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Friday, December 31, 2010

DO NOT EAT at Fantasy Eatery Toronto, ON.

Fantasy Eatery
Finch and Midland
Scarbrough, ON.

3320 Midland Avenue
Toronto, ON, Canada
(416) 332-0288

Do not visit Fantasy Eatery !!!!!

I went to the washroom at this place and saw a lot of cockroaches, I got so disgusted and told all my friends that were with me, and we all left, it was the first and last visit.

This was the complaint review we received about Fantasy Eatery.

If you have any reviews or comments about Fantasy Eatery that is located in Toronto, ON. @ 3320 Midland Avenue, please click the comments link below and post your comments.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

100 Degrees Hot Pot

200 Degrees Hot Pot
650 Hwy 7 E.
Richmond Hill, ON.
L4B 2N7
GST# 843906496RT0001

This is a all you can eat Hot Pot 24 hours restaurant in Richmond Hill.

I and a group of friends arrived at this restaurant 100 Degrees Hot Pot and placed my order, they brought the soup and meats, while I was eating I ordered more vegetables and the waiter told me there are no more vegetables available.

About 2 minutes later, a group of people arrived at this restaurant and before they ordered the waiter told them there are no vegetables available, he should have done the same thing and told me when I first arrived not after I started eating, because if he would have told me I would have decided to leave and go to another hot pot restaurant instead.

Later when he brought the bill I told him that he should discount it because there are no vegetables and even deserts was finished which was supposed to be included in the all you can eat price, and he refused to discount.

Just wanted to let everyone know of this, because same thing can happen to you if you eat at this place, so don't waste your money!.

Thank you.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Cell Solution The Telephone Store

Below you will find the business reviews and complaints about a store called Cell Solution The Telephone Store, Cell Solution is located in Pacific Mall.

Cell Solution The Telephone Store
Pacific Mall
4300 Steeles Ave. E.
Unit B56B
Markham, ON.
L3R 0Y5

I purchased an item from Cell Solutions, its called external powerpack for iphone 4G, when I bought it, 2 days later it stopped working, then I went back to the store and spoke to the same person who I purchased it from and he said he doesn't remember me.

The owner or employee of Cell Solution said that there they have a no refund, and not even an exchange policy !

I spent so much money for this item, and 2 days later it stopped working !!!


DO NOT BUY anything from Cell Solution the phone store at Pacific Mall.

They should have at least exchanged my item, their whole business is cash only, and that's a huge mistake I did paying by cash, you should NEVER ever pay them by cash, or better to avoid Cell Solution store completely.

Any comments, questions, complaint, review about this store ? Please comment below.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miami Telecom

Miami Telecom
Pacific Mall

Don't buy anything from Miami Telecom at Pacific mall, everything they sell is fake, their phones, car chargers are fake and will damage your phone, so yes you will save money buying from them but at the end it will cost you more to fix or replace your device !!

Plus, the idiot guy that's working there is very rude !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

OnStar and Air Canada COMPLAINTS WARNING ! ! ! DO NOT SIGN UP with OnStar or Air Canada
Onstar Subscriber Services
PO Box 1027
Warren, MI

BEAWARE of ONSTAR and AIR CANADA ! Things you need to know before you decide to signup with ONSTAR or AIR CANADA !

I had a HUGE problem today with OnStar and Air Canada, below you will find the complete review and complaint on Onstar and Air Canada.

I will remove this post ONLY if I get compensated for my time that I spent writing this article, the headache and stress I went through, gas I wasted driving to the wrong directions that Onstar provided me with, phone calls I made from my cell phone trying to deal with this issue, and few other things, if you are a rep from Onstar or Air Canada who is willing to resolve this and compensate me you may post your contact info in the comments section below and I will contact you, if this post is still here it means no one cared to contact me to resolve this.

Below you will find the details of this complaint:

On Nov 10, 2010, I rented a Vehicle from Budget car rental located at Edmonton International airport, the vehicle was equiped with Onstar, I used OnStar to get help on how to get to destinations since the vehicle did not come with a GPS.

