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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sunday, May 31, 2009

AM Hosting


1-866-425-2035 (toll free)
1-775-331-3319 (local)

AMHosting LLC
4690 Longley Lane
Suite #34
Reno, NV 89502
United States of America

I signed up for a dedicated server with this company and the server they provided me with did not work, it had some problems and when I asked them to cancel and refund me they failed to refund me because they said they don't offer refunds on dedicated servers.

So basically they scammed me, they took my money and failed to provide me with the service that I paid for which is illegal.

Don't trust AM Hosting, I filed for a chargeback through my credit card company and it's currently in process, I believe chargeback is the only way to go with when dealing with a company like this.

Don't make a mistake and don't signup with , is a scam.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stocks in 2005 from WebTrends Inc

I run a small company in Singapore and have been trying very hard to collect payment for the stocks we returned to WebTrends in July 2005.
We were asked to return the stocks. We returned promptly. Here is what I have done so far:

Between July 2005 to July 2006
1. I wrote several emails to different people at WebTrends. No reply on the payment.
( The stocks plus money owing to us was estimated at $30K )
2. I wrote letters to WebTrends CEO and Francisco Partners, owner of WebTrends for help. No reply

Aug 2006 to 28 Aug 2008
1. D & B local office was engaged to help collect.
2. They failed to convince WebTrends and even aborted a hearing in 2008 for which they asked for an est $5K fee in 2006.
3. I insisted that they continued since they asked for the money and took it. Instead they refunded and stopped.

I lost 2 years with D&B and am very angry. We are small. Only two people. We get bullied.

I hope you, the readers can help me.

Of course it would be great if you can advise me if there is any way in Portland that I can use to further my cause. Blogs ( respectable ones )? Government

Getting a lawyer for a court hearing is certainly not within my reach.

Please help.

Thank you.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Loan Modification Kit - Foreclosures Information

Any recommendation for foreclosures or loan modification anyone ??

I am also interested in do it yourself loan modification kit

Please post your comments

Friday, April 03, 2009

Peerless Mason

I keep getting faxes from these people, I've asked them to stop several times and they failed to comply.

They are really annoying me, we should all complain to CRTC .

Any suggestions what to do? Anyone having the same problem?

The phone number listed on their fax ad is 416-253-8043

Attached you will find a copy of their ad.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Did anyone receive any calls from an organization promissing to give away a free all inclusive 3 day vacation ? did they ask you to goto ?

Please post your comments and let us and the public know if this is a scam or for real, please post your story in the comments section below.

Thank you for your time.

On Wednesday December 17, 2008 @8:15pm I received a call from Jay who claimed to be the processing manager for the Ramada Plaza Resort and Spa Hotel in Florida.

I've advised him that their company is listed on our website and asked him to explain to me in detail every fee involved in this deal.

He said this is a 3 nights and 2 days, breakfast lunch and dinner included everyday for 2 people, also includes 2 day 2 night cruise.

Originally he said they used to charge $538.00 for 2 people.
But now he's offering it at $298.00 for 2 people!

There are also taxes that people have to pay when they leave The Bahamas which is $59 tax per person.

There are also hotel taxes which is $8-12 per night per package total for 2 people.

Another cost that's not included is the Ship Gas price which is $19.95 per package.

And if you decide to leave your car at the airport parking then its $8 day for cruise park terminal.

If you have any questions you may contact:
Jay Jacobs the Processing manager, he can be reached at 1-800-901-2932 ext. 2995, Monday to Friday from 4pm to 10pm EST. OR Saturday from 9am to 4pm EST.

Feel free to post your comments! We also would like to hear from the people who had already taken this offer, went on their vacation and came back.

Thank you.

Forget !! Here is a secret link I found inside website which will give you lower rates upto 10% off than the rates they got on their main website !! just go to
and signup for an account then start browsing for deals. Enjoy. :) Compare the prices after you login to the link I gave you with the prices on the main site you will see how it's cheaper.

Pitney Bowes

I had an account them and cancelled but they kept on billing me.

Don't trust Pitney Bowes they are a scam.

I will provide the details of the story soon.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Thomas Parr - Realtor !

