old contract back.... beware they are criminals!!!!!!!!

  12. On a related note, I think I'll cancel my Rogers Home Phone service. I just got a call that they're cancelling their 15% 'bundling' discount that I was on and only offering a 5% discount if I sign up for 2 years. Gee, how rude was that outbound call? Made me feel bad for the poor telemarketing guy having to call.

    I think I'll switch to this VBuzzer service I've been testing, which is only $50 per year.

    Sure would like to hear comments from anyone that has VBuzzer or other VOIP options in downtown Toronto.

  13. I agree with the person who wrote the complaint and we as customer need to send millions of complaint letters to the VP of Rogers an show coporate that they must revise customer consumer ethics by phone or person and refunds, billing, better selections and exceptions of new contracts that have early broken phones and accountability to those reps who give very bad advice and supervisors, etc...have a better broken and return policies, especially in trace & tracking. Newer better software to making billing more accessible and assign more jobs for people to keep the websites on Roger products more updated especially advertising a cell phone for 3 different contracts and finding out by customer service by phone, the product is not available anymore in production then phoning twice and two other reps tell me the phone is still available in the model but is now only available for our new refurbished /return/broken/policy produres. I was also told that because I called at different times to get info about the phone and order it, complained about the website, the rep said "you can't keep talking bad about rogers even in a complaining way, or they will take offense to screw up your credit or billing account etc...spread the word...start petitioning head office don't call anymore they will only get lousy customer relations to resolve things and they have given me so many excuses why I can't get a replacement phone except by adding a new line or get the refurbished and they sent a cell phone without a backup battery and back casing inside the package. They told me it takes 3 days get it back, called in three days and said they received the phone but its not scanned yet and that will take another 7 days to have someone scan it into the system.

  14. The only way to deal with a company like Rogers is to stop paying your bill. Then you will get attention from customer service.

  15. My rant isn't as extreme as the others but i ordered a phone on june 18th by phone because the people in the store just piss my dad off, so the site says 3 yr contract 149.99$ and 99.99$ for new 3yr contract ppl which makes no sense to me cuz why the hell am i paying more as a rogers costumer than someone whos just starting out but whatever! we ask to order the phone and the guy was totally rude not even caring wtf we were telling him and was like no its 300$ for a 3 yr plan and didnt care that the site didnt even have anywhere posted that it was 300$ 1st of all why the hell would the lg secret be 300$ for a 3 yr contract... 3 yr is the cheapest out of them all the phones not even a big deal i dont even wanna know what the full price of the phone is, for all i thought that the 300$ would be the one year plan full price of phone or something, my dad hung up and called back getting another guy my dad said go on your site because it says 149$ and after about 20mins of bitching the guy gave it to us for 99$ which was good right? yea he said 4 days max for the phone to come it has now been 2 fn weeks and so i call and they say yea ur phone is not coming till july 19th it takes a month for a phone to get to my house thats fucking ridiculous i just am in shock of how gay rogers is, and gurantee when we recieve the bill for the phone its gunna be 300$ so we are probably gunna wait a month to not even get the intial deal when i can walk over to the store and get the phone, i honestly would punch a wall out right now i am so mad!!! also they over charge you for unknown crap i was in nyc never touched my phone i come back and my bill is over 200$??

  16. I believe Rogers policy is to create "billing errors" knowing full well there will be a percentage of people that will get frustrated enough not to persue to correct it. I have had 3 billing errors in the past 7 months, all costing me money. Efforts to have these minor errors corrected were frustrating and confusing. Think about it, if Rogers has 2 million customers, each walks away from a $2-$3 billing error per month, they just made a cool 3 million....everything I'm reaing indicates $3 per month is small, it could be much more.

  17. what a service!! rogers charging you when you receive text message (advertisment)!! and no way to adjust it, they are saying, you subscrib to this service you have to pay when you receive any message. (stealing money in front of evey one)rediculous...

  18. rogers ? a scarry outfit. ordered a pay as you go at yonge/sheppard store, ended up with a contract for $40 per month. called to complain, CS said to get refund from store. went to the store, they refused and said they are a franchise not a corporate store. called CS again, said the same thing. not responsible for franchise outlet....i told them that rogers is rogers, why should a customer care whether it is a franchise....found out few weeks ago that it is in fact a corporate store...ended up not getting refund and a CS officer cut me off and refused to give me the manager's name.
    called to placed a out of town cancellation for two months, returned from vacation, no cancellation, full charges, called CS, no record of call....told me that they will waive the bill, still no waiver..called again, finally after 6 calls...waived.
    i plan to move and called to cancel all services with 60 days notice, 30 days more then necessary, told that i could return boxes at store for convenience, went to store to do same, told that computer had no record of cancellation...spoke to CS, told that it cannot be as if i lied, also said that i did not give 30 days notice and therefore there was a charge of 30 days in lieu of, argues with CS, he cut me of (second time a CS officer terminated call), lucky, the store salesman, felt so embarressed, accepted my boxes and gave me a receipt....waiting for bill....cannot believe what is happening. read telus and other companies complaints.....basic bottom line....we are getting bullied by theses companies.....charges for cable, internet and TV is by far higher then the 5 countries i worked by far the worst.
    ACCESS FEE ? 911 fee ? how can we accept this. reason for access fee (explained by telus) for other infrastructure purposes and upgrade tech support...this means we are paying for infrastructure in sudbury ? inf cost is a phone co's investment, does this mean we are all shareholders? also said that ALL OTHER CARRIERS CHARGE THE SAME FEE. this amounts to price fixing.
    911 access fee ? in which country do you need to pay for emmergency call ? should'nt a phone that i can dial out allow me to call 911 ?
    should be a class action suit against all these companies.