The way Onstar works is by pressing the Onstar button located right under the rear view mirror, then you are connected with the customer service of onstar where you can talk to them live via your vehicle speakers and built in Onstar microphone, then you advise the Onstar representative of which location you want to go to and they will download this information right to your vehicle, once the information is sent to your vehicle, your vehicle will guide you through its speakers on how to get to your destination that you had requested by providing turn by turn directions.

Today Sunday November 14,2010 is my last day in Edmonton, Alberta so I got into the rental car and pressed the Onstar button, a female representative answered and I asked her to send me directions on how to get to Edmonton International Airport, the directions took me to the wrong airport ! They sent me to a small airport of Cessna aircrafts which is the Edmonton Municipal Airport !!! I was very upset and angry when I found out they sent me to the wrong location after I waisted one hour of driving for nothing, so then I pressed the Onstar button and a male representative answered and I advised the representative that they sent me to the wrong airport when I clearly asked to be directed to Edmonton Intl Airport, I asked the representative to send me directions to the new airport ASAP. and also requested him to contact Edmonton International Airport and speak to Air Canada and advise them that I and my friend who is traveling with me will be late for our flight because of the wrong directions I was given by Onstar, I also advised the Onstar repressive that if I miss my flight I will be taking this to a step higher and take a legal action against Onstar, the representative advised me that he can not call the airport for me because he doesn't have their phone number, I asked him to go to google and find it from there and he said he doesn't have access to google !!! Can you believe this ??? Onstar does NOT have access to google or internet ??? WOW.

So I said to him ok fine, just send me the information to my vehicle on how to get to Edmonton International Airport ASAP.

Guess what! After 30 minutes of driving and following the directions he sent me, I find myself in the middle of nowhere and there is no airport around me !!!

So I press the Onstar button for the third time and I speak to another representative who was very nice enough to send me the right directions to the right airport and I advised him of what I've been through and that I won't be able to make it on time to the airport, and asked him if he can call Edmonton International Airport for me to advise them that I will be late because of what Onstar did to me and he told me that its not a problem at all, he asked me of which airline I am traveling with and I told him Air Canada and he said he will call them to inform them I will be late.

So I called Air Canada myself as well and told them I will be late, the Air Canada representative said that its fine and that there is another flight I can go to which is at 12am, I advised him that my ticket is business class, and asked if I will be put in business class as well, he said yes and assured me there are lots of business class and also economy seats available and that its impossible that they will be sold out, so I told him that I'll think about what I will do and call back.

I spoke to my friend and we decided to go back to my friends house in Edmonton then we will call Air Canada to change the flight.

I called Air Canada when I got home and spoke to Denise and now she tells me that they can NOT change the flight for me, because it was booked through Aeroplan and I would have to speak to Aeroplan in order to change the flight! And not only that but the Air Canada representative Denise told me the flight at 12am is fully booked!!! WOW!! What a great evening, first its Onstar, then now Air Canada! Why at first the Air Canada representative told me there are a lot of seats in that flight then later I hear a completely different story ?!?!? Saying the flight is completely booked and even if I wanted to change the flight I won't be able to do it with them, and that I have to go through aeroplan instead, why are the customer service of both Onstar and Air Canada so stupid and Uneducated people ???

If you or know anyone who had a problem, complaints, reviews, about Air Canada or Onstar then please post your story in the comments section below.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard SUX

Here is my complaint about Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard, it SUX !

I purchased a logitech diNovo mini keyboard from canada computers, , and I'm very unhappy with the product.

This keyboard doesn't even have the function keys F1 to F12, and its very hard to use, and the mouse is very sensitive and it doesn't matter how much you try and fix it or adjust it, its still way too sensitive and doesn't work properly.

This keyboard is missing many keys that are found on a regular keyboard, it will not work well with typing or playing games, a cell phone keyboard is even easier to use than this keyboard.

I wish that Canada Computers will take it back and refund me, but unfortunately they won't.