Following threat received from "Thomas Parr"/

If you contact me even 1 more time, I will, without further notice to you take every legal action at my disposal to see that you are made to pay for this repeated violation of the spam laws. One more time and you will have a fight.


Thomas Parr
Certified E-Pro
: 707-581-1712
Innovative Real Estate Strategies
Time Honored Values

Friday, October 24, 2008

On-State ACD for skype

On-State , OnState for skype ,

We tested this software tool that uses Skype to provide a call center solution and we found many bugs in this software, 90% of the time it did not work, the ACD was NOT updating, we had to manually press F5 everytime which really makes no point! I hope another company will come out with a better call center solution that works other than on-state.

And everytime I speak to Joyce from Tech support she disagrees with me and says there is no problem in their system and no one else complains about it, and that I'm the only client who sees these problems!.. I wonder if what she is saying is true or not!! but let's see :).. I hope people will add their comments with the experience they had with this company.

Plus, on-state is very expensive, don't waiste your money.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Telecomunications UK ltd , based in uk , is in fact Climax Phone Lord Int

The website Telecomunications UK ltd , based in uk , is in fact Climax Phone Lord Int , who have conections in Kentucky usa and Nigeria , It is a Scammers Site they get your credit card details on the site by stating the re merchant payment is down ,and then ask you to wire the money by western union , they then give you a fake tracking number that the order from UPS , but UPS never collect the package, IOn the mean time they spend your credit card in the USA .


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Shoppers Drug Mart - Harwood Plaza

I have a complaint about Shoppers Drug Mart in Harwood Plaza, Sept 24/ I made purchases and did not have my Optimum card available.

Cashier told me to come in within the next 7 -10 days and I can have them added to my card, Well I went in not once, twice but three times and every time I went in I was advised there was no manager on the floor and if I could wait 15 minutes. I work in an office upstairs and my breaks are limited and I could not wait. Finally today I go in to get my points added and I'm told were sorry you are a day late.

680 points may not seem like a lot but to me it means it adds to my budget for xmas shopping for stocking stuffers.
I feel cheated.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Get A Freelaner

I signed up with and paid a refundable $5 fee to post my project but these people at lied and cheated me, they did not refund me my $5, they are a scam.
Don't trust its a scam, I had about 5 projects posted and put in $5 on each, they failed to refund me.
Be very careful, I would suggest another company instead.

European House Furniture

I ordered some stuff from Sitcom Furniture catalog through the store European House Furniture in Markham, Ontario, Canada.

The staff at European House Furniture promissed me that my stuff would be delivered within 4-6 weeks.

Till now I haven't received the furniture that I ordered and its already been 7 weeks and when I asked European House Furniture when I will receive it, they said at the end of next week which will then make it 8-9 weeks!

After I called Sitcom to investigate exactly what happened, I was told that my furniture was just shipped 2 days ago from Sitcom!! But when I asked European House Furniture they told me it was shipped 2 weeks ago which means they lied, maybe they didn't ask Sitcom to ship it on time because they wannted to save some money and be cheap and ship out other furniture at the same time.

Now I learned to never rely on European House Furniture because they lied to me and they did not go by what they promissed, I wouldn't recommend European House Furniture to anyone.

Friday, August 29, 2008

BMW auto roadside assistance

I've waisted so much time dealing with an issue with these people, when I signed up with BMW auto roadside assistance they said they'll send me the receipt and membership card which they have not done yet, I've called them about 10 times and they keep promissing to send it to me but they never do it.

I am now going to call them and ask for a refund.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

2895 Bathurst St.

2895 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON.
M6B 3A8
site manager/superintendent 416-784-9539

Westbury Rental Residences -
Firm Capital -

1244 Caledonia Road, Toronto, Ontario M6A 2X5
Tel: 416-635-0221 Fax: 416-635-1713

Ari Kalifon -
Joel Cash -
Gerry Spaziani -
Susanne Gilbert -
leasing administrator: (416) 635-0221 or


Here is what you might have heard:
" This is an important notification for all tenants residing at 2895 Bathurst St.

