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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scotia Bank complaint

Location: Yonge & Hillcrest
5075 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON.
M6N 6C6

These people are very hard to deal with, they are not easy at all, they are very difficult people, I got a certified draft from them yesterday and I took it to TD bank to have it deposited and when my bank tried to verify it with them it took forever, I was waiting at my bank for 2 hours! YES two full hours, don't waiste your time and don't go with Scotia Bank.

I was at TD bank at 11:30am today and I asked them to deposit the draft for me into my account and they had to get an approval from Scotia Bank, so they faxed the draft along with the authorization form to Scotia Bank then TD called scotia bank to let them know its faxed so they can work on it.

The employee at Scotia bank said that they can NOT verify it, it needs to be verified with the Scotia bank employee who made the draft and that she is currently on lunch and will be back in 30 minutes.

So I left the branch and came back at 12:00pm, and still there is no fax from Scotia bank, so the reps at TD called Scotia to find out the status and Scotia said they are very busy and that they need to wait!!

So we kept on waiting.

At 12:30pm still no fax from Scotia, so TD called Scotia again and scotia said the fax was already sent when it wasn't actually sent! The Scotia employee lied.
So TD advised Scotia that they did not receive the fax and asked Scotia to fax it again.

At 1:00 still no fax from Scotia so I called this time and I spoke to Yan which claimed to be the customer service supervisor and he said the fax was already sent at 12:00pm, while still talking with Yan on the phone at aprox 1:15pm fax received from Scotia finally.

Thanks so much to Vishal and Sabrina at TD Canada Trust 8889 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON. L4C 6Z1, they helped me a lot and they were very very patient.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal should be called UNreliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal Services
5659 McAdam Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1N9
Owner's name: Terence Wong
Telephone: (905) 712-8887
FAX: (905) 712-2161
After hours emergency: (416) 618-7628

Services they provide:
mortgage financing
power of sales
capital gains
employee relocations
estate settlement
assest divisions
assessment reviews
pre-purchase and pre-sale

1. These people make so many mistakes it is unbelievable!!! When the bank looks at their appraisal report most likely they will decline your mortgage application because of the mistakes this company makes, they make too many mistakes its hard for me to explain and list them all, they misspell a lot of things and make mistakes in your property address and lots of other things, people that work in such business should be 100% perfect in their appraisal reports but these people are not.

2. Also, another thing, they appraise your property much lower than the value of it, so when the bank looks at their appraisal report, they might base your mortgage lending amount based on the appraisal instead of the actual property sold amount, that is if they approve you! As I've said they make way too many mistakes and it is very unprofessional.

3. When you the buyer or seller pays Reliable Appraisal to appraise your property, reliable appraisal will NOT send the appraisal report to you or give you a copy of it, they tell you that they can only send it to your bank! This does NOT make any sense!! If you the seller or buyer the one who paid for this why can't you have it?? It's not like the bank is the one who paid for it!?!?

I would consider this company very unprofessional, I do not recommend this to anyone at all, and you will just waste your money at the end with them, they have a very funny business name called Reliable Appraisal because they are the total opposite, their name should be Unreliable Appraisal.

If you have any questions about this company or any comments please feel free to post them in the comments section.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Antosha - formerly called "World of Pastries"

Business details:

formerly called "World of Pastries"
Cafe, Pastry shop, Bakery
5986 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON.
M2R 1Z1
Bathurst and Cedarcroft (Royal Bank Plaza) and (shoppers drug mart plaza)
European and Russian cakes, custom-made wedding cakes, cakes and pastries for all occasions, baked goods

On Sunday June 1, 2008 at 8:15pm I called the above mentioned business and spoke to someone who claimed to be the owner, I asked him what time they close and what kind of cakes they have left and advised him that I'm looking for a birthday cake.

He informed me that they have all cakes available on display and they close at 9:00pm, I advised him ok and that I will be there at 8:30pm to select a cake, he said ok.

I arrived there at 8:30pm with my friends and we saw there was a blonde lady that was taking all of the cakes off the shelves, I advised the lady that I called earlier and spoke to the owner about the cakes and he said that you have a variety of cakes available on display, she said yes and that she had already took them off the shelves and asked me for the name of the cake that I want.

I advised that I don't know the name, there are about 20 different kinds of cakes and I want to see all of them so me and my friends can select one, I also advised her that the owner advised me that you close at 9:00pm and its only 8:30pm and that all cakes should be on display and that he had confirmed that all cakes are on display before 9:00pm, she answered by saying "well then come back tomorrow", I said that we can't because the birthday is today!!!

She said "I don't care".
I asked her for her name and she said her name is "Pidaras".