  19. Tell everyone you know to avoid Rogers like the plague!
    My contact expired and when I went happily went to leave them once my horrible service and contact were finally up: for a far better plan with no hidden fees - they still "hose you" for an extra month - they claim that by just paying the bill - you in some way agree to an additional months billing even after your contact expires. Rogers are worst money-grubbing scammers I have encounter in a long time with nefarious business practices similar to a fitness outfit that bill people long after the establishment has closed.
    Never ever deal with Rogers – they worst scammers & company ever. Rumour has it they are in some way backed by Hell Angels finances - and I tend to believe it by their extortionist like practices.

    Tell everyone you know to stay away! STAY AWAY!

  20. I bought a three year contract with rogers and then my iphone got stolin...they say online one year to upgrade....they are full of sh_t.Now they want 499 to replace,even though my one year was up....but they are still running an online add to replace for 99

  21. rogers is got to be the most dishonest company in Canada they tell out that your contract is up on date them when you cancel it's another date so they cann bill you the 400.00 so they can pay the head of rogers the, yes, $16,000,000.00 yes he makes 19million bucks a year by cheating you the rogers customer

  22. BEWARE OF THIS! Apx 3yrs ago, I signed a 3yr contract and purchased a phone for my son who is a student. I called Rogers one day to ask if my son could call in for technical support, but made it very clear I did not want him to be able to add or delete anything on this account. I was assured this would not happen. The 3yr contract is almost up, and my son was able to upgrade his phone, and thought he'd pay for it himself but the Rogers sales rep told him at the end of the transaction that it would just be billed to the account! I find out afterward not only did they charge me for a new phone, they started me on a new 3yr contract and I never approved this! Rogers is trying to tell me I was put on a "level 1' which apparently means he can make change to the account? I told them I never requested this, and asked them to go back to their records from almost 3yrs ago and they will see that I had only requestd my son to call for technical support & was very clear that no one can make changes to this account as Iam the one who is making all the payments! The rep told me they don't hold records from that long ago. The rep told me there was nothing he could do but due to my persistance, advised me he would have this stepped up to investigations and I will be contacted within 72 hours...I'm still waiting for that phone call and it's been 1 week! I'm taking further action on this & I'm not settling. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!

  23. I just got scammed today by Rogers.. they incorrectly billed me last month.. I called in.. they told me to pay the full amount and they'll adjust on the following bill.. I got the following bill with nothing change --- I called them and they gave me the 'we have no record of promising to 'pro rate' my bill (cause I paid the full amount of an incorrect bill last month).

    They scammed $40 from me.. imagine how many people they are doing this to.

    They are the biggest frauds that exist in the telecom industry... Nadir Mohammed is a nothing more than a theif in a suit.

  24. Yup, I am the broken phone/ "upgrade" new contract- thing as well.
    I was paying my "early cancellation fees" in $30 every two weeks, but Rogers keeps calling and me, hounding me and telling me that it is going to go to collections.
    After I spoke to the 3rd" customer service" rep who told me that there is nothing that they can do- I have decided to let the F$%#@#$ take me to collections.
    What is the incentive for me to pay? They told me that they could not stop the phone calls even though I was paying 40% of the outstanding balance in a month. They just want to screw me over, and rack up the airtime with my new provider.
    I was a good customer for 6 years, and this is what I get.
    Why are they still in business?

  25. FYI- You can get out of a contract legally, by reading the fine print on your bill.
    Cell phone providers will often change the terms of thier contract (in the fine print), usually something stupid like changing the 911 access fee. You have 30 days to dispute the contract change which will null the contract. That being said- I am not sure about the cost of phone. Probably still on the hook for that one- but $100 for a phone as opposed to "early cancellation fees" is definately less sour.

  26. Not only do they have the worst customber service on record but their "technicians" are the rudest and most arrogant guys you will ever meet. This guy shows up to install a line for my neighbour, tramps all over my property without permission drawing a "temporary" line which is barely 15 feet over my driveway. When I requested him to raise it to a safe height he became hostile and very aggressive. I have contacted Rogers and e-mailed them and all they do is assign case numbers and send form letters with the assurance that a supervisor would contact me. More than 2 weeks now, no action and the line is sagging even lower as it was secured with duct tape! Has anyone had a similar experiences and how can one get these jokers to pay attention?

  27. In May of 09 we purchased a small High Definition TV from Future Shop, they were offering a deal with 12 mths of free HDTV service. At the end of the 12 mths, I could opt out and take digital service, which is one below high def. I get my bill and what do I see? A nice surprise! Here I am thinking, yes everything is free for 12 mths. No need to worry. First off, the HD converter box they sent to my home in order to get this free HD reception, was the wrong box. Had to go out of my way to return it and pick up the correct one at one of their Rogers outlets. I call CSR and ask them what all these charges are on my bill. She said we credited you for the HDTV converter box (rental), which I am getting free for 12 mths. Normally 12.95/mth. But the actual HD service fee must be paid. Well that's not what we were told when I agreed to by the TV, nor when we spoke to Rogers. That came out to an additional 8.97 plus tax for 3 mths. I argued at length and told them someone misrepresented the information to me and that this was not acceptable. They said basically too bad. Fine. Then there was a Cable TV Connection fee of 56.49. I asked them what that was for, they asked if anyone had come to my house to connect anything. I said absolutely not. The converter was exchanged by husband personally and installed ourselves, simple enough. No cable connection of any kind was performed. Merely replacing an analog TV with a new TV. The rep said, oh sorry, that's an error on our part. Just pay the bill as is and we'll credit you on your next bill. I basically said no! and that I would only pay for services received, so subtract what I don't owe you and give me the complete new total, and that's what I'll pay you, I'm not waiting 3mths for a credit! She finally agreed. I took down her name, date and time of the conversation, and left it at that.