Recently there were many problems about people getting stuck in the elevator, the elevator needs to be replaced but the management clearly refuses to replace it and just fix it, Instead, but it seems though fixing it is not solving the problem, it's old and needs to be replaced, plain and simple.

Many people who got stuck in the elevator had to wait for hours while a repair man is dispatched from Mississauga to come fix it. The superintendent had advised these people to wait and arned them not to call 911 because if they do then they will be in trouble!

My friends, be aware that the information which the superintendent is giving you is false and misleading.

You have the right to call 911, and if you do get stuck in the elevator I urge you to call 911, immediately while you are inside the elevator and the fire department will come and rescue you and help you right away.

The superintendent is warning you and scaring you not to call 911 because if 911 receives too many complaints about this elevator then the super or management will be in trouble.

I believe the people who got stuck in the elevator should file a class action suit.

To post any complaints related to 2895 Bathurst St. or if you got stuck in the elevator, please go to .

This message was delivered to all tenants in your building, please talk to your friends who are in this building about this message.

Thank you."

If you have any questions, stories, comments, or any issues whatsoever you would like to post please go ahead and click on the comments section below and post what you would like to say, if you would rather not post it here publicly but email it to us you may do so by filling out the form located at the very top of this website.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Skip Assist - Target Connections

There is a company called Target Connections, their website addresses are ,

If you call this company and ask what they do they won't tell you!

But here is one of the things they do.

They have phone and address records of consumers who had asked their phone company to unlist their phone number! How do they have this? I don't know and I'm curious to find out how they obtained it and if they had obtained it in an illegal way.

I heard that some collection agencies use their services to track people who have unlisted phone numbers.

I believe this is a breach of privacy laws, the people who should be resposible are Target Connection inc. and the phone company who releases this information to Target Connections inc..

Can you believe that even if you ask your phone company to unlist your phone number, these people can find you and then whoever that uses their system can find you too! Pretty scary isn't it!

Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Scotia Bank complaint

Location: Yonge & Hillcrest
5075 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON.
M6N 6C6

These people are very hard to deal with, they are not easy at all, they are very difficult people, I got a certified draft from them yesterday and I took it to TD bank to have it deposited and when my bank tried to verify it with them it took forever, I was waiting at my bank for 2 hours! YES two full hours, don't waiste your time and don't go with Scotia Bank.

I was at TD bank at 11:30am today and I asked them to deposit the draft for me into my account and they had to get an approval from Scotia Bank, so they faxed the draft along with the authorization form to Scotia Bank then TD called scotia bank to let them know its faxed so they can work on it.

The employee at Scotia bank said that they can NOT verify it, it needs to be verified with the Scotia bank employee who made the draft and that she is currently on lunch and will be back in 30 minutes.

So I left the branch and came back at 12:00pm, and still there is no fax from Scotia bank, so the reps at TD called Scotia to find out the status and Scotia said they are very busy and that they need to wait!!

So we kept on waiting.

At 12:30pm still no fax from Scotia, so TD called Scotia again and scotia said the fax was already sent when it wasn't actually sent! The Scotia employee lied.
So TD advised Scotia that they did not receive the fax and asked Scotia to fax it again.

At 1:00 still no fax from Scotia so I called this time and I spoke to Yan which claimed to be the customer service supervisor and he said the fax was already sent at 12:00pm, while still talking with Yan on the phone at aprox 1:15pm fax received from Scotia finally.

Thanks so much to Vishal and Sabrina at TD Canada Trust 8889 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON. L4C 6Z1, they helped me a lot and they were very very patient.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal should be called UNreliable Appraisal

Reliable Appraisal Services
5659 McAdam Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 1N9
Owner's name: Terence Wong
Telephone: (905) 712-8887
FAX: (905) 712-2161
After hours emergency: (416) 618-7628

Services they provide:
mortgage financing
power of sales
capital gains
employee relocations
estate settlement
assest divisions
assessment reviews
pre-purchase and pre-sale

1. These people make so many mistakes it is unbelievable!!! When the bank looks at their appraisal report most likely they will decline your mortgage application because of the mistakes this company makes, they make too many mistakes its hard for me to explain and list them all, they misspell a lot of things and make mistakes in your property address and lots of other things, people that work in such business should be 100% perfect in their appraisal reports but these people are not.

