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Monday, April 06, 2020 HemoHIM Complaints, Reviews, SCAM REPORTS Reviews

Atomy America Inc.

CEO : Han Gill Park

Address : 33801 1st Way S. Ste #301 Federal Way. WA 98003

Tel : 253-946-2344     Fax : 253-946-2345

I am here writing my review story about this product called HemoHim and all products that Atomy American Inc. sells.

I've been using the product for years and honestly can say that their products had blown my mind away.

I am shocked! I wish there there was a better word to describe it.

I know you are searching if there any complaints, reviews or scam reviews about Atomy products, such as their skin care, tooth paste, and many other products especially the number one! HemoHim.

Why do you think this website came up on #1 top of the search you just did?

Because this website is great and recognized.

I'm going to give you a lot of helpful information on Atomy HemoHim and about the rest of their products.

I'm also going to give you information on how you can get the best LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED for Atomy products using a special code that I have!

If you have any questions, comments, scam reports, lab test reports and reviews about Atomy products or HemoHim, you may post it in the comments section below.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020 SCAM REVIEWS COMPLAINTS

We received a SCAM complaint about Best Pot Delivery,

DO NOT ORDER WITH THEM THEY ARE A SCAM, they will ask you to send them money by interac email money transfer, and they don't ship out anything to you!

Save your money and don't get scammed!

If you got scammed, we recommend that you contact your bank and report it as well as posting your comments in the comments section below.

This posting will be deleted once we receive a report and confirm that they are not a scam.

If you have any questions, comments, scam reviews about or please post it in the section below.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Please.Do Reviews Complaints

Please.Do sometimes frustrates me, they say one thing and later they said another.

I don't know what's going on with their company and new employees, their service used to be much better before but since they hired new employees a lot of them seem to be un-experienced.

Aside from that, they used to be 24HRS before which used to be much better, and now Please.Do only operates from 8am to 6pm EST Monday to Friday, they are closed on Saturday and Sunday, having said that their response is a lot slower now than before.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews, or complaints about Please.Do please post it in the comments section below.

Monday, March 09, 2020 Reviews

AZCaptcha Reviews

AZCaptcha support sux, they never answer emails, Skype or anything.

Avoid AZcaptcha at all times and better look for a better company that answers and supports their customers. is a SCAM

Monday, February 17, 2020 Scam Reviews Alert

I recently found out that Alertacall Ltd, located at 45 Crescent Road, Windermere, LA23 1BL UK, is a business scam. I tried to contact them by phone (0808 208 1234) and by email to no avail.

According to Scamadviser and several other scam surveilling websites, there is a rising number of customer complaints reviews within the past year about Alertacall. The device equipped with OKEachDay button frequently encounters technical glitches, thereby depriving customers of the critical required services. Environmental sensors that monitor home temperature and humidity to within the desired conditions have at times failed to give accurate readings, leading to residents experiencing stress and discomfort. Instances have been reported of failure to check on elderly clients who forget to dial-in for "well-being checks," of which 2 chronically-ill elderly have been found dead in their homes. And, medication and appointment schedules have at times been missed due to Clever Contact failing to send prompts in a timely manner.

It appears that there is a glaring gap between Alertacall's promised services and its actual services rendered. Many clients, particularly the elderly with chronic health issues and needs, are led to believe that Alertacall's OKEachDay technology is an efficient and effective remote health care monitoring device, when clearly many issues have yet to be resolved. Finally, for a monthly fee of £16.99 (exc. VAT) and a £30 phone deposit (exc. VAT), there are other telehealthcare companies that offer the same services for a much cheaper price.

Avoid and avoid doing business with them, this concludes the reviews on

If you have any questions, comments, complaints or reviews about post them in the comments section below.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

McDonald’s Reviews

McDonald's Reviews

We usually don't post positive reviews because all we receive are complaints from our clients to post on their behalf.

Just got back from McDonald's store#40573 located at 16th and Granton.

McDonald's Richmond Hill
1383 16th Avenue
Richmond Hill, ON. L4B 0E2 905-237-6571

Date and time of the order Feb 11,2020 @ 3:56AM.

I ordered just one cheeseburger dressed like a Mac from the drive-thru, I ate it in my car, then I came back to the drive through, I asked the manager "Can you please tell me who made my cheeseburger? Because honestly this was THE BEST cheeseburger I've ever had in my entire life" the manager was shocked while he was looking at me and I said I'm serious, he went to grab the chef "Shubham" with the magic talent.

Shubham came to the window, I asked him if he was the one who made it, he said yes, I said to him the same thing what I said to the manager that this was really the best cheeseburger I've ever had in my entire LIFE!!! He said that he's also a cook at 360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower.

I told him that I'm a foodie and I own an SEO business.

The McDonald's cheeseburger presentation was great, all vegetables were fresh, the burger was very juicy and tasty, service was quick and very friendly, honestly overall above EXCELLENT both by the manager on duty as well as Shubham, it really doesn't get ANY better.

I asked if he's working again tomorrow he said yes and I said that I will definitely come back tomorrow.

Thanks to McDonald's for having such great best employees!


Avoid signing up with, they will take a payment but they will ignore you and not provide you any service at all.

Don't waste your money and avoid paying these scammers.

They don't reply to emails at all, and they don't provide any service, their service is completely fake and it's a SCAM.

If you paid them, I suggest you contact your credit card company and report the charge as service not received, by asking your credit card company to do a chargeback.

If you have any questions, comments, reviews, scam, complaints about or any automatic unlimited captcha resolver online, post in the comments section below.

Thursday, January 23, 2020 SCAM REVIEWS COMPLAINTS

Limeproxies Scam Reviews and complaints

Avoid doing business with they are unethical and their marketing is very deceptive, false and misleading.

They will promise you certain things on their website that are not in-fact true.

Don't believe the things you see on their website as you might not be getting the service exactly as described on their website.

When you talk to them on the phone or on the chat about what they have on their website they will deny it and explain it to you in a different way.

We suggest that you search for a better private proxy or private proxy or premium proxy company, there are many VPN's out there and many company that offers private proxies, avoid LIMEPROXIES.COM scammers at all times.

You may add your reviews and complaints about limeproxies in the reviews section below.

Friday, January 10, 2020

GetMaple Reviews Complaints

‪ Scam Reviews Complaints

We received a complaint review about @getmaple‬

‪What's the point of using Maple when doctors tells you that they can Not prescribe for you!‬

‪Don't rely on Get Maple !‬ and Stay away from it, it's a SCAM.

‪#RT #Retweetplease #RetweeetPlease #maplereviews #getmaplereviews ‬#GetMaple #Maple