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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) Plc. Reviews Complaints Warning


I am BEWAJI, Olufemi Oladipo.

I write to lodge a formal complaint against a fraudulent act meted out to me by Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) Plc.

I started a Life Assurance Policy (Multi Investment Plan, Policy Number: 14690) with them back in the year 2010 and was paying monthly premiums of Thirty Thousand Naira (NGN 30,000) initially consistently, then later haphazardly due to a number of conniving factors. The Policy was to lapse after 6 years (although I bought into it ab initio only because the marketer fraudulently packaged it as a 2-year policy).

A few years down the line, I tried to make adjustments to the policy in order to be able to meet up with premium payments. However, I was given conditions way too stringent to meet hence I could not proceed any further. However, I still made some premium deposits in 2015. The total premiums paid up until 2015 amounted to NGN 690,000 (Six Hundred and Ninety Thousand Naira).

In June 2019, I applied for payment of maturity proceeds as the Policy was deemed to have "matured" in 2016. I followed up with several calls to their Head Office and I received several assurances that my claims were being processed and that I would get a Discharge Voucher (DV)detailing my entitlements. This was the position of things up until Tuesday August 7th 2019 when, in a most dramatic manner, they made a volte-face telling me that I was not qualified to receive any benefits and would have to FORFEIT ALL THE PREMIUMS HITHERTO PAID (this, I was told, in the most brazen manner). A whole NGN690,000! Who does that?

The money may seem meagre but not to me because I worked hard to earn EVERY DIME I ever paid into the coffers of IGI. I feel absolutely RIPPED OFF.  

I have decided to escalate this because I am desperate to get all I have with the company which amounts to the ONLY savings I have garnered over the years, and playing the levelheadedness and gentlemanly card has not paid off for several years.

I am crestfallen and I depend on your good institution to help me fight this grave injustice and and let sanity prevail because as it is, trampling on the rights and privileges of well-meaning Nigerians is one vice that must not be allowed to go unchecked!

I eagerly await your prompt and decisive action on this matter.

Many thanks for your kind attention.



BEWAJI, Olufemi Oladipo.



  1. Never trust products you found online specially the reviews about them, they might be fake reviews posted by the owner's employees to fool people.

  2. I recommend that you seek the advice of a lawyer who is familiar with insurance laws in your region. They may be able to guide you on the legal options available to you and assist you in resolving this matter.

    I suggested that you try contacting IGI directly to resolve the issue, making sure to document all your communications with them. It might also be useful to file a complaint with the regulatory body in charge of insurance in your region, as this may prompt IGI to take corrective action.


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