I don't recommend this Logitech mini keyboard to anyone.

If you have any complaints, or reviews about Logitech diNovo mini keyboard please click the comments section below and post your reviews

Thank you.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Boston Pizza Mississauga

Boston Pizza Square One
35 Square One Drive
Mississauga,, ON L5B 0E2, Canada
(905) 896-4646

Boston Pizza Mississauga Reviews and Complaints:

Below are the details of what happened at Boston Pizza Mississauga during the Fifa World Cup game 2010.
Me and a friend arrived there at around 1:00 p.m. and the game started at around 2:00 p.m. We went early to reserve a table for 8 persons.

Before we sat, we told the servant that our guests will show up around 2:00 p.m., so we asked her if it is ok to reserve the table for them and we will sit there until they arrive; she said that there is absolutely no problem.

We sat and before we ordered the food, the assistant manager came over to us to ensure that our guests are coming and I mentioned to her that they will be there around 2:00 p.m., she said that its fine as long as they are coming.

So, we ordered food and drinks and once we started eating; the manager 'Stephanie' came over to us and said that sorry we will not be able to let your friends in as we are over capacity! and we started arguing with her that why they did not tell us this right from the beginning and why they did let people in if they accept reservations in advance???

Anyways, we were so frustrated and we had to leave and there were two body guards at the door and they were like we do not care if we lose you as a customer as we have so many people.

After all, we lost watching more than half of the game which we were waiting for long time ago.

We contacted the headoffice and spoke to Bruce, who promised that we will receive several gift certificates as a compensation but we never received anything at all, we called the boston pizza mississauga location several times, we had spoken to Stephanie, Jaclyn, Cassandra, Jennifer and they didn't do anything.

I have never ever seen bad customer service like this before, boston mississauga has the worst customer service ever and they hire rude people.

We will proceed to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau at, and other organizations.

If you have any comments or complaints about Boston Pizza Mississauga please post it below in the comments section.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Tai Pan Tours Complaints Reviews

Tai Pan Tours
3668 Weston Rd
Toronto ON, M9L 1W2
Phone #: 416-646-8838
Fax #: 416-749-8221
Key contact: Francis Wat

I arrived at Casino Rama with some friends by car, my friends decided to stay at Casino Rama longer and I was getting tired and wanted to go home and didn't want to bother my friends while they're playing.

So I went to Tai Pan Tours desk at Casino Rama and spoke to the manager "Eddie" and I advised him that I want to buy a ticket to go back to Toronto by bus, Eddie said that Tai Pan Tours doesn't work like that, I can NOT buy a one way ticket to go back, I would have to come with Tai Pan Tours to Casino Rama to be able to return also with Tai Pan Tours.

I asked him why? He said because Tai Pan Tours gets paid by the Casino if I did a two way trip, and if I only do one way then Tai Pan Tours will not get paid by Casino Rama.

So I asked how much they get paid so that I can pay the difference? And Eddie said that he can NOT release this information and I won't be able to pay the difference.

I advised Eddie that I'm willing to pay $50 or $100 fee to be able to return, and he said no that's not possible.

I'm curious how much they get paid by Casino Rama for each passenger? If you have any information please post your comments below in the comments section.

I'm not impressed with Tai Pan Tours at all, it seems like they don't care that I get stuck here in Casino Rama, I still don't have a clear understanding on what the catch is, I personally believe this is nothing but BS.

I spoke with a supervisor at Casino Rama in the customer service dept. and he said there is nothing they can do and its all in the hands of Tai Pan Tours.

I suggest you be beware and stay away from Tai Pan Tours.

That was my story and review about Tai Pan Tours.

If you have any comments or complaints about TaiPanTours or Casino Rama please click the comments link below and post your comments.

Thank you.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

How to get your Ex Back

Did you recently breakup with your ex?