I advised her that I'm not being unfair and that she is being unfair, I asked that she either shows me a catalog of their cakes or brings them out so I can select which one, I came all the way to the store from far away and the store owner told me to come, she said no she doesn't feel like bringing them out and that I should leave the store.

I left the store and I will NEVER ever go back there again, the people that works at this place are very bad people, they are not nice at all and they are a bunch of mother fu*kers and liars.

Do NOT ever go to Antosha or World Pastries, they are rude and dirty low class people.

The pidaras there was very rude and I will pursue this complaint until she gets fired from this place, I will probably go back there tomorrow and ask to see their business license and other public documents.

Anyone has any suggestions or comments in regards to my complaint or about this business? Please post them in the comments section of this post.


Monday, May 05, 2008

VOIP gtom Zingo Telecom Inc

I sign up for VOIP gtom Zingo Telecom Inc on Feb 14th 2008. They changed my assigned number 4 times. Once they given my number I could never recieve incoming calls and there were 8 tickets in their sysyem to fix it and never fixed.

I was offered 30 day money back guarantee and never kept their word on it. Now when I called in for cancellation...Though I sign up on month to month basis now they want to charge me another $39.95 and also wants me to ship their modem on my expenses if not they charge me another $99.00 for that....

What I am looking is retun my$$$$ and send me post paid envelope to send their modem back.....

Sadest pary of all this I couldnt even speak to higher Authority for fixing my problem.

But here is a company that I found much better than gtom Zingo Telecom and vontage, it gives you unlimited calling to all US and Canada for only $19 a month! they also offer unlimited international calling as well! and the best part is I never EVER experienced any problems with their service or any outages and I've been with them for over 2 years so far.
Click the banner below to signup:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


There is a person who names himself PowerHunters, he is listed on,, and other websites.

Becareful from this person, he tricked me and he might trick you too.

He is a very sneaky person, he asked me to goto a website to make a payment and said the product that I'm looking for will be sent to me, but it wasn't, he took my money and never gave me the product, then what he did is retracted the bid and removed himself from the list of bidders so that way I do not leave a negative review on his profile.

I wonder how many people he had screwed, because once he tells you to make payment and you do then he removes his bid there is nothing you can do!!

Don't get scammed like how I did, I warn you from this devil!!

And what I suggest is you email the webmaster of the websites he is on and let them know of this public complaint about him so that they will ban him and he will learn not to ever scam anymore.

Friday, April 04, 2008

WebServe Canada

Webserve Canada
Name of owner: Ali Mozaffari
Postal Address:
WebServe Canada 1000 Roosevelt Crescent Suite 235 North Vancouver BC V7T 1M3 Canada
Phone: 604-904-0926
Fax: 604-904-0927

Webserve Web hosting is a scam And they keep emailing me notices to send them a payment even though I'm not their member.

I've asked them several times to remove my email from their records and they replied asking me to go on their website to fill out a cancellation form which I declined to do because in the cancellation form it asks for my info and I don't want to give them my info, they probably do this so they can get the rest of my info and maybe do identity theft! So I told them that I never signed up and therefore it’s not my responsibility to fill out this form and they should do what I requested and cancel the account and this is the way they responded to me:

"If you didn't sign up with Webserve I need to alert Paypal and the RCMP Fraud Squad that someone is fraudulently using your name and information. We have the ISP location of the person who ordered the services and we will give that information to the RCMP as well you should make sure your identity hasn't been stolen. If you did sign up with Webserve our email system is automated and will keep emailing you every day until we receive the cancellation request form. If you don't want to fill in the form please send me your account password and I will cancel your account for you. You won't have to fill in the form and the emails will stop."

All I can say is Wow! They try to scare you and threaten you saying if you don't do what they asked then they'll contact rcmp and paypal fraud, etc..., And that the emails will be sent to me forever until I do what they say, And I bet you that lots of people fall for that crap and do what they say.

This is clearly an illegal practice and we should all report this company to phonebusters, RCMP and their local police office.

This is very unprofessional of them to respond with such rude wrong response and they should comply when someone asks them to have their email removed.

I suggest you don't signup with this company, you will regret it later, there are millions of hosting companies out there, you don't need this one plus their prices are very expensive too.


Airtel Mobile

Airtel Mobile service Provider in Punjab is charging for the services they do not provide. I got a recharge of RS 180/- on 29.12.2007 as Special Tariff Voucher for reducing my call rates. As per the existing scheme at that time the validity of that vocher six months. But they provide me the validity of 3 months only and now after 29.3.2008 they are charging the full rate inspite of the fact that they have recieved the money under their transaction number 439332214 dated 29.12.2007 time 2.59 P.M. India


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Air Canada vs or Cathay Pacific ?