    I can't believe the problems people are having with this company. What prompted me to find this site was when I had gotten the last straw from my brother, who explained his story to me last night when he received his Rogers bill with all these extra charges on it, for something that was relayed to him from a Rogers rep as being free for 6 mths. When he called them to inquire and cancel out of something that is supposedly free, he was told no you can't your locked in to a 12 mth contract, of which the first 6 mths of digital service is free. He hadn't even connected the darn digital box yet! Can't get out of it, he claims. No contract signed! This is ludicrous!

    So I search for Rogers scammers, and here I am!
    Was thinking about switching from Bell phone to Rogers home phone, not being aware of all these problems beforehand. I know not what to do. I believe things will only get worse. GLTA

  28. I am looking for assistance or at least a ton of people who wish to go into Head office with me.
    My issues all started back in February2009 when I called to give them my new address for cell and to book appointment for getting cable and internet(was without for year included in my rent) The kept sending to old address and adding late charges and each time I called it was "looked after" Then out of the blue they added my cable bill to my cell bill which I did not ask for. They would change immedatley I got the amounts and paid online to the 2 separate accouts. I kept getting bills that I owed and spent numerous hours each month on the phone being transferred to get this rectified...told all was fine they see THEIR error. Nothing changed but they kept calling stating that I owed on my cell. I have proof all is paid in full they owe me back all these late charges. Was like living in the movie Ground Hog Day! In August they cut my cell off, I called in they wanted me to pay up the money owing. I had paid all correctly and they were to remove the $60. charge they were speaking of. My contract was up I said DO NOT WANT RE-INSTATE ($50. to do this) I'm no longer a cell customer everyday since August I see 6-8 calls on my home phone. I called and as always you get transferred no less than 3 times and have to re-tell your issue and they told me very simple to clear up FAX all bills and bank proof of payments to their NATIONAL REMITTANCE PROCESSING CENTRE they will clear up within 72 hours. That was September 30 and 28 pages of bills, bank proof and cover letter explaning past 6 months of BS. Meanwhile still getting calls asking when paying. They responded October 22, over a month llater and guess what? "Upon review of your account the payments you made match the payments we received. There was an error back a number of months ago (yes on their behalf) but you still owe us. WHAT? They have been billing consistantly although I cancelled when they cut me off and they expect to date for a phone I have not had $346.81 Can someone tell me if they are dealing with the same issue here? How do I get out of this nightmare. Anyone care to join up and go to Head Office with their bills? email me

  29. Did you know??? If you have a Pay-As-You-Go account and make certain 1-800 number calls... Rogers charges you $2 each plus long distance. But if you are a monthly plan client the call is toll free??? 1-800-555-1111 is the toll free number to Bell Canada Long Distance. If you subscribe to Bell Home phone with a Long Distance Package you can use this 1-800 number to access your client card privileges and get free long distance... BUT Rogers PAYG charges $2. Rogers knows about it but won't tell you!!! I ended up with $60 charge deducted from my $100 Rogers calling card the first month.

    Have anyone ever received a written contract from Rogers Wireless?
    My story. Rogers started charging us calling home from our cell phone (which has always been a free feature included in our family plan when we agreed to a 3 yr contract with Rogers Wirelss in Sept 2006, the year my son started his university.) I renewed my contract on the phone with them in Nov 28 /2008, the sales person's name is Blake, stated that we like to have everything remain the same as before except to increase the sharing minutes to 250. It was all fine until Sept 2009 invoice (my son moved back to school),Rogers Wireless billed us for calling home. I explainged the suitation when I called customer service. Manager, Sherri, told me because I had renewed the plan and the feature is no longer free. I told her we were never charged since the new contract of Nov 2008 and it was shown on the usage record. She added by saying that's because we had a 3 months free calling. I asked her to explain why there wasn't any charge even in Mar and April 2009 when my son called home from school. She didn't answer me but said if I want that feature, I have to pay more. I told her I was quoted the monthly rate with the understanding this feature is included. She said,"No, it's not." I explained to her this is the main reason we signed the contract and switched to Rogers home phone in 2006. Her tone was rude. She further intimidated me by asking me to FAX A COPY OF MY WRITTEN CONTRACT. I NEVER KNEW THEY SEND OUT WRITTEN CONTRACT AT ALL. If she works for Rogers Wireless, I am so surprised she is not aware of that or is she there to help Customer or the Company? I refused to speak further with her but have her supervisor called me back. Jessica called the following day, we went over the story again. No one can properly explained to me why there was a fee charge for calling home started in Sept 2009? She told me standby whatever Sherri said to me and she DID NOT AGREED with me that Sherri was intimidating the customer when asking me for a written contract. She said they will not add the feature back for free and that's not included in my contract. So how can I proof they are wrong? I told her I felt like being cheated by Rogers. They won't have me as a customer after the contract ends. Her asnwer was," Please do so." I am a very honest person, I don't cheat others, and I paid all my bills. I will not allow others to cheat me too. Unfortunately,I still have 2 years contract left. After that, I will never want to do business with Rogers again.
    Rogers had lost a lot of customer back few years ago due to poor customer service. In the long run, the company will pay the price for cheating their customers.

