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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Boston Pizza Mississauga

Boston Pizza Square One
35 Square One Drive
Mississauga,, ON L5B 0E2, Canada
(905) 896-4646

Boston Pizza Mississauga Reviews and Complaints:

Below are the details of what happened at Boston Pizza Mississauga during the Fifa World Cup game 2010.
Me and a friend arrived there at around 1:00 p.m. and the game started at around 2:00 p.m. We went early to reserve a table for 8 persons.

Before we sat, we told the servant that our guests will show up around 2:00 p.m., so we asked her if it is ok to reserve the table for them and we will sit there until they arrive; she said that there is absolutely no problem.

We sat and before we ordered the food, the assistant manager came over to us to ensure that our guests are coming and I mentioned to her that they will be there around 2:00 p.m., she said that its fine as long as they are coming.

So, we ordered food and drinks and once we started eating; the manager 'Stephanie' came over to us and said that sorry we will not be able to let your friends in as we are over capacity! and we started arguing with her that why they did not tell us this right from the beginning and why they did let people in if they accept reservations in advance???

Anyways, we were so frustrated and we had to leave and there were two body guards at the door and they were like we do not care if we lose you as a customer as we have so many people.

After all, we lost watching more than half of the game which we were waiting for long time ago.

We contacted the headoffice and spoke to Bruce, who promised that we will receive several gift certificates as a compensation but we never received anything at all, we called the boston pizza mississauga location several times, we had spoken to Stephanie, Jaclyn, Cassandra, Jennifer and they didn't do anything.

I have never ever seen bad customer service like this before, boston mississauga has the worst customer service ever and they hire rude people.

We will proceed to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau at, and other organizations.

If you have any comments or complaints about Boston Pizza Mississauga please post it below in the comments section.


  1. I work at Boston pizza and a friend of mine received this post to their email, im not gonna say who I am that's for sure, but all I gotta tell you that I feel the customer who complained is right and they were treated unfairly, here at our location in mississauga we have rude people and especially managers working and they don't care at all about customer service, I am looking for another job currently and as soon as I find one I will quite from here, I can't wait to leave

  2. I completely agree about boston pizza mississauga, their staff are very rude and they don't care.

  3. The people @ Boston Pizza are very very rude!! Avoid that location at all times.

  4. I work for pizza hut, I am thankful for finding this info! I will be passing this to our management for sure. :) they would be very interested in something like this.. reviews for boston pizza.

  5. I also had a very bad experience with Boston Pizza tonight in Cambridge, ON. This is my experience, and to which I now understand why so many Boston Pizza places are in terrible shape, and why not many people are in the dining rooms anymore. Please feel free to comment.

    My wife and I were not greeted when we first came in. We had to stand there for at least 3 minutes before we were finally greeted and seated. The restaurant was not busy at all. When we left to pay for our bill, we had to wait because the waitress was busy, and the other girl at the front desk said we had to wait for that waitress. We waited, and when that waitress finally came over, the girl behind the desk finally went to put the charge through. The charge ($47.19) was attempted on my credit card, but then was declined. I was like what? There is money on the credit card, so I called the credit card, and the rep told me that they were trying to put $61.34 on my credit card. I went back to the girl and said to her you are putting through $61.34 on my credit card, and she flat out denied it. So I said try to put it through again at the right amount of $47.19. The charge was denied again, and my wife tried again on hers, and it was also denied. So I called my credit card again, and asked them again to tell me what the charge was again, and they again told me $61.34 both times, and so I asked my credit card company on the phone again. This is now 3 times. I then went back to the girl, and told her that she charging $61.34 again, and again she denied it, and I started yelling at her. She went and got her boss as I talked to my credit card company. Then, the boss came out, and I asked him why they were charging my credit card that much. He said oh this is how our bank charges as a pre -auth for a certain amount, and I said no you can't do that. I then told him put the right amount ($47.19) split between my credit card and my bank card, and he said I would try. I started getting angrier and he said listen to me for one moment so that I can explain. I said I am tired of your excuses and this is the last time I will ever come here again, and I will be making a complaint to your head office. I was so frustrated that I turned back to the credit card company rep, and she told me what they were telling me is false, and that they are not allowed to do that as it is illegal to put a pre-auth on my credit card above the amount posted on the bill. I then yelled at the manager, and told him you are not allowed to do what you are doing. He told me to get out, and never come back as I started talking to my credit card company again on the phone. My credit card company also told me what the restaurant doing is illegal, and suggested for me to report it. A formal complaint has been sent to the credit card company, the head office of Boston Pizza, the complaints board, and will be forwarded to the Better Business Bureau. I will never step inside another Boston Pizza in my life. As they say good riddance to bad rubbish. Thanks Cambridge Ontario Boston Pizza for ruining my evening.

  6. Had a terrible experience there recently. Went there to see the UFC fight. Was seated early as I anticipated it would be packed, around 8 pm. Ordered dinner (approx $45 for me and my guest). The waitress asked if I was here to see the fight, I replied yes. At 10 pm, I was advised that I had to order another $20/person if I wanted to stay to watch the fight! I was disappointed and shocked that they asked me this. The waitress then asked for the manager to come to my table. She then made an exception that as long as I ordered 'something', that I would be able to stay. So my wife and I agreed.