I know exactly how it feels to be in your situation, I know the pain you are feeling, I know that you feel very lonely, I know you want your lover back in your life so bad, and here are some of the things you may have already said to your ex lover trying to win him or her back:

* I am sorry please forgive me
* I will do anything for you
* Just give me one more last chance

And here are some of the things you had done or thinking of doing it:

* called your ex many times
* sent flowers
* threatened her or him

Just keep in mind that none of this stuff above work, instead it just makes it a lot worse, if you did it already then the damage is already done and you need to repair it before it gets worse, if you do anything similar like I said above, it will not get you your ex back but instead it will make it harder and harder.
But even if you did that that's fine its never too late! Just relax

You heard before that time heals all wounds right? Well, its true!

The first thing you want to do when your love tells you they wanna breakup is relax and be very calm and say ok, let me think about this.

Then wait an hour or so and then call him or her back and say that you agree with the breakup and that you also believe this is the best thing for both of you, don't make the conversation long, just say that and try to end it as soon as possible, I know its hard but just do it! This is what's best for you.

After you've taken the first step, you want to wait some time like about 30 days at least with no contact at all with your ex, then after 30 days you want to go to step 2 which is explained at , I highly recommend this website as it gives you detail explanation on how relationships and breakups work and teaches you how to win back your ex in no time.

They sell an e-book as a PDF file for only $35 one time payment that teaches you tricks on exactly what to do in order to get back your ex.

Personally I think $35 is worth giving it a try, its a very cheap investment and can bring you back a lot of happiness at the end.

They also offer a money back guarantee incase you are not happy with the product you can request your money back.

I heard many great reviews about this product and that's why I recommend it.

You may be thinking how you can win or get back your ex, how to reunite after a breakup, and what are the things you should do in order to get your ex back, or you may be looking for sample letters, all these things are explained in detail on how to get back your ex in no time.

If you have any comments in regards to this please post your comments below.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bamiyan Kabob Complaints

Bamiyan Kabob
7760 Markham Rd. Building # C
Markham, ON.
Tel 905-910-1043
GST# 840636229TR0001

This is the third time I come here and ask for the dessert Firmee and they tell me they don't have it. :(

Not only that, I arrived at the restaurant @ 10:30pm and the waitress told me that they close at 11 and that my order has to be a takeout order only as they don't allow dinning after 10:30pm even though they close at 11, which is kinda weird?! Why do they say they close at 11 when they close at 10:30 ? LOL

I told the girl that was working at the front that I called before I came and no one picked up the phone, and she said that when they're busy they never pick up the phone, if I knew I wouldn't have wasted my time.

That's my review about Bamiyan Kabob in Markham, ON.

If you have any comments on this please comment.



Friday, August 20, 2010

DON'T BUY SitCom Furniture

Sitcom Furniture
850 42nd Avenue
Oakland, CA
United States

This problem occurred several months ago, I was hopping that Decorative Dimensions or Sitcom will do something about my damaged furniture but they didn't so then I decided to post this complaint and review about them.

I had purchased some Sitcom furniture from Decorative Dimensions Inc. located at 9033 Leslie St. Richmond Hill, ON. 905-882-1811

And 6 weeks later my furniture was delivered, I had ordered furniture from Decorative Dimensions that they had ordered from Sitcom furniture.

Some furniture that I received was damaged and had scratches on it, and when I spoke to Decorative Dimensions about it, they said they will call Sitcom furniture to speak to Jennifer or someone else to see if they can do something about it, then I waited and no one ever called me back.

One week later I called, and spoke to the staff at Decorative Dimensions and they said that they already spoke to Sitcom furniture and they said there is nothing they can do about it.

Now I learned never to deal or buy from Sitcom again !
If the item you are looking for is not in stock in the store for you to look at and examine then don't ask the store to order it for you!!! Because you never know what condition it will arrive at and if its damaged you won't be able to do anything about it.

If you had any issues with Decorative Dimensions Inc. Or Sitcom furniture, and would like to post your complaints, reviews about it, please click the comments section below to post.

Good Luck.



Who's the owner of all these SCAM sites?