Which one is better to fly on, in terms of better seats, service, food, and everything else?

Air Canada OR Cathay Pacific ?

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X9 Web Hosting Sales -

X9 Web Hosting
Jason Kopp Or AKA Kevin Kopp
(262) 363-9310

I do not want to get into details why because it's personal but take my advise and don't signup with them.
Plus their services are very slow.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I have a complaint about a website, that I believe is a big scam.

These people do not follow deadlines. they initially seem legitimate by returning your calls and addressing your concerns, but in the end they stop calling and never provide you with the essay that you are required to pay for up front.

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Dixie Denning Gas, North Carolina

I recently terminated my propane gas service (i.e., i told them not to fill it anymore this season) on 2/15/2008; however to my dismay, they went ahead and filled my tank anyway on 2/27/2008, against my explicit wishes. I talked to them and they just laughed it off, "Well, I don't know what to tell you, we can't take the gas out! haha!"; and they said someone must have failed to tell the driver not to fill it. So my question is, what can I do? I feel that what they have done is illegal, forcing me to pay for something that I did not want or need. Thank you for your time.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Reliable Cargo Express NOT really Reliable!

Reliable Cargo Express
4136 Bathurst Street
North York, ON M3H 3P2, Canada
(416) 658-4361

I shipped a balikbayan box to Manila Philippines through this shipping company, before I had left Toronto and when I arrived to Manila the box was delivered to me and I noticed it was openned and lots of stuff that I had packed into the box was missing/stolen.

I will never ever ship through this company again and I warn everyone not to use them!



Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Envirosource Paper

I want to post a complaint about Envirosource Paper. They called my office telling me about a great offer of paper. $37.80 per box of paper. This is not a bad deal for a box of 5000 sheets. However, as was later discovered, they charge per 1000 sheets. This $37.80 per 1000 sheets is only ever confirmed in a follow up call the next day, which is the only call which they "record for monitoring purposes". Not only that but they called just recently to inform me that the rest of my order was being sent out at which time they told me that all orders are a minimum of 12 boxes. Now, I never would have ordered 12 boxes of paper at any price for my small company so I told him there was no way I would be paying for more paper. I have contacted them and lodged a complaint but as far as they are concerned because they have a recorded call with me confirming our shipping address and a final comment on the end of the call confirming the price per 1000 sheets, they are not going to do anyth

ing about it.

I just think people should be aware that these people are complete scam artists, charging an appalling amount for paper by inferring the price is for a standard box of paper and not per sheet, as I was charged. People should avoid dealing with the company. They are misleading and use high pressure sales and threatening sales tactics.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moxie's Classic Grill

Moxie's Classic Grill
(905) 764-9500
159 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4, Canada

I went to Moxies restaurant a few days ago, me and my friends were NOT impressed by their service at all.

The waiter came and so we ordered our drinks and appetizer, they brought the drinks for all my friends except mine and I had to call another waiter to remind them about my drink because the original waiter was too busy and we rarely saw him, so I finally got my drink 15 minutes later when all my friends were done with theirs :( , and then later the original waiter came and we ordered our dinner we're all thinking that we will get the appetizer soon, 20 minutes later we got the dinner and I asked the waiter what happened to the appetizer? You brought the small appetizer plates but without the appetizer! He said "ohh I'm sorry I forgot…, do you still want it?" I said yes and because it’s very late maybe they should consider giving it as a complimentary, he said "ok we'll see".

Later he brought the appetizer when we were all done with our dinner!

Then when he brought the bill, it shows that they did actually charge us for it!

This was my first and LAST time going to Moxies Restaurant! And it was just a weekday, not even a weekend and they screwed up like this, what if it was a weekend then what?

Friday, January 18, 2008

Colon Cure Pills

Yes I am in the middle of a great scam I purchased through the internet some colon cure pills trial for 3.95 after making the purchase the web site now says they will every month take out of my account 87.00 thye have no way of contact except through a number in Utah conveinently it is busy, or a message says the phone is down for the past two weeks.
reading further in on the internet I am not the only onely with this problem It is a scam. What do I need to do to file a complaint. Thank you


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Express

I am making a complaint in regards to American Express and their
Processor, CardPayment Solutions. These two companies in conjunction
have been using Nigerians to steal from Americans using American Express
products using a life insurance scam. I received American Express Gift
Cheques which I called into the American Express Fraud Department for
verify the authenticity before cashing them. The serial numbers were
correct on the gift cheques in which I received from CardPayment
Solutions via Federal Express. The recorded conversation I had with the
American Express Fraud Department prior to cashing these can be
obtained at the local courthouse in Annapolis, Maryland.

