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Saturday, August 09, 2008

2895 Bathurst St.

2895 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON.
M6B 3A8
site manager/superintendent 416-784-9539

Westbury Rental Residences -
Firm Capital -

1244 Caledonia Road, Toronto, Ontario M6A 2X5
Tel: 416-635-0221 Fax: 416-635-1713

Ari Kalifon -
Joel Cash -
Gerry Spaziani -
Susanne Gilbert -
leasing administrator: (416) 635-0221 or


Here is what you might have heard:
" This is an important notification for all tenants residing at 2895 Bathurst St.

Recently there were many problems about people getting stuck in the elevator, the elevator needs to be replaced but the management clearly refuses to replace it and just fix it, Instead, but it seems though fixing it is not solving the problem, it's old and needs to be replaced, plain and simple.

Many people who got stuck in the elevator had to wait for hours while a repair man is dispatched from Mississauga to come fix it. The superintendent had advised these people to wait and arned them not to call 911 because if they do then they will be in trouble!

My friends, be aware that the information which the superintendent is giving you is false and misleading.

You have the right to call 911, and if you do get stuck in the elevator I urge you to call 911, immediately while you are inside the elevator and the fire department will come and rescue you and help you right away.

The superintendent is warning you and scaring you not to call 911 because if 911 receives too many complaints about this elevator then the super or management will be in trouble.

I believe the people who got stuck in the elevator should file a class action suit.

To post any complaints related to 2895 Bathurst St. or if you got stuck in the elevator, please go to .

This message was delivered to all tenants in your building, please talk to your friends who are in this building about this message.

Thank you."

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  1. Hi,
    I just got your message on my phone.
    yeah I got stuck in the elevator before and when I pressed the call button in the elevator, the super told me to wait and not to call 911 and that if I do call 911 then I will be in trouble and the police might fine me for waisting their time because they have better things to deal with.. so I got scared and I didn't call.

    I regret for not calling 911 and acting right away.. I urge everyone to call 911 if they get stuck.

  2. NO! the police doesn't have better things to do than helping people like you!.
    The super is wrong, rude, he is wrong in so many ways and he should be liable for what he is doing.

  3. I think we should all setup and contact some type of a union.
    Because the owner of this building is too cheap to fix anything, there are lots of problems in this building, the elevator, heating problems, water problems.. water gets cut off way too much, parking problems they started asking people extra money for parking!! but it should be included in the rent, but they are greedy and still want more money.

  4. My building is also under Firm Capital Management- they are terrible management! It is all owned by the same RICH company Stand up for your rights. Call non emergency- if you feel bad calling 911. Also talk to 311-

  5. Thanks for sharing this article

  6. Westbury rental residences and capital firm are places you do not want to rent with. Please do not ever- This is an advisory notice to not enter these premises on any circumstances. Look up reviews under Westbury residences and capital firm all terrible reviews dating back to 2008. For your peace of mind and hard earned money- there are more suitable places I promise. Not to sound horrible but unless you are 3 families living in a unit ( sharing rent) and are comfortable hearing loud Filipino chatter and babies crying all hours of day and late night in addition to growing traffic and truck noises on busy bathurst street because of thin windows and walls- then you will be ok. Or if you are not a fighter and do not know your rights and are ok with this company taking advantage of you. And you are ok paying their ridiculous not even worth the price rent ( throwing money away) this place is for you. But I hope it’s not. Stand up for yourself. But not if you don’t have to, and moving here you will have to. Sad to live in a place clearly seeing them take advantage of new comers and elderly <\3

  7. This is an advisory notice to not enter these premises on any circumstances.

  8. The situation at 2895 Bathurst St. regarding the old elevator is unacceptable. It is troubling to hear that the management has refused to replace the elevator and is only fixing it when it is clear that a replacement is necessary.


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