Here is what he said about himself:

"I'm Mindaugas Lipskas, a guy from small country Lithuania located in Europe. I'm custom software developer and web programmer (also called black SEO guy by some people), but I also have many other activities – from writing articles to IT magazines to having parties at night clubs every weekend, etc…" found at

Full Name: Mindaugas Lipskas
Phone: +370 600 21817 (International)
AIM: MindaugasXP
ICQ: 234512785
Here are a whole bunch of customers complaining on how he scammed them:


Everyone is complaining saying that all this software is a scam, does not work, many complaints and bad reviews about them, Don't waste your time and money on stuff that doesn't work !!!

Adsenseboy is a scammer, he built many spam software's that does not work, it's funny that on his website he offers money back guarantee on he says:

"Does the software come money back guarantee?

Blog Comment Poster comes with unconditional money back guarantee. If software fails and doesn't satisfy your needs or expectations, just ask for a full refund and I will buy the software back from you without any questions asked."

But when you ask him for a refund because his software does not work, he denies your request and starts threatening you that if you try to do a chargeback he will send all logs to the credit card company blah blah blah.. which doesn't mean anything, he is just trying to scare you, he does this to everyone!! go through the URL's I posted above and you will see that everyone is saying the same thing about him, he uses that same technique to scare people on everyone.

And the bottom line is you shouldn't get scared, if you did buy from him then go ahead and contact your credit card company and ask them to file a chargeback because his software is not working and let your credit card company know that when you asked him for a refund he did not comply, you may also show this page URL to your credit card company so they can read all about him here.

He also owns a hosting company called , I am surprised that his upstream provider, PayPal, and Plimus hasn't shut him down yet because of all the complaints, If I ever need web hosting I would NEVER SIGNUP AT

Post comments on blogs software, dime reseller hosting company, adult sites poster, scuttle submitter, comment poster, youtube poster, webmaster handhook, all these are scam and will not work.


Please click the comments section below and add your comments, complaints, reviews about ADSENSEBOY AND HIS SCAM.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Desserts Plus Restaurant

Desserts Plus Restaurant
8611 Weston Road
Woodbridge, ON.

Restaurant Overview:

Non elegant
Coke taste like water
Very noisy
Menu doesn't look very inviting, hard to figure out what to order
I ended up ordering "Manicotti Cheese Alla" which is the pasta filled with Ricotta cheese and spinach and it wasn't really good, it was kind of dry.
My other two friends ordered Veal and Chicken Parmigian it was better.

That was my personal overview :)

Thursday, August 05, 2010



Here is a review and complaint about Louis Vuitton that I thought of sharing public with you all.

I left my sandals for repair at the location listed above with the operations manager Ben Bisset.

Ben said it will take one week for LV to repair the sandals and once they're repaired they will be delivered to the location closer to my home which is located at:


I called the Yorkdale Louis Vuitton a week later to inquire on the status of my Louis Vuitton sandals and the at the Yorkdale mall louis vuitton store said they don't have my sandals there and they never received any information from the Toronto downtown louis vuitton store about my sandals.

I called the toronto louis vuitton location again and asked to speak to Ben and the representative at the store advised me that ben is unavailable and so she took my name and number and told me that Ben will call me back.

I waited 24hrs. and he did not call back, so I called Louis Vuitton 111 BLOOR ST again asking for Ben, again same story I was told he is unavailable and so they took my name and number and told me that Ben will call me back.

I waited another 24hrs. and Ben still hasn't returned my phone call yet!! NOT even one person from LV Louis Vuitton cared to return my call, so I left another message again for the third time.

Then I waited another 24hrs. and called again today for the fourth time and spoke to a representative at Louis Vuitton and asked her if she is physically located at 111 Bloor St. west ? and she said no, she is at a call centre handling the calls for that location!!! I explained to her that I called several times and left several messages and till now Ben has NOT yet returned my call, she said all she can do is take another message and pass it on, then I told her that if he doesn't call me back then I will post this story and post it on several blogs on the internet and she said that if I try to blackmail their company by doing this then they will not be able to help me!!! I was so surprised when she said that and said to her "This is blackmail ??? NO this is not, do you know how it feels to call back everyday and keep leaving messages and no one cares to call me back???", she then said that she will now terminate this phone call and then she did which was VERY rude, I thought Louis Vuitton is a reputable organization that will not treat customers this way, I thought they were the best and #1, but it turns out that their customer service is the crappiest thing out there ever, they should hire people with class and ethics not people that are rude and low class that have no manners whatsoever.

