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Monday, December 05, 2005

Toronto Weston Flea Market

I was shopping at a flea market called Toronto Weston Flea Market, address below:


Address: 404 Old Weston Road, Toronto, Ontario, M6N 3B1
(Old Weston Road & St. Clair Avenue West)
Phone: (416) 654-6455
Open: Saturday & Sunday 10 – 6

View Map:
404 Old Weston Rd, Toronto ON

Some black guy came up to me and asked me for $2 and I said I don't have, he said "I see a $20 in your wallet, you either give me $2 or I'm gonna take all you have".
I called the police at 416.808.2222 and the police operator said that there should be two police officers called pay duty on site but I couldn't find any. After what happened I have decided not to ever shop at this Flea Market because its dangerous and full of black people who are trouble.

And it doesn't look like Toronto Police were doing their job either! They weren't there when I needed them.

I feel sorry for the people who have shops in there, knowing that about a month ago a jewellery guy got robbed I would NEVER start a business there and I would recommend for anyone who has a business there is to leave as soon as possible.


  1. am glad someone had the guts to post about this, those police pfficer are lazy and inconsidarate, I hope they get their ass kicked soon.

  2. agreed i used to work there until about 2 years ago, and then they did not have the police it was just the security, and they did nothing and we had gotten so mucg stolen it wasent verry fun, and now even that the police are there u can see people steailing stuff and they do completley nothing about it

  3. I was ripped off by a vender in the flee market, right in front of the guy that sells animals. She took my money for a product and never gave it to me, and it seems the management is encouraging her by withholding information for me to take her to court. Beware of the flee market people

  4. I was at doctor fleas market albion and 27 bought a telephone
    for $45.00 dollars which I could have bought for $12 dollars
    elsewhere total absolute ripoff I used to feel sorry for these guys
    trying to make a living no more, lesson learned bunch of thieving bastards

  5. It is important to be attentive and cautious all the time, especially in public places. The incident at Toronto Weston Flea Market shows how dangerous it can be when one is not careful. It is unfortunate that the police were not present when needed, but that does not mean the entire market is dangerous. It is important to be aware of one's surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. It is unfair to generalize and blame a particular group of people for the actions of a few individuals. It is important to treat everyone with respect and not jump to conclusions based on stereotypes.


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