  31. If you are interested in having UNLIMITED local or long distance calling within all US and CANADA incoming and outgoing 24/7 with no restrictions! contact me by email to :)

  32. they told me that i downloaded 7 gb in the 2 days just before the bill date. this made me go 8 gb over costing a fine of 20 dollars. i am pretty sure that i did not even go on the internet those 2 days. they r doing this so that i would change my plan to the express highspeed internet. worst company ever. avoid them.

  33. Has anybody else had issues with Rogers over them changing the terms of service on the rocket stick from a max $100 cap to a $500 cap

  34. I agree, Rogers is the worst.

    Their reps are unhelpful and uncoordinated.

    I received my Rogers contract through a friend's account. The Rogers rep we spoke to claimed that if I got the phone through my friends account I could switch the service into my name after two months, free of charge. The rep suggested this route because of my bad credit and stated that any other way would cost me a 200 dollar deposit. I thought it was too good to be true but the rep assured me that this was possible. So, I agreed.

    I received my Nokia (5310) XpressMusic phone in March of 2009. After two months, I called Rogers, with my friend whose account the phone was set up through, to have the phone switched into my name. The rep we spoke with on this occasion said it would cost me a 250 dollar deposit that would be credited to me after two months of perfect payments, because of my bad credit.

    We told the rep we were assured that I would not have to pay anything to change the phone into my name. But this rep basically said that couldn’t be true and I had to pay the deposit.
    Because the phone was on a three year contract in my friend’s name, I felt I could not morally cancel it and leave her with the debt. So, I agreed to pay the deposit.

    The only way the deposit could be paid was by credit card. I told them I do not have a credit card as it has gotten me in financial trouble in the past, hence, my bad credit. I asked if I could pay the deposit at a Rogers’s store. The answer was no. So I filed a case with Rogers claiming entrapment. This case was later closed without notification or rectification in September, 2009.

    My friend asked her mother in law if we could use her credit card to make this deposit. Though this was possible, I am embarrassed to have had to explain my credit situation to a stranger.

    After two months of making my perfect payments, I called to ask why I had not been credited my deposit. The response was, I had to make twelve months of perfect payments before I would be credited my deposit. Explaining that I was told I would be credited after two months was useless, as this rep told me no deal of the sort was possible.

    I began having technical problems with my service in September, 2009, just after I moved to Ontario from Alberta. My phone would send and receive text messages only when it felt like it. Plus, I could only get reception if I stood in the middle of my laneway and it was weak at that.

    I began calling Rogers every month due to these problems only to get no where. Finally in January, 2010, I was asked to bring the phone to a Rogers store and have it sent away for repairs. Since I have a warranty on my phone, I was told it wouldn't cost me to have this done. But when I got to the store, I was asked for a twenty-five dollar deposit to have my phone sent away; fifty dollars if I wanted a “loaner phone” in the mean time. If they fix the problem they would return my phone and keep my deposit. If they couldn't fix the phone and determine cause of damage to be my fault, they would keep the deposit and my phone.
    Not able to trust Rogers, I walked out of the store with my phone and a stronger distaste for their company.

    I am now sitting in a three year contract with a phone that is not reliable and costing me at least seventy dollars a month.

    I feel I have given them enough optimism; therefore, I will be cancelling my contract, although I am afraid of the damage it will do to my credit, that which that I have been working hard on clearing up.

    When I get the information I need, I hope to be taking Rogers to court for selling me a defective phone. However, it is difficult to find this kind of credible information. If anyone can help, please email me at

    I know I am only one person, but somebody has to at least attempt to put this company in its place.

    Ms. Dawne

  35. I'm not even going to relate ALL the details surrounding my experience with Rogers - mostly because it would fill a book, and also because I have written and voiced this whole fiasco so many times, I am sick of repeating myself. In summary, I have spent over 8 hours (documented) on the phone, only to be led in circles, and then disconnected. The gist of the situation arose when my 3 contracts (mine and one for both of my kids) FINALLY expired, and Rogers took it upon themselves to renew at least one of them without my authorization, then continued billing me. When I finally contacted them and told them I had canceled, the next bill had an early cancellation penalty included. Now the bill they feel justified in sending includes not only monthly contract fees beyond the expiry date, but also a penalty. I quit discussing it with their credit department because they said their records showed a contract, but when I asked for a copy, they said it was at the dealer where I purchased the phone(s). So they couldn't find a copy and couldn't provide me with one, but still felt they could bill me. When I sent several emails asking for a manager or supervisor to contact me - I got nothing. Next thing, the collection agencies started phoning. I've had a belly-full and am considering a lawsuit for harassment and if you could sue for incompetence, I'd be first in line.

    Enough is enough.

  36. if i had the power i would erase the company from the face of the earth and we would all be better of for it. The service is horrible. I hope one day to win the lottery and pay every customer that rogers has to switch to another provider. They sold me the wrong phone, signed me up for a contract that they changed without notification .. when i asked them let me out of the contract they asked me to stay if they could change the rate for me. I said OK but after they charged me the wrong amount again for another three months I was fed up and decided I was done with Rogers. Now they wont let me go because they say I agreed to the contract .. assholes all of them !! To top it off i faxed the office of the president (kept the fax receipt as proof) yet they havent phoned back .. its been over a month now. they continue to phone me and mail me about the bills but of course its only the billing dept. that phones. They say i have to pay the bill to re-activate the account because thats the only way to cancel it .. yet the last time i tried this they soaked me for 313 bux and turned it off again two days later saying i had to pay another 267 or whatever. So fuck them all and i wont be sad when that company goes out of business. how sweet that the stupid assholes will wreck my credit because of it. if you wanna ask me something

  37. Like everybody else on the planet, I hate Rogers.My most recent complaint, of which I have many, is about my Rocket. All I ever use my laptop for is checking emails and reading the daily newspaper.My original contract for my Rocket states that I will only be paying $35.per month. I have never had a wireless bill for my Rocket under $59. The c/s states that their records indicate that I use much more than what I should be billed for. After about a hour of arguing with these people they will reimburse me the overcharged amount. I don't pay the bill until I receive a revised bill. The thing is every that fucking month I have to go through the same thing. retiredrocker2009.