    It is quite ridiculous that I was told that I need to order another $20/person after just finishing dinner. As mentioned, the waitress did ask if i was here to see the fight, and I said yes. She didn't say anything about having to re-order at 10 pm. If I had known, I would have ordered my dinner at 10 pm.

    The manager (don't recall her name, but it was a Caucasian woman) said that they had this policy for the past 4 years. I advised her that I was at this BP location about a year ago and they never had that policy. She then told me that she worked there for about a month and that she was 'told' about the 4 year duration of the policy. That's pretty BS if you asked me. She makes a claim, without knowing the truth.

    Although the service was friendly, I asked for a refill for my coffee and it took like 25 minutes to come. I know it's busy, but waiting 25 minutes for a coffee refill? Well at least I didn't have to remind the waitress for the refill.

    The BP at Warden/Steeles (in Markham) is a dump now. When I went there before, there were no security guards. There were 2 of them this evening. The staff less friendly and feel like they're just there to enforce company rules rather than focusing on great customer service.

    I'm not sure If I would ever come back. It's sad. Lost my trust. I do go there from time to time during lunches, birthdays, work functions but likely not anymore.

  7. I work for another restaurant near by.. good to know what kind of service these guys have.. I'll be sure to show this to anyone who tries to compare us with them :D

  8. My wife and our 2 year old were in the path of cold air from the door. During our last two visits, the highchair was filthy and this visit was no different.
    Our "Rustic Italian" pizza barely had any tomatoes on it compared to other BP's we have visited. We asked our server for more and he complied.

    Our toddler's "bug's & cheese" was without it's alfredo sauce. It was sent back.

    While paying by "debit card" the unit said "approved" and then showed an error code. The server told me that this happened before and he would check to see if it went through. He confirmed it did.
    However, once I got home I checked my online bank transactions and was charged %58.15 twice.

    I called the Orleans (#423)and spoke with Brian Karell. He confirmed I paid twice. He then told me that it would take 5 to 10 working days to credit back my debit card. This is too long to wait and is unacceptable.I was not even offered any type of compensation such as a gift certificate for our disappointing dinner experience.
    Needless to say, we plan on avoiding this BP and will get our pizza at Gabriel's.

    I also plan on forwarding my complaint to Interac and ask them why BP cannot credit back my card immediately.

  9. BP Waterloo is no better. Very rude and incompetent staff. Ordered food for delivery and waiting the indicated hour only no food came. Called them and they said they sent the food, should be any minute. Fifteen minutes later, no food. We live 5 minutes walking distance from the restaurant. Another phone call = still no food and not much of an apology. Never order food here, it is also located next to the municiple dump...eww. Glad the food never came. We got better food down the road away from the dump

  10. Boston Pizza burnaby took our gift card and told us it was empty but did not return it to us and said they threw it out. Burnt calamari and yam fries.
    Poor customer service.

  11. Boston Pizza Lac la Biche, Alberta
    November 4th 5th and 6th,2012
    Order time: 7pm Delivery time:9 pm
    No baked potatoes 3 nites in a row, no vegtables on the 6th. Pizza is being under cooked.... this is a very busy place. Management should relook at there pediction chart. Potatoes do not take 2 hours to bake. Vegtables????? please. The working men away from home need to have good hot meals. With no worries of getting under cooked, and no no no choices. Shame on your management.
    Boston Pizza should be the same world wide?????? Coast to coast. If I am waiting for my food for over 2 hours it better be good.
    Not happy.

  12. Boston Pizza Bow Trail 1313 33st. Sw Calgary Alta (403)242-6666. The pizza was a rock hard and like cardboard. It was cold. The terrika chichen was mostly rice and not cooked.The food looks inedible and hardly had any taste.It was also expensive and we could of got two boxes of Kuntucky Fried Chichen or even better frozen pizza's from a grocery store! The delivery man cound't even find our house even though he had the correct adress. My husband was angry but when he complained to the manager he was not respected or heard. We will not ever get pizza here again. Thankyou.My husband name is Frank (587)888-2453.

  13. I just went to Boston Pizza on Fathers day at Vaughan Mills. What a disaster. My wife and two children and me were there. We all ordered our meals. My childrens meals came first and it sat there, because we had no cutlery. I finally hailed a waitress down. Not the one that took the order, who knows where she went. My wifes meal came when the childrens meal was almost done. I had to hail another server down for cutlery again. She came back with and asked is everything okay now. I said no I have not recieved my order. She said ill check on it ill be right back. She came right back, and told no order was placed and asked what was my order was again? I replied, a hamburger. She came back by now everyone one had to watch me eat, and guess what NO CUTLERY. I hailed another person down i said can i get a fork or something. She came back with just a fork. I asked whats going on with this service. She replied, Sir we are sorry but are busy. I thought what are you talking about theres not that much people here. We left and did not leave a tip near the exit we were asked if we were unsatisfied with the service and why? I asked my wife to leave with the kids I will meet you in the car. When my wife left I turned around and aswered GO F YOURSELF

  14. I had a terrible experience at Boston Pizza Mississauga. I ordered a pizza and it was completely burnt, almost inedible. When I brought it to the attention of the server, they seemed uninterested and didn't offer to replace the pizza or give any sort of compensation. On top of that, the service was extremely slow and it took over an hour to receive our order. I was highly disappointed and would not recommend this location.


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