I am very frustrated now, not only that Louis Vuitton representative was very rude to me, I wasted lots of time trying to contact Ben Bisset and till now he hasn't yet returned my call, and I guess they lost my sandals and they don't want to call me back because they don't know what to say.




Anyone else dealt with Louis Vuitton and had a problem? please click the comments section below and post your reviews about Louis Vuitton.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Scotiabank Complaint

Scotibank - Unit 38, 420 Highway #7 East, Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 3K2.
Transit #: 45922
Branch Manager:  Josephine Kessler, phone # (905) 731-2381
Personal banker that assisted me: Yijie Tang, phone # (905) 731-4932

First of all I'd like to mention that I'm not someone who complains and have never submitted a complaint in my entire life, but this case was something else.

I have a mortgage account with Scotiabank. It was end of March when I went over to the nearest Scotiabank branch to switch to a fixed rate mortgage for 5 years from variable that I currently have. The branch was located at 420 Highway #7 east, unit 38, Richmond Hill, Ontario and the personal banker who assisted me was Yijie Tang (Personal Banker, Scotiabank). That was a day before the fixed rates were going up. I was given a 3.68% for 5 years rate by Yijie Tang (Personal Banker, Scotiabank) and she offered me a 30 day rate guarantee, even though I was ready to switch at that point. I am not someone who is familiar with the mortgage products, policies and so on, however I did say: 'are you sure you can give me 30 day rate guarantee?' She said yes, that's not a problem I will put a message on your account stating that until April 30th you can get that rate, I even asked her if I should get something on paper, and she told me I don't need to worry about it, it's done. Furthermore when I was in the branch a week following our meeting she still reassured me of the same 30 day rate guarantee. 

A week later when I went back to the branch to switch my mortgage from variable to fixed Yijie started telling me that she doesn't know whether she can give me that rate, later she called me and told me that it's not possible and that she made a mistake, and she is really sorry, while the rate meanwhile has gone up from 3.68% to 4.5%. The next day I had a meeting with the branch manager, her name was Josephine Kessler (Branch Manager, Scotiabank) and she appeared to be a temporary branch manager there as the usual one was on extended leave of absence. 3 of us had a conversation including Yijie who was present and she knew that she promised me that rate at 3.68% for 30 days, however branch manager (Josephine Kessler) started telling me that she didn't put it on paper and therefore it's not valid and they can't give me that rate. I was really shocked to hear her response in particular the way she put it, furthermore them knowing that they made what appears to be a big mistake by guaranteeing me that rate of 3.68% they offered no solutions nor any help, and later after our meeting 2 of them had a 15 minute meeting (Josephine Kessler and Yijie Tang) behind closed doors, Josephine Kessler in the end told me that Yijie Tang never offered me that rate guarantee to begin with. It's shocking for me to see that there are people that work in a financial institution in Canada where they can collaborate and agree on the plan to deny what they offered me simply because they didn't put it on paper (I guess I should bring a tape recorder next time I do anything at Scotiabank).

 Instead of admitting their fault and mistake in this situation and try to resolve it promptly Josephine Kessler (branch Manager) just went on denying everything all together. I also know this based on the report they submitted to Office of the President where Josephine said that I came in to discuss the rate (not to switch), and therefore they never offered me that rate, nor the guarantee. By teaming up behind closed doors and agreeing to deny it all together as oppose to admitting their fault they know that Scotiabank employees even at the office of the president will stand up in the interest of its employees not its customers, and obviously will believe 'Branch Manager' as opposed to 'some' customer, especially the one that had NOTHING in writing and no witnesses.There is more to it, but I won't waste your or my time. I am currently in process of switching my mortgage to TD bank and paying the penalty out of my pocket just to break my mortgage so I never have to deal with Scotiabank again. I will be taking further action with this case, as it simply can't go unnoticed.