  38. Speaking from the experience of a former Wireless CSR, I have to let you guys in on something that most of you already know: Yup, most of em don't care. It's a job, and they give 4 weeks of training, but that doesn't guarantee that the employee is really paying attention. And also, we never got told the reasons for a LOT of things. Like charging more for a phone if you're already a customer. Couldn't for the life of me tell anyone what the reason for that was.
    Also, giving the name of someone is useless without a number attached to it. There are Rogers call centers all across Canada, and they hire out private companies as well. Plus, well, the average stay of a CSR is 6 months.
    Now, as a current Wireless customer, I have to say that they're annoying as ****. If I'm behind on my payments they'll call over and over again 3, 4 times a day. I dunno what they don't understand about the fact that calling over and over again won't make money magically appear in my account to pay them. However, I can say that they've treated me better then Aliant (Bell) ever did.

  39. I had an appalling experience with Rogers! What I find most exacerbating is that each representative will tell you something different! As a result, I have paid for services that I haven't received, or was paying for services that were supposed to be included in my bill, but were not!

    My last and final transaction with Rogers was over the fact that they were still charging me for a phone that was no longer supposed to listed on my contract. Conveniently, they had no record of this conversation and charged me for an additional 8 months! Previously I had the service on this phone suspended and paid a fee of $12.50 a month until I fulfilled my contract. However, when I first called and inquired about doing this, one CSR told me that they could not accommodate me.

    I hadn't caught on this last mishap because my bills were frequently inconsistent (and outrageous). Once I asked for detailed billing, I happened to make this discovery!

    After arguing on the phone for 45 minutes, they had taken this number off my contract, but they refused to credit me for their blunder! To make sure this does not happen again, I had requested a reference number and so should anyone who talks to a Rogers Customer Service Representative!

    If they contact you and offer you a better plan, they can NOT extend your contract. If you call them to request a different plan, you are then obligated to another term. My last term was extended because of a hardware upgrade- to a cheap piece of crap Nokia that I contributed $90.00 to, and I do not recall receiving any rebate!

    Make sure to ask them to include all the fees, charges and taxes and give you the 'final' amount to avoid any surprises! For example, the $40.00 plan they so graciously offered me would have cost me $87.00 a month when all was said and done.

    After my unfortunate experience with Rogers, I will NEVER be a customer of theirs in any capacity!

  40. ALWAYS ASK FOR A REFERENCE NUMBER before proceeding.

    I do not know how many instances Rogers has called me and offered me some sort of special service, such as three months free calling- only to find out that they had NO RECORD of this anywhere in their files. I would then receive a ludicrous bill at the end of the month because, well, I took advantage of my so-called "free" minutes!

    If certain data is entered into a computer system, then that information would be listed on the account. Incompetence is not and acceptable excuse- this qualifies as blatant deception, at the very least. And, yes, the mistake will ALWAYS be in their favour. I do not recall ever being "under-charged" for anything!

  41. I'll try to make it quick -
    My bundled Rogers bill is overdue. I spoke to AR yesterday and made mutually agreeable payment arrangements. I noticed I was missing a bunch of digital channels and On Demand service. So I call and get the regular screwed up IVR crap so I got bounced around a couple of times before I reached a cable person. I was told we're not receiving those channels because our account is overdue and I should call AR. I told her I spoke to them already and we're okay...then I asked "so I won't be charged for the period of time you deprived us of the programming we are being billed for?" (Drum roll please...)

    You guessed it folks, she said "no you won't be credited for that because your account is overdue." So I asked her "Well, then why I am I being charged late fees? Isn't THAT the penalty for paying late?" She got snippy and told me it has nothing to do with her and to call AR.

    Billing me for it...but can't watch it. Nice job Rogers.

  42. Rogers does have the worst customer service in the world. So, this is how it all began, the phone i had for a week stopped working, and i had to send it back to them. Guess what? rogers told me that they would not send me another phone until they receive the defective phone through UPS. that meant that i will be without any phone for the duration of the shipping process. keep in mind that they have to mail me the new phone!!! I call back this morning to find out that they have lost the defective phone, and I am shit out of luck until they find it! they will not send me a phone or let me get one from the stores. I also have recording of the calls i have had with them. i will publish them step by step. Everyone will enjoy the fact that everyone of these people have lied to me!!!!!!!

  43. $600 to end a contract that I NEVER AGREED TO. I called over the phone to get a rogers stick and never agreed to a contract. They added it to my plan and 2 months later i called and found out i was in a contract. I asked for any proof and they refused. 9 months and still they won't provide proof and i am disputing the charge.

    A bunch of thieves with no proper documentation.

  44. Here is the best contact to complain about your rogers. you will get a direct agent

    Phil Hartling: 416-935-4870

  45. hey there!