2. Also, another thing, they appraise your property much lower than the value of it, so when the bank looks at their appraisal report, they might base your mortgage lending amount based on the appraisal instead of the actual property sold amount, that is if they approve you! As I've said they make way too many mistakes and it is very unprofessional.

3. When you the buyer or seller pays Reliable Appraisal to appraise your property, reliable appraisal will NOT send the appraisal report to you or give you a copy of it, they tell you that they can only send it to your bank! This does NOT make any sense!! If you the seller or buyer the one who paid for this why can't you have it?? It's not like the bank is the one who paid for it!?!?

I would consider this company very unprofessional, I do not recommend this to anyone at all, and you will just waste your money at the end with them, they have a very funny business name called Reliable Appraisal because they are the total opposite, their name should be Unreliable Appraisal.

If you have any questions about this company or any comments please feel free to post them in the comments section.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Antosha - formerly called "World of Pastries"

Business details:

formerly called "World of Pastries"
Cafe, Pastry shop, Bakery
5986 Bathurst St.
Toronto, ON.
M2R 1Z1
Bathurst and Cedarcroft (Royal Bank Plaza) and (shoppers drug mart plaza)
European and Russian cakes, custom-made wedding cakes, cakes and pastries for all occasions, baked goods

On Sunday June 1, 2008 at 8:15pm I called the above mentioned business and spoke to someone who claimed to be the owner, I asked him what time they close and what kind of cakes they have left and advised him that I'm looking for a birthday cake.

He informed me that they have all cakes available on display and they close at 9:00pm, I advised him ok and that I will be there at 8:30pm to select a cake, he said ok.

I arrived there at 8:30pm with my friends and we saw there was a blonde lady that was taking all of the cakes off the shelves, I advised the lady that I called earlier and spoke to the owner about the cakes and he said that you have a variety of cakes available on display, she said yes and that she had already took them off the shelves and asked me for the name of the cake that I want.

I advised that I don't know the name, there are about 20 different kinds of cakes and I want to see all of them so me and my friends can select one, I also advised her that the owner advised me that you close at 9:00pm and its only 8:30pm and that all cakes should be on display and that he had confirmed that all cakes are on display before 9:00pm, she answered by saying "well then come back tomorrow", I said that we can't because the birthday is today!!!

She said "I don't care".
I asked her for her name and she said her name is "Pidaras".

I advised her that I'm not being unfair and that she is being unfair, I asked that she either shows me a catalog of their cakes or brings them out so I can select which one, I came all the way to the store from far away and the store owner told me to come, she said no she doesn't feel like bringing them out and that I should leave the store.

I left the store and I will NEVER ever go back there again, the people that works at this place are very bad people, they are not nice at all and they are a bunch of mother fu*kers and liars.

Do NOT ever go to Antosha or World Pastries, they are rude and dirty low class people.

The pidaras there was very rude and I will pursue this complaint until she gets fired from this place, I will probably go back there tomorrow and ask to see their business license and other public documents.

Anyone has any suggestions or comments in regards to my complaint or about this business? Please post them in the comments section of this post.


Monday, May 05, 2008

VOIP gtom Zingo Telecom Inc

I sign up for VOIP gtom Zingo Telecom Inc on Feb 14th 2008. They changed my assigned number 4 times. Once they given my number I could never recieve incoming calls and there were 8 tickets in their sysyem to fix it and never fixed.

I was offered 30 day money back guarantee and never kept their word on it. Now when I called in for cancellation...Though I sign up on month to month basis now they want to charge me another $39.95 and also wants me to ship their modem on my expenses if not they charge me another $99.00 for that....

What I am looking is retun my$$$$ and send me post paid envelope to send their modem back.....

Sadest pary of all this I couldnt even speak to higher Authority for fixing my problem.

But here is a company that I found much better than gtom Zingo Telecom and vontage, it gives you unlimited calling to all US and Canada for only $19 a month! they also offer unlimited international calling as well! and the best part is I never EVER experienced any problems with their service or any outages and I've been with them for over 2 years so far.
Click the banner below to signup:

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