It is unfortunate that there are dishonest people such Josephine Kessler (Branch Manager, Scotiabank) and Yijie Tam (Personal Banker, Scotiabank) that work in this financial institution.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cafe St Louis Restaurant complaints

Cafe St Louis
Las Vegas Restaurant
Inside the Paris Hotel Las Vegas

I ordered pasta with chicken, chicken was very dry because it was over cooked and old as well.

I did eat the pasta and not the chicken, I did tell the waiter about it later not at the start because I'm not going to wait another 30 minutes till they cook me a new dish when my family had already all finished their meals.

The waiter did not offer a replacement or anything.

That's all I have to say, just wanted to share my comments with you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MHT Architect Complaints - Markham Hightect Architects COMPLAINTS

MHT Architect - Markham High Tech Architects SCAM - COMPLAINTS - REVIEW
Markham Office:
56 Cornell Park Avenue, Markham, Ontario, Canada L6B 1B5
T: 905.472.5802 F: 905.471.1529 -
Niagara Office:
235 Victoria Street, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada L0S 1J0
T: 905-472-5802 -
 Gabriela Lopez Forte AND LEED AP

This company is a scam, don't ever do business with MHT Architect - Markham High Tech Architects.
There are things that they won't tell you about, you might think they these things are included in the price you are paying them, and at the end they will tell you no.. these things are extra $$$ so if you don't ask they won't tell you, and if you are new and don't know what to ask, then how are you going to ask???
I would recommend you go with a better Architect company, just do a search for architect Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Concord, North York, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Whiteby. Mississauga, Woodbridge, Brampton.
Don't fall in a trap like how I did, you might think MHT Architect is cheap and offer you low rates but they are a scam and at the end they are very expensive.

Don't just read this and then decide to signup with them, be a genius and learn from others mistakes, there are tons of other companies out there, don't be so desperate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jewelry Auction

The Waterside Inn
15 Stavebank Road South
Mississauga, ON. L5G 2T2

They also have this sometimes at Sheraton Richmond Hill.

I smell something fishy about this place, they say its jewelry auction and they sell confiscated assets from narcotic dealers and others for violation of laws.

and at the bottom of the other side in fine print says "Auction is not affiliated with any government agency".

Any other comments ?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toyota Recall

Toyota suspending sales of 8 models in accelerator recall

Toyota Motor Co. is suspending Canadian and U.S. sales of eight recalled vehicle models to fix accelerator pedals that stick.

Toyota says it's halting production at five manufacturing facilities including Corolla, Matrix and RAV4 production in Canada for the week of Feb. 1 as part of the plan.

There are 2.3 million vehicles in the U.S. and about 270,000 in Canada involved in the recall!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Online RX Pharmacy

I had many problems with online pharmacies, I was scammed by several pharmacy websites, they all promise you that they will ship you the medication pill and at the end they don't ship you shi*
Then finally I heard about this website and I gave it a try, I was very happy when I actually received the meds that I ordered, and their meds are effective, I would totally recommend for rx and non rx meds such as viagra, ativan, valium, and more.

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Metro Dominion Richmond Hill Major Mac and Bayview

1070 Major MacKenzie Drive East
Richmond Hill, ON.
L4S 1P3‎
(905) 770-1400‎

I hate to shop at this location at night, every time I go there at night I never see a cashier standing in the self checkout area, and when I scan something and the machine gets stuck sometimes and says "please wait" because the item that I scanned is not in the system, guess what! There is no cashier to reset the machine.

Today is the last time I'm going there, I waited 15 minutes till she showed up.

Customers shouldn't have to wait, its a self checkout and it should operate fine, if they can't make it operate fine then they should have a cashier there always beside it to fix it, I should have just walked out with the items without paying.

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