    I am on the verge of writting a huge letter to rogers. I have been a cumstomer of theres for over 5 years and have not been happy at all. Just thought it was convenient to have it all on one bill. I have numerous complaints to them and if i could cancel, i would (but theres a huge fee)

    1st all my samsungs have died.(batteries....after maybe 6 months)..and i have not been offered to upgrade at which point I was allowed but they worked their magic and never offered..

    so today..i received a blackberry after calling and demanding a new phone.I was on the phone with a guy on the 21st for 2 hours...and got so excited when i heard my buzzer...

    well when i opened the box i seen a different number on a sheet.

    I called back and they said the man who hooked me up with the phone PUT ANOTHER CONTRACT ON MY ACCOUNT without me knowing!!!

    Now i ahve no phone as I sold my last samsung last night and have to send this blackberry back asap...

    after being on the phone for 3 hours with them I finally somehow got the same blackberry for the same price on my contract. Why I wasnt just able to keep the phone fools me..anyways

    CANT STAND ROGERS AND NOW HAVE NOOOO PHONE, but are still paying!!!!!!!!!

  46. I would like to complain about poor service received from Rogers at 2200 Yonge St, Toronto.
    I purchased a SIM card from them on Oct 20 2010 and attempted to activate it on line. The process was completed successfully (after going back to the same store to buy a pay as you go voucher to load the phone with some air time). I then received an email from Rogers saying that hey couldn't complete the activation and to call their activation help line. As I've just relocated to Canada three days ago, I've been extremely busy, and the first opportunity I had to do this was Friday morning Oct 22. I went through the whole activation process again, but the phone still came up with a "Phone restricted" message when it was turned on. It then transpired that it's a Fido phone, and it would not accept a Rogers SIM card. I had initially shown the phone (which has a Fido label on it) to the person who originally sold me the SIM card. As a new immigrant I was completely unaware that a Fido phone wouldn't work with a Rogers SIM card. This was simply an old phone that had been given to me by a friend and I wanted to buy some air time to use it for a while until my employer provided me with a phone. I would have expected the salesperson to have advised me of this fact and thus avoided the subsequent problems. However, she didn't and I have now spent $20 plus tax with Rogers and have received nothing in return. I therefore approached the outlet to ask for a refund, but the manager said he couldn't do so because he couldn't be sure that I hadn't used the air time. I responded by saying that I couldn't have used it because my phone is still blocked, but he was adamant and wouldn't listen to reason. Admittedly, it's "only $20" but there's a principle here: money was paid to Rogers in good faith and no service was provided. I am therefore very unhappy with the company and with the outlet at 2200 Yonge Street in particular. I would like Rogers to refund me the $20 plus tax and have laid a formal complaint with them and am now awaiting their response.

  47. I called rogers to cancel my services, they offered me a lower price and a free phone and no need to sing a contract, when I went to get the new phone, they told me they dont have records of the previously made promises by ROgers, I called their customer service and the same department with the reference # I was given, I got no where, they fought vigorously to save themselves a few dollars, it was the nastiest experience ever with any comapany, and I look forward to cancelling everything with rogers very soon, people whom are reading this, please report them to numerous government agencies, take them to the court, make them aware they must abide by the laws, make them aware they dont have the MONOPOLY anymore

  48. I called rogers to cancel my services, they offered me a lower price and a free phone and no need to sing a contract, when I went to get the new phone, they told me they dont have records of the previously made promises by ROgers, I called their customer service and the same department with the reference # I was given, I got no where, they fought vigorously to save themselves a few dollars, it was the nastiest experience ever with any comapany, and I look forward to cancelling everything with rogers very soon, people whom are reading this, please report them to numerous government agencies, take them to the court, make them aware they must abide by the laws, make them aware they dont have the MONOPOLY anymore

  49. i live in sault ste marie ontario and me n my wife were told september first that theren towers were expanding and we would get service in there area they dont get service,basically west of sault ste marie to wawa so we decided to renew our contract for another three years entrusting rogers word . Well bend over cause im gettin $%!*&^% its december and our service still sucks 3 ,more years you crooks and im switching do they pay there employees in there outlets to become professional lies or are they feeding them the same bullshit that they in turn feed us very disgruntaled customer

  50. Does anyone have the same issue out there?
    Rogers disconnects my interneté/cable services by mistake and re-instate my service, but as a new customer.

    This means that I have to pre-pay 1 month in advance so I have 150$ less to spend this Christmas. I would not be surprised if they have signed me up automatically as a 1 year contract and when I cancel my services they will charge me for cancelling my contract.

    I can't believe they are allowed to get away with this! I called and the tech is trying to convince me it is not so bad. I remained calm and told her it is unacceptable. She filled out a report for the next level up. No one has contacted me.

    One week later, I sent an email. Still no action. Rogers is stalling until the payment goes through. I was furious enough to put a stop payment on my account but again, who will suffer from this. Not Rogers. Well I have decided that not only will they lose my business, I will file complaints anywhere and every where so that everyone knows Rogers is not a good company to deal with.

  51. I am frustrated with Rogers Communication for their Customer Service - loust calling system. The Rogers store clerk told me that my sister and I could separate the bills because I moved to Ontario from BC. The service refused to do that. The clerk was fed up with them and said the calling service is very stubborn. I tried to do something with the service. Still same. I wonder how I can sue them?? Make sure giving the Rogers a hell??

  52. easiest way to get of your contract is go to rogers website and look at their coverage map. Find an area that they dont have coverage in and find an address that is there and tell them that your moving there. They will have to cancel your contract at no charge/penalty just dont use the cell phone fora bit and you will lose your number, but yo save yourself $500 if you have a smartphone.

