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Sunday, September 23, 2007


On Friday September 21, 2007 @10:50pm I called KFC Delivery at (416)244-4444 and ordered the following:
2 piece chicken combo with gravy also includes fries, salad and a soft drink.
3 piece chicken combo with gravy also includes fries, salad and a soft drink.
Classic Chicken sandwich.

11:45pm order not yet received, so I called KFC Delivery call centre and heard the automated recording saying they are closed.

11:46pm I called the store that is supposed to deliver my order to me which is:
KFC (905) 279-3131
965 Dundas St E
Mississauga, ON L4T 1A1
Store# 1303

And spoke to a lady who refused to give me her name but later when I spoke to Elham “Store manager” she informed me her name is Nagin, I asked Nagin to check on my order because I haven’t yet received it, she asked me to hold and in the background I heard her asking Elham or Judy on the status of my order.
Nagin then informed me that my credit card was declined and that they already called KFC call centre and advised them so KFC call centre would then advise me.

I advised Nagin that it’s impossible for my card to be declined and requested to speak to a manager, she then asked me to hold and in the background I heard her talking to either Elham or Judy and heard either Elham or Judy advising Nagin to advise me that there is no one there at the present time and there are no managers and that the store is closed.

I advised Nagin that this is very unfair and that I heard a women talking in the background but Nagin denied it and said no there is nobody here and she then said “ok I have to go, bye” then she hung up.

I called the store back and there was no answer.

I had taken a medication and was supposed to eat at a certain time by the order of my doctor, and because of what has happened I was not able to eat at that time, therefore I had to make special arrangements for someone to go out and bring food for me from McDonalds.

On Saturday September 22, 2007 I called my visa credit card company and asked them to look into my account to see if there was an attempt of a transaction that was done on Friday September 21, 2007 which was declined? And they said no.

On Saturday September 22, 2007 I called KFC Delivery call center and spoke to Mathew from customer service, and I advised him of this situation, and asked him to look into my last order of September 21, 2007 and check if my credit card was declined or not, and he said no there was not even an attempt to charge your card, he said “the KFC store did not even try to charge the credit card”, I then asked him about the KFC store that received my order that is mentioned above if they had contacted KFC call center yesterday or today to report that my credit card is declined and he said no.

On Sunday September 23, 2007 @5:15pm I called and spoke to Elham and advised her about this whole issue and she apologized and advised me that what happened on Friday night should never have happened, she advised me that:
No one tried to attempt to charge my credit card and they should not have lied to me.
If my credit card was declined they should not have called KFC call center to ask them to call me because KFC call center closes at 11:00pm, instead the store should have contacted me directly to advise me that the card was declined and if I want the order delivered so I can pay by cash instead.
Nagin was not supposed to hang up the phone on me, which was rude.

I come to the conclusion that the store received my order, the store DID NOT even try to charge my credit card, they lied to me and blamed it on my credit card saying it’s declined which is untrue, they blamed that the call center should have called me to inform me but they did not which is untrue because they did not even inform the call center.

Maybe what happened is that the driver had already left early for the day and they created a false story as an excuse, I am not sure.

I asked Elham to provide me with the contact information of the District Manager and she provided it to me, I am currently awaiting for the call from Ali who is the District Manager, I think KFC should provide me a compensation for what happened to me.


*** On Monday September 24, 2007 I called and spoke to Ali, informed him of this complaint and he said he will review it and then get back to me.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 haven't heard back from Ali yet.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 I called KFC Headoffice, spoke to Manojie and asked her who would the next person be that I can speak to above Ali? she advised me it would be director of operations, then vice president then president, she said she will pass my message to Ali again.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 @11:08am Ali called me back, he asked me for my credit card number that I used to place the order with and I provided it to him, he said that they had the correct card number but the problem was the expiry they had was wrong, I advised him that even if the expiry date was wrong then it would show up in my credit card company records that they tried to charge the card but declined because of expiry date is invalid but my credit card company does NOT have any records of preauthorization or charge at all on the day that I placed my order on, advised him that I don't think this is true and when I gave my expiry date to the call center I am 100% sure that I gave the correct expiry date, and the store should have called me to inform me that my card got declined so I can provide them with the credit card info again or I would inform them to send the order so I can pay by cash but the store did NOT make any attempts to contact me and I never received the order they left me hanging, advised him that I would like to esculate this matter to the director of operations and so he provided me with the contact info of Aly who is the director of operations.
*** On Tuesday September 25, 2007 @11:21am called and left a message for Aly.


  1. same thing happened to me .. the people at this store are very bad.

  2. The review details a frustrating experience with KFC delivery service. The customer claims to have placed an order but never received it, and when they followed up with the store, they were given conflicting and untrue information about their credit card being declined. The customer had to make special arrangements to get food elsewhere due to a medical condition, and KFC did not offer any compensation for the inconvenience.


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