I was charged with 5 counts of fraud and all charges were immediately
dropped after the State Attorney Warren Davis (410-222-1740) listened to
my recorded conversation with American Express Fraud Department. The
American Express Fraud Department clearly stated that all of the
cheques were valid and gave me the go ahead to cash the cheques. I
notified the American Express Fraud Department after I found out it was
fraud/scam and then provided them with all the information and they
clearly tried to discredit my information/documentation by replying back
with different serial numbers which was provided to me by two 'so
called' employees of American Express named (Christina Smith and Reed
Clawson). This information from these two individiuals as received on
American Express' letter head. I investigated and discovered that
these to individuals do not and have not ever worked or been employed
by American Express. This information I obtained from the Human
Resources Department of American Express.

I submitted my documentation to the Maryland Attorney General and his
office forwarded this information to the FBI. In the envelope containing
the handwriting of the person who sent this fraudulent material to me
from CardPayment Solutions' Federal Express account number. This fraud
material was driven 100 miles away from the office of CardPayment, in an
attempt to cover up up where it was actually sent from, by a Chris Curry
who as well was never employed by CardPayment Solutions. This
information I obtained from the Human Resources Department of
CardPayment Solutions. This person Chrs Curry clearly tried to avoid
giving up his location of CardPayment Solutions by providing two
incorrect addresses on the Federal Express shipping labels. I have this
in writing from FEDEX that these two (original) shipment labels was sent
100 miles away from the actual location of CardPayment Solution.

I am an honorable retired military veteran (20 years) who has used
American Express all over the world. I feel this is a disgrace of this
company that is an international company that does not stand by their
word and they need to be stopped. Several websites appeared during time
frame when I was scammed requesting for information of this fraudulent.
I have information for these mentioned websites.

I am humbly requesting that you investigate this issue on my behalf. I
would gladly send you all evidence upon your request. You can contact
me at anytime at number listed above.

Thank you very much for your time and cooperation pertaining to this
matter and please have a wonderful day.


William M. Harley

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

McDonalds complaints they always screw up orders

You know what I hate about Mcdonalds? Everytime you goto the Drive through and place an order, they always get your order wrong, it keeps happening to me in almost every relocation and lots of people complain about this same issue, can't they f$="÷» stop this??? And be more careful??
I always call the store back when this happens and the manager puts my name in the book so the next time I go there I can get the combo replaced for free, I guess this is a good way for people to get free food from mcdonalds! :D all they gotta do is call the location and ask for the manager and pretend that they've messed up their order and that they want the number to head office, but then the manager right away will want to resolve it and will ask you to give them your name and that they will put it in a book they have and next time you go there you can get a free meal :D couple friends of mine tried it while driving to Mcdonalds and made it seem like they ordered something but they got something else and they're pissed about it and it works! And if you really got screwed over the best thing to do is contact the owner or their headoffice and complain and instead you will get a lot more compensation Pls post your comments below and let me know what you think!! :)

Thanks and thanks to my favourite website where I can talk freely and in minutes later all this will be visible on search engines including google :)

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Friday, January 04, 2008

DynoPlex MasterDoc and eOffice
MasterDoc and eOffice

About a month ago I purchased a software for my blackberry called MasterDoc, here are the info on this that I got from their website:
With MasterDoc™ you will get in one package all essential functions a busy professional might need while away from the office. MasterDoc™ will bring files of all the common types - DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, JPG, GIF, MP3 and WAV - to your Blackberry® in their perfect original quality wherever you are. Then you can view, send as attachments, print and fax them with no subscription fee! Your desktop files are also accessible from BlackBerry®: browse and manage them using Google Desktop.
which includes eDoc.. and a fax utility which allows you to send faxes from your blackberry, after I tried the fax utility it didn't work and I tried the other utilities that come with this software like the eDoc but it was crap and it kept on crashing and its designed very cheaply, I then contacted the company Dynoplex at and requested for a refund, they kept on promising me to refund my credit card but they did not, I had contacted them more than 8 times and I have full records to prove this and they kept on promising me that they will refund me but they did not so I had to contact my own credit card company and initiate a chargeback dispute against these scammers which sell products that don't work, these scammers have a US phone line but they do not operate from the US! they operate from Russia.

They put a US VOIP phone number on their website to make themselves sound legit but they are nothing but a scam, do not trust them and do not buy anything from them!

Their software is also listed at and and I had just sent those two companies an email to let them know of this Dynoplex company and I hope they will take this product off their website, because if they don't then there might be a lot of people who will initiate chargeback's against dynoplex and if the credit card merchant company is handmark or handango then it's not their favor.
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