  53. These company's will do whatever they want i signed up with rogers for the Rocket Stick.It was the only reasonable high speed internet in my area.I did try Bell but it was too slow.So i checked into the rocket stick and it was priced very reasonable so i thought.When i signed the contract the cap was 100.00 meaning my bill would never be over 100.00 plus taxes of course.The one big reason for high speed was to run my magic jack and for that the computer had to always be on so i put an old computer together and put it in the back room (laundry room)out of site and out of mind.Also had no monitor hooked up because it was not needed.Anyways i had a problem with the first one i got and i had to restart the computer everyday (which still i did not need a monitor).SO i called and got it replaced (next day) I unplugged the old one and put the sim card in the new one and i had to hook a monitor up this time so i could see to set it up.I then checked mess. and there was none so i carried on.Well don't i get a bill at xmas that was $1100.00.So i called them and they told me that the cap had went from $100.00 to $500.00 and it was printed on my bill and i was sent a text mess.So i went and found all my bills and read them and nowhere did it state the cap was raised i then called them to inform them that it was not on any of my bills.I said to the lady on the other end of the phone that if she could find this on one of the bills then can you please send it to me.Then of course once i faced them with this,they said well we know you were sent a text over the Rocket stick.But what i told them about the stick being in a computer nobody goes near or uses they didn't care all they want was there money and they felt sorry for me.So needless to say there is a judgment against my credit fro $1600.00.I do have cell phones with them and they did disconnect them at one time over this but it was turned back on rather quickly.Because i told them this is my only phone and i have a baby and no car during the day and something ever happened and i needed the phone and it didn't work i would hold them responsible.I said further more these are 2 separate bills one for the internet and one for the phone and the phone bill is up to date.I did forget to mention i got this stick July of 09 and Oct/09 i got a letter from the manufacture saying my rocket stick needed to be updated because it did not meet the standards act.I did contact the higher ups at the Fcc and they stated they did not know how it got on the market with out meeting standards and he said he would be looking into it.I had asked for him name and a comfirmation letter that stated it should not have been sold and he said the letter i got from the manu. says it all.It just goes to show that these big company's can do whatever they want when they want all it takes is there money(stolen from us).All in all there is nothing we can do as for me i can't afford a lawyer to fight them and they know this.

  54. Hi
    I am just looking for places to post my experience. I am going to make a point of telling anyone and everyone I know (coworkers, etc) to stay away from Rogers. I am a very careful, untrusting, paranoid person when it comes to companies, buying anything, etc. Buyer beware is my mantra. I do my research, I ask a thousand questions, I get clarification, I know when I hear bullshit.

    Rogers was to cancel my phone after my contract was up. I called them nearing the end, and asked them to cancel my phone for this last billing period (one month past the contract, so I was prepared to pay for an extra month over my three years).

    I drilled them to make sure I was absolutely clear on everything, made sure that they themselves said "Your phone service will end on such and such a date, you will not get any bills dated for past suchnsuch date, you are done, your phone is cancelled, you can use it til this day when it will stop having reception"

    My phone stopped getting reception/working, on that date.
    THe bills continued. I got a bill a month past what I expected. I figured, okay, they probably do this to everyone, I won't get obsessive, I probably can't do a thing about it, it's probably something I misunderstood."

    Then I got another bill a month after THAT.
    So this time I call them.
    They hadn't cancelled my phone. Correction, they cancelled my phone service but continued to BILL ME FOR SERVICE.

    The girl says "Oh looks like we accidentally didn't submit your cancellation"
    Right. So my phone gets no service, but I get charged for usage that doesn't exist, and it's "accidental".
    What BS.
    They straight up lie. You can take as much precaution as you like, be as thorough as you like. it has happened to literally every person I know who uses Rogers - that is, they have been ripped off in some fashion. Both the cautious people and negligent easily screwed ones alike.

    I let myself slip once, by not checking it out when I got that first bill past my cancellation date. Mistake.
    They WILL lie to you and f*** you over. If you have any suspicion they are doing it, they are. Guaranteed.
    That's the one thing you can trust them to do.

  55. unfortunetly I have had a nightmare run with rodgers since I signed up my bill was never what it was suppose to be always 200 to 300 dollars and no matter what I did or how many times I talked to cs I always got oh we will fix it but the extremly high bills always came finally after having enough I switched to another provider told them I was canceling effective immediatly and to send me the final bill oh no problem I was told LMAO well the phone was off as per the message but apparently even tho I had asked for it to be cancelled and for the final bill they continued to bill me for an additional 5 months for a phone that could not even be used and even tho I had made several calls TO rodgers to CLEAR UP THIS MATTER. I was called by collections and completly disrespected and treated like I was a criminal even tho Rodgers is the company who has robbed me blind since I signed up with them and then even after cancelling got me for another 500 bucks. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR ANY SERVICE WITH RODGERS NO MATTER WHAT STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS FROM THEM FAR FAR FAR AWAY

  56. I just have the same kind of bad experience with rogers cell phone. One month ago I called rogers to cancel my cell phone, the customer representative let me change to prepaid phone and didn't talked about any fee. Based on their pirate rule, I need one month to do this transfer. After they got one more month fee from me, I called them today. They told me there is $50 fee for the transfer, it is definitely a trap. They know me will not accept it, I just canceled my service with Rogers, but they will charge me another month fee based on their pirate rule. Why does Rogers like to make this kind of money by setting traps and cheating acustomer? Is there some kind organization to protect us from this kind of cheating company?

  57. I signed a contract with Sunshine Connections for a BlackBerry on January 18,2011 and returned the phone the next day as Bell offerred me a better package. Rogers wireless billed me for $669.72 for cancelling the contract.

  58. I want these SBs in the court. I am fed up with their BS.
    In December 2010 I called them to change my plan. My first wish was unlimited incoming calls. In January I paid a decent bill of merely $28, and I said to myself that Rogers were the best. How stupid was I. In February my bill was tripled. It appeared that the unlimited incoming calls were no more in my plan. When I called for explanation, they said that this plan didn't contain that option, and there were no recordings or notes from the call in December.

    My e-mail is

    On the 7-th of March I called to discontinue mu services. Since I didn't have a contract, I thought it would be easy. So we agreed to stop the services a month later (April 6) according to their rules. On March 31, 2011, I called again to confirm that in 6 days there will be no more Rogers in my bills. They explained that there was no such request and if I wanted to make one, I had to wait one more month. The agent said that he was able to stop the services on the next billing date (April 22). I was very disappointed but I agreed and everything seemed OK. A hour later, I recalled that I had not taken any confirmation number, so I called them back to ask for it. It appeared that the call from a hour ago wasn't recorded either. My account wouldn't be closed on 22-nd. The new guy from the customer service said that it wasn't possible to close the account before the 30-th day from now on. I told them that I didn't want anymore their services and I didn't want to pay the difference for 8 days after the billing date.
    I am really disappointed. I really want to see a scandal with them. I do not recommend this provider to anyone. This is the worst experience I have ever had with providers of any kind of services. I wish one day to see their bankruptcy. They deserve it. If someone can give me an idea how to officially make a complaint against them, I will be grateful. Their tricks are so cheap that for a few dollars they are trying to take from me, they will lose a lot more.

  59. I discovered a third phone number on my family plan I hadn't noticed. It was on the back page of my statement.
    I never used the number and never asked for it. Rogers was unable or unwilling to explain how the number wound up on my contract. The number had no calls logged to it.
    But it took me three years to notice, and the extra charges added up to $1500 over that time.
    Rogers refused to refund me, and told me it was my responsibility to find the error.
    Funny how these errors wind up in their favor so much.
    I suppose when Shaw finally gets their service up, I will transfer my numbers and then tell Rogers why I did this.
    You know an ethical company would not find a reason to keep this money. What benefit or service did I get from paying this?

  60. Went to the yorkdale location had a couple questions and all that was said was to contact customer service. Why bother having a store if no one can answer a question. all the other phone companies seemed to know their promotions and price plans. It took 15 minutes before someone had even approached me to see if i needed help. Had rogers for years and i seem to be getting the worst deal on the market, You would think you would try to keep your existing customers. Well i think its time to go with the competitor telus and removing all existing rogers accounts. home phone, cell phones (3), tv and internet. So long rogers good riddance. GFY

  61. Man...I've been fighting with Rogers for almost a year now. It started when I needed to downgrade my services. They told me it was done but kept billing me for the upgraded ones. I didn't notice until months later and by this time the bill was really high.
    I called them again and now they said my services could not be downgraded until I had paid the past due balance. This balance was now over $1000...for services I had thought I canncelled in the first place.
    THen they started messing with the accounts...turned off my cell, downgraded cable one month, home phone and internet another. I never got a chance to catch up on the bill.
    I've had completely downgraded services for 5 months now but they are charging me almost $400 per month ( 4 services) even though I'm not receiving them.
    Last week I got a notic on the door telling me they were disconnecting all services within 3 days. I called back and told them I had a PAYMENT AGREEMENT with them, but the rude person on the other line just told me though luck, we can disregard that agreement if we want to.

    I'm just going to write to them and cancel everything and switch to other providers.

    A word of warning for everyone : do NOT use rogers. It's gonna end up costing you an arm and a leg...

  62. I have been a loyal customer to rogers for six years going on seven. I am probably there most unhappy customer. They think because i have five numbers i have to stick with them and i feel like im CONSTANTLY getting scammed. My friends have the best plans with them when they start out there contracts. UNLIMITED calling, UNLIMITED texts and 2gb of internet, and they pay 42$ per person. i pay 60$ for messaging services, unlimited texts, and 300 mins. I called them and they started telling me how I have the best plan or anything. They made fun of my english (which i grew up here...) and were being quite rude. I am definitely paying my contract off, because i am not letting them rip me off. They treat me as if i was stupid. They are losing customers by the minute...........

    1. Rogers didn't send me my current bill, so now they tried to charge me $4 for a reprint! Plus they have threatened to suspend my service if I don't pay the bill I haven't even received! Me too - I'm gone the sooner of getting out of or living out my contract. What a bunch of thugs! No long term customer appreciation with this lot.

  63. peter cung,november 06,2012, 7:15 pmNovember 06, 2012 7:07 pm

    my name is Peter Cung.I had pay $100 dollars on July 16,2012.I paid another $300 dollars to a lower store inside a mall .With my mere presence and my conversation wsith a staff and her manager and two seniors officers using their store phone number did beyong reasonnable doubt that I paid $ 300 dollars.Moreover,I did not use my rocket stick during the period of July 16,2012 to now and I had possession of my rocket stick during the above period.Now,rogers collection told me that on november 26,2012mthey took action on my credit rating for 317,41 dollars.

  64. I wanna sue Fido(Roger) for using lies to convince me to buy I phone X and taking 150$ out of my bank accounts without any reason...I wouldn't have got to know about those charges if it wasn't for that notification I got by my bank

  65. I agree Rogers Wireless has poor customer